Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 62

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Three days later.

Sotos Castle barely returned to normal.

The lords, soldiers and scholars who supported Colin were liquidated, Feil’s spy organization was pulled up by the roots, the innocents were released, and everything seemed to be back on track.

But everyone who saw the green banyan tree knows that nothing can go back.

On the balcony of the castle.

Aaron and Theodore are sitting together, two glasses of honey water are placed on the table in front of them.

The two were silent for a long time, and in the end, Theodore broke the silence first: "I seem to... have always underestimated you, you have been so different since you were a child, and even more so when I grow up... Should I call you Aaron now, or "Son of Green Banyan", or even "King of Lusen"?"

"Whatever you want..."

Aaron sighed: "This is the matter Step, I won’t be a Green Forest count anymore. I once heard a saying called “the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility”, which is actually a lie!"

"Complete proverb , It should be the greater the ability, the greater the power, the higher the status, and then the greater the responsibility! Delete the middle, only talk about the two ends, you are playing rogue!"

"In fact, the higher the status People, often do everything possible to reduce responsibilities, this is the reality!"

"However, if I don’t get the highest power of the Green Forest, no matter who is in charge, there will be divisions and wars in the future, so I must be a count..."

Theodore took a sip of honey water, only feeling bitter.

As a symbol of Green Forest’s will to power, he instinctively did not want to give up power, and even felt a little dissatisfied and jealous of this son.

This made him understand that Aaron was absolutely correct.

If those who master the power do not master the power, the green forest will be divided in the future, and then there will be a civil war...

Enough blood of Lusenian has been shed!

"I understand, I will announce my abdication later, and you will be the Green Forest count! Or you can be king..."

Theodore sighed.

The heir he was optimistic about is Char!

But now, Char is impossible, do you have to wait for him to grow up, then take revenge, and repeat the previous thing?

" Never mind the King of Green Forest..."

Aaron just imagined herself wearing a wooden crown made of banyan tree branches and carrying a lord to dance to a great god. Goose bumps.

"I only have one request, the only request!" Theodore's tone was serious, with a trace of sorrow: "I want the kingdom of Kagash to pay, and I want you to avenge Colin!"

From the father's point of view, the child Colin is not bad in nature, he was just bewitched by the spies of the Kagash Kingdom.

Aaron sighed: "I will."

To be honest, he is bullying people now when he goes to war.

Not to mention full firepower, even if only relying on fortune-telling prophecies, it is equivalent to open the map to clear all the fog of war, the enemy knows the reality clearly, and fights invincible!

For this request, he does not intend to refuse.

The superiors are instinctive to anger and shirk responsibility, so Colin's death is not Aaron's fault, not Theodore's fault, it can only be the Kagash Kingdom's fault!

"About Colin, can you put him down and bury him well..."

Speaking of this, a trace of embarrassment appeared on Theodore's face.

Colin's air-dried corpse is still hanging on the green banyan tree!

"Didn't you put him down?"

Aaron was shocked, and he didn't pay much attention to the matter over there.

"They all said it was Divine Vestige, no one dared to approach it, let alone touch it..." Theodore said.

Furthermore, the green banyan tree showed great divine might that day, and the tragedy of killing dozens of people at once is still vivid.

Even the strongest warrior is afraid that after approaching, he will be caught by the green banyan tree and suck it up!

"I will go there in person later."

This Aaron has no objections, and agrees directly.

"And Sylvie and Char, what should I do?"

"Draw out a Knight collar and give it directly to Char. Let Sylvie and Char move there... …So that both parties are at ease."

Aaron sighed.

Anyway, the two of them couldn't beat him when they jumped up. He looked at the racecourse outside the castle with a slight softness in his eyes.

"Well, it's time to prepare for the ceremony."

Theodore had a lot of questions, but found that there was nothing to say, and stood up.

"Master Aaron!"

At this time, a guard ran over with a slightly panic expression.

"What happened?"

Theodore asked.

"Mrs. Sonia, committed suicide in the room..."

The guard replied loudly.

"Sonia...she is unwilling to cause trouble to her children, hoping to wash away the sin of standing in the wrong line with death?"

Aaron sighed: "She despises me too much I'm going ."

To be honest, he wasn't going to do anything with Sonia, he just wanted to teach Sean a little bit about the brat.

"I...I'll go see her."

Theodore staggered, his back staggered.

Looking at this scene, Aaron clearly recognizes that he is really old...


"My heart is frozen, I want eternal !"

Aaron touched his heart, feeling that even with the secret seal of pure white ice, the spirituality of'Red' in his body is still passing slowly and firmly every day.

At the same time, he can clearly feel all kinds of desires.

Not only your own, but also other people's.

Appetite, lust, desire for power...

And what I felt from Sean while comforting Ginny-desire for revenge!

These inductions are almost instinctive, and they are the result of piled up too much spirituality of'Red'.

If he hadn't always had a cold sense of reason in his heart, he would doubt whether his temperament would change drastically or would be directly corrupted.

The death of Mrs. Sonia may have fallen for Sean and Ginny, but for the entire green forest, it is not a major event.

A few days later, the lords of the entire Green Forest gathered in Sotos Castle. Because the banquet hall had been destroyed, meetings could only be held on the outer square.

But everyone has no objection, even looking at the green banyan tree, his eyes are full of awe and fear.

On the temporary high platform, Theodore coughed, took off the power ring from his hand, and handed it to Aaron: "I declare... Aaron Sotos, a new generation of Green Forest count! Under the witness of Banyan Tree, you need to be loyal to him and offer your sword to him!"

"Son of Green Banyan!"

"King of Lusen!"

The underground lord didn't care about the Green Forest count at all, and directly yelled.

In their eyes, Aaron is simply the incarnation of God, True King!

Looking at the scene of Theodore's face deathly pale, he coughed again, took the initiative to step back and gave the venue to Aaron.

Obviously he also knows that power has been unstoppably transferred...

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