Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 59

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Sotos town.

Ava suddenly felt something wrong with all around.

In the butcher shop next to him, the butcher was staring greedily at the meat in his hand.

The two men and women walking on the road just looked at each other, and couldn't wait to hold hands and dive into the small wood next to them.

Above the wooden fence, a kitten is making spring sounds like a baby crying.

Below, two wild dogs that don’t know where they came from, their hind legs have been put together...


" This is...what's going on?"

Ava looked at Bill next to him, and suddenly felt that this kid was very handsome.

The desire in his heart surged, but he didn't know what to do.

What frightened him even more was that he saw the same flame in Bill's eyes!


Next moment, a cough came, like a basin of ice water in winter, making Ava and Bill a shivered, goose bumps all over their bodies. .

"Grandmother, why did I have that idea just now...I pei pei pei!"

Ava turned his head to the side and almost vomited.

Bill's face turned blue, but he still fulfilled his duties as an attendant: "My Lord Baron, we are in town."

"Very well, go straight to the castle!"

Inside the carriage, Aaron's voice came out.

At this time, Aaron is looking at his hands, as if he can directly see the extremely powerful'Red' spirituality flowing within his blood vessels!

'The sacrifice of the physical item, after the interval between the two worlds, is still mostly obliterated, leaving only pure spirituality? '

'That's okay, at least I don't have to deal with the negative effects of the trick...'

Aaron's mind turned sharply.

At this time, he is comparable to the second or even 3rd Stage Extraordinary by the total amount of this terrifying red spirituality!

'But, there is no need to hold a ceremony, anyway, it will fall down sooner or later...'

'So, I still need it! '

Aaron touched his heart, feeling like a piece of ice there, and even frozen his own high desires.

The spirituality of a little red before, almost made him unable to control, now this amount is even more terrifying, and it will inevitably bring amazing effects.

Those changes in the outside world just now are the embodiment of spirituality spillover!

Fortunately, Aaron had already prepared for Olivia and the others to sacrifice that piece of'pure white ice'.

The pure white ice left over from the death of'High Priest' is the best sealed item. With it as the cornerstone, the arrangement of the'secret ceremony' can form a powerful seal in my body. I feel... ...It can even last for more than ten years, even decades...'

'But... even if I hold a ceremony and become an extraordinary person on the road of'Red', after decades, it will still change. Is it an ordinary person? '

'Then there is no need to fix the road first, it is useless anyway...'

'In addition, the contradiction between'Dark' and'Red' , You can use it to balance my desires, so as not to lose control...'

'It turns out that, except for a little accident at first, everything is going well. '


Aaron walked off the carriage and looked at the familiar outline of the castle with a complex expression.

"Aaron, my younger brother, you are finally here."

Colin took a step forward and hugged Aaron: "father...father is still waiting for you!"


Aaron glanced at the elite soldiers and Murkdo behind Colin, as if they hadn’t seen them, each minding their own business and entered the castle: "I’ll take a look."

"Of course. ......"

Aaron came to Theodore's ward and saw Theodore who was fainting.

Beside Theodore, weeping Mrs. Sonia and Sean: " husband, he is as strong as a bear, but he doesn't care about his body..."

Mrs. Sonia cried very sadly: "Scholar is powerless, what should I do?"

Aaron took a step forward and glanced.

I have to say that the secret medicine of Kagash Kingdom has good efficacy, at least Theodore does not look like poisoning, it is indeed a serious illness.

"Oh...Sir Father, I am sad too, but here is the responsibility. I can only barely take over..."

Colin sighed: "Aaron, you go first Take a break and change into a dress. I prepared a welcome banquet in the evening to welcome you and other lords."

"Follow your orders."

Aaron agreed. Back to the previous room, looking at the familiar scene, could not help but sighed then said.


"Tonight, everything will be decided."

Colin stood in the center of the banquet hall, looking at all kinds of bright flowers, the table was beautiful The look on his face became a little strange: "When I was young, Aaron was always very silent and uncomfortable...but we have never quarreled. The first time he rode a horse, I taught him."

I don’t know when Feil appeared behind Colin: "Everything is ready, do you still want to stop?"

"No, I’m just sighing, in order to sit in that position, How much do I need to give up..."

Colin sighed lowly.

After he left, Feil looked at his back with deep eyes.

"My lord!?"

An attendant came to him: "What shall we do next?"

"Looking at Colin to smooth the dissatisfaction, really Sit down? Are you kidding me?"

Feil chuckled and looked around no one, instructed: "No matter who wins, count will die tonight, and Colin will kill tomorrow. Father’s gossip will be spread to all sides! Um... Colin can’t be won so easily, you go find someone and reveal the news to Aaron, don’t use our people, use the people who used to be Mrs. Sonia!"


At this time, Aaron was walking on the aisle of the castle, thinking about what he saw in the ward.

'Mrs. Sonia... Did she team up with Colin? '

He wasn't surprised by this. She was a smart woman who would choose the best plan for her.

A maid walked towards him and suddenly ran into Aaron's arms.

"Sorry, my lord!"

She was so frightened that she knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

"It's okay, pay attention next time."

Aaron waved his hand to let the maid leave, walked to a corner, and opened his palm.

On the palm of the hand, there is a note with a line of text written on it.

"Blood Dinner?!"

He twitched his lips and slid the note into his arms at will: "It's...not creative..."

With spirituality, after walking around, he almost perceives Colin's arrangement.

Awakened of the spirituality of the red is very sensitive to flesh and blood.

Aaron felt that in the dungeon of the castle, there seemed to be a lot of people torn skin and gaping flesh with blood flowing.

In addition, some soldiers in key positions have also been replaced.

Everything and everything is showing the approach of the conspiracy.

The reason why he waited was just to give Colin a chance to repent.

"Sometimes, I'm so hypocritical..."

Aaron shook his head, gave a wry smile, and laughed at himself.

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