Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 61

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"King of Lusen! King of Lusen!"

banquet hall. a lord Aaron looked calm standing on the green banyan tree, suddenly shouted themselves hoarse roar up. "This is the Grandmother of Divine Vestige!" "Aaron is a Grandmother finds that person, Forest Green True King's!" "King of Lusen! " ...... Aaron waved his hand, which shares the sound stops immediately. 'It seems ...... green banyan tree hanging corpse, there are certain mental impact? ' he secretly thinking:' At this time, these lords to enthusiasm, even in front of Theodore, I took them knocked him seems trivial. ' "...... you take your people, maintain order castle, Colin associates will all catch up!" "Remember, unless revolt, or a do not kill! " Aaron a sideways, out of the banquet hall. based on the information observed during the day, as well as divination income, there are many things to do tonight. ...... "What is that? What is that?" "God ......" castle in a corner, when the green banyan tree bursting banquet hall, when the growth of prosperity, Feil also intimidated by this scene.

as a secret spy chief Kingdom Kagash, he can be considered experienced and knowledgeable, more Unbelieving. but those clumsy magician, claiming diviner or prophet of guy, always will be nowhere to hide under his sharp eyes, the trick is exposed the deception in general. It also makes more Feil believe that the gods are gone, the world is no longer Divine Vestige. But now, what does he see? a green banyan tree, directly torn stone castle, grown out? "green banyan Grandmother, descended Divine Vestige What no, no?!" Feil's grimacing: "If Lusenian get this power, the kingdom will sink into the abyss . " " big ...... ...... adults we escape it. " confidant in his side, at the moment, trembling in fear, instinctively wanted to flee. PU! the Next Moment, Long Sword emerge from the other side chest. "I am a human kingdom, remains unchanged, count tonight will die! I want to spread the word." Feil escaped from the castle, ready to go to Elaine's villa . from at The Very Beginning, Elaine is the best spies his training. where he prepared enough money, horses, weapons, and Colin issued permits, can escape at any time. to enter the villa, Feil face a lag, he smelled the bloody air. "This is not what Feil sir?" Aaron handheld candlesticks, waiting in the living room.

Feil expression of a condensate, turned wanted to run away.


from the living four, suddenly green banyan roots emerge, pierced his limbs, he strings in the air. "ahhhh ......" Feil screams again and again, after a moment, he was breathing heavily, eyes full of incredible colors: "banyan tree growing on the green, you do? you in the end is what? wizard? green devil?" "...... I'm just a ordinary person mysterious search of nothing."

Aaron gazed Feil: "Feil Excellency, strictly speaking of which, we have a side of the edge, your death will not be too much torture ......" Feil sad smile loudly: "I am not should congratulate you, son of green Tree, future green Forest count ...... sit back and watch your father's death, killed his big brother, you can finally get on that position a. " " you provoke, not , just lost dog's Ai Ti ...... " Aaron expression unchanged:"?! you think I care about green forest or what count this is a joke just like a beggar to see the rich man passing by, also worried that he stole their copper! " Feil stared at Aaron, sudden heart sighed in relief. "? I did not confirm how much lust for power, thankful for the kingdom Kagash?" Aaron's eye with a trace of crimson, as if to see through people: "I had no interest, but you provoked green forest hatred, and Lusenian never forget! ...... because you put down the green disaster for hundreds of years, will once again be staged throughout the kingdom Kagash, will fall into destruction! " " NO! you is the devil, green devil! " Feil crying with, feel disillusioned despair. Aaron did not bother to tell him to say, out of the villa.


fierce flames, instantly swallowed Villa ......


following day. long spectacle of a banyan tree on the green Sotos castle, attracted a large number of residents in the town. them around the outside of the castle, pointing fingers, and some direct reverently bowed. and about miracle King of Lusen, son of Green Tree created, places faster delivery to all directions open to ...... stab it!


curtains are pulled, the glaring sun, sprinkled directly into the bedroom, Theodore face shine.

Theodore eyes rolling, suddenly opened his eyes pupil of the eye, with the palm of blocking sunlight. "you finally woke up ......" second son he heard the sound, looked around puzzled, to see under Xiaoping Guo Aaron. "This is how I ......?" Theodore hearts full of surprised and bewildered. "Sir Father, there is a good news, bad news for you." Aaron put down the knife, a piece of apple into his mouth: "The good news is that you poisoned, but I come back to save ...... the bad news is, Colin is dead! " AT First Feil not intend to let Theodore alive, thus giving Arcanum is actually poison! after the plot against good weight, you can always make Theodore death. but it ...... mortal poison, in the face of mysterious, still unable to withstand a single blow.

"Colin ......"

Theodore silent, deep wrinkled brow. "that you have a good rest, you may be summoned Knight and Butler ...... again after we talk about it!" finished, Aaron got up directly, without the slightest hesitation to Leave. Theodore looking at his back, seemed to recall something, eyes full of pain. ...... Aaron walking in the aisles, at this time whether servants or soldiers, in the far distance he knelt on the ground, no one dared to look directly at him. Indeed, there pious kissing him through the road. 'What's special, look down on religious fanaticism this era of the ......' Aaron heart rolled the eyes, into a small room. "Big Aaron the Brother ......" Ginny crying, like a kitten. "Do not worry, all right, everything will change for the better." Aaron will Ginny into her arms, softly comfort. The younger sister did not make cahoots with Colin, and resolutely opposed the recommendation mother. So, last night, did not see her at the party, she was under house arrest. "That ...... Aaron ...... you really, change out of a tree?" Ginny banyan tree canopy, pointing out the window, curious asked. "uh ...... seems to be about, like this." Aaron nodded. "This is the grace of God it? or the legendary magic?" Ginny an inquisitor asked in the end face. "What this is magic ...... when you're good." Aaron mouth brought back: "You're my big brother ah, yes a very difficult to deal with magician it! " aside and said, while he picked up a Seed, it became a tulip, seen Ginny grew up mouth, stunned ...... " mysterious robbery "error-free chapter in the novel network will continue to search for novel update, without any advertising within the station, but please search the collection and recommend fiction!

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