Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 60

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night. Aaron complicated Huagui Li wearing clothes, walked into the banquet hall of the castle. in at The Sky hung a huge candelabra, lit dozens of candles, wax layer after layer covered the base, even dripping down. above the ornate dining table, filled with all kinds of food. roast chicken, roast suckling pig, steak, lamb chops, oil foie gras, seafood platter, sweet shrimp salad, vegetable salad, caviar, raspberry sauce, beef soup, caramel pudding, and adorned wine ......

Colin sitting on the main seat, and next is Lady Sonia Sean. Ginny does not know where he was. banquet room, lords Gongchoujiaocuo, next band. "pity ......" Aaron holding a glass of wine, with a sigh: "If there's a 'rainy season' or something, the more perfect and in style ......" see Aaron coming, Colin nodded, suddenly attendants out there, secretly shut the door to the ballroom. "! Gentlemen" Colin got up, holding the glass: "Welcome to you for coming, thank you to my father health condolences, as a proxy count Greenheart of this cup King Theodore and wished him a speedy recovery! " " King Theodore! " Aaron same exalted glasses, drinking the cup of wine. "announced the following second thing that I will inherit the count title, becoming the Green Forest count." Colin interesting to look at the bottom of many lords, eyes on him Aaron: " who is in favor? who against? " about music stopped, everyone is amazed looking at Colin. "No, count adults not dead yet, Colin What do you in such a hurry?" Aaron see that the speaker was Dennis Baron, his hot temper has always been known for. "Well ......" Colin pressure of the pressure palm.

Crash-Bang! and teams of soldiers to take out from all directions, blocking the whole venue. that a band was deported to the corner, a row of hand-held crossbow archers take out sharp arrows pointing to the presence of people. "Colin ...... you?" Dennis Baron immediately reach out and grab the waist of the long sword. Xiu Xiu! number of archers aiming moment he pulled the trigger.

instant, becomes a hedgehog Dennis, cross the blood flow down to the ground. "I ask again, who is in favor and who is against?" Colin eyes, watching Aaron to him: "My good the Brother ...... Younger"

"Oh ......" Aaron sighed: "Colin, you will eventually come to this step ...... I still remember the first time I rode the original, or did you help me on my saddle ...... always give you the opportunity, what I will not compete with you ...... " ! " Get out your chance to go " Colin suddenly burst foul language:" revenue since you that attitude aloof and remote, I looked disgusting! might as well tell you, this time against the Lord will die, but whether you oppose or not, must die! " Aaron expression slightly changed, he also reflect on their own, before the various manifestations, whether too aloof, or that people feel shame? Unfortunately, however, things are now, no one way to go back. "Murdoch, I smashed his head!" Colin a finger Aaron: "? You're not skill okay to have fun just like my title!" his face reddened, full of pleasure winner, you want to play a good look at Aaron, let the other die in despair and pain. dong dong! tall Murdoch wearing heavy armor, each step will make the earth trembled, her hand holding a two-edged huge hammer, to the feast. "Colin, I told you many times, I have my pursuit, what Green Forest count, I simply despise ......" Aaron came looking Merck and more, as well as many, or fear, or despair, or worry lord, deep ground sighed. By now, only ...... war! "You ......" Aaron Looked towards the many rebel soldiers, proud of Colin, grinning Murdoch, calm asked: "heard 'wooden escape' it ? " " What? " Colin being confused, to see Aaron hands together. Rumble! castle ground, like waves, like waves rolling stop. bang! Finally, a seed tenacious root, sprout, bursting the earth, in a terrifying rate of growth! It was a banyan tree! its huge roots with riot, overturned tables, overturned all around guards, its crown thunder, bursting the dome banquet hall, beneath the publicity Night Moon!

tree forest it, even the stone castle, are to be twisted under the root, fragmentation ......

"wow ......"

"by ......"

"Grandmother on!" Ava and Bill stared looking at the banquet hall, I saw in that direction, there is a green banyan tree grown directly out grown over the stone castle! castle shock, countless servants, guards, handyman ...... looked at them in the myth of Totem green banyan tree, knelt down. mess banquet halls.

dust gradually scattered, Murdoch emerged stature. At this point, he has been the root of many green banyan tree to be wrapped, root wood to be, more than anything to be famous sword sharpened, directly punctured armor, flesh them headlong into Murdoch , a huge python branches generally pressed inward.


This contest of the General Assembly, did not even hum hum, then to a group of meat.

"gush thousands of roots from the ground, the earth is turned giant plow, osteosarcoma people into the mud, turned green banyan grandmother sacrifice ......"

of the main seat on, Colin stared looking at this scene, in my mind suddenly recalled father praise Grandmother ancient poem. As for the lady next to Sonia, is to be scared face deathly pale, hold Sean, drill into the cabinet under the table, as if frightened quail. "Grandmother on!" "in the end with what we fight?" green banyan grandmother's faith, deeply rooted in the green forest. Some soldiers even lords see this scene, directly knelt down, mouth shouting nonsense, do not know what they are shouting. This is why Aaron select 'activation' Cause a 'banyan' is. green banyan tree has strong religious significance, in the Green Forest can easily solve a lot of things. "This is what I pursue power ...... Colin ...... you now have the option to surrender, I will not kill you." Aaron did not control those guys, looking at Colin, softly He said. "green banyan son? Grandmother's favorite grandson? hahaha ...... Aaron, you really are Heaven's Chosen Son, but what am I? What am I? a clown it?" Colin crimson eyes, pull out the saber around waist: "I killed ...... kill him, kill the damn thing!" he was not to survive, but to die! Aaron closed his eyes. PU! PU! PU! PU! PU! from above the green branches of a huge banyan tree, suddenly drawn to a large number of aerial roots. They seem to have a life in general, accurately find the enemy. It was Aaron before the investigation had confirmed as Colin loyal soldiers and lords. screams among them, one by one by aerial roots to penetrate, hanging up, floating in midair in. Colin in the middle of them, the body instantly becomes dry, purple eyes completely lost its luster ......

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