Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 8

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  Chapter 8 Extraordinary Perception (see further reading)

The mother river grandiose, winding down and moisturizing The fertile land of Upper Green Forest and Lower Green Forest has been established.

At this time, a team of dozens of people drove to a certain part of the mother river and began patrols along the river.

Aaron Sotos picked the root grass from the roadside at will, and held it in his mouth, with a wild and unruly temperament: "Actually... Colin, they are right, the war is hard power. They don’t know what the Davis Family is, and the Knights are also very experienced, at least they know the Guangsa Ranger reconnaissance... If the Davis Family has any actions, such as sneak attacks, there is a high probability that they will not succeed. ."

"So, there are not many choices left for the Davis Family. Just think about it, and you can only move through the battlefield at the fastest speed. Sneak attack the Sotos Family's key point. The forest cannot transport troops on a large scale, and it takes a long time, so the most convenient is water transportation!"

He looked at the mother river, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

The Davis Family is upstream, once it descends along the river, the speed is very fast!

Although the main force is on the battlefield, as long as a partial division of about a hundred people can bypass the battlefield and patrol, go straight to the territory of the Lower Green Forest, and even the sneak attack castle!

"But if the surprise attack is discovered, it will be of no use."

What Aaron has to do is simple, to find a place on the river that is easy to defend and difficult to attack. , By the way, set up a river card!

In this way, if the Davis Family clan moves, with the strength of a sneak attack, it is impossible to win!   Even if it was a false alarm and a name of cowardice, it was fine, and he had no plans to inherit the family business!   And it is better not to fight.

"In this way, the shortcomings of the family are made up, and the Davis Family can only fight on the battlefield, right?"

"Think again, maybe in the territory, but also Is there a guy who has been bought? But as long as there is no foreign aid, there should be no big problem, at least the castle is okay..."

Aaron spit out the grass stalk in his mouth, and suddenly felt that he was too insidious?

In other words, with the culture and education similar to the Middle Ages in this era, the nobles are still innocent, without their own shadows?   My pei pei pei!

Aaron looked towards Eight Fingers and Sanchez: "How do you feel? Do you resent me for taking you away from the battlefield and losing the opportunity to get spoils of war?"

"No , Sir, we are very grateful to you!" Sanchez hurriedly bowed.

He is telling the truth, spoils of war or something, it is a matter of the nobles and the knight masters, their wish is very simple, is to survive! Being   able to leave the battlefield is naturally the best.

'If I didn't expect it badly, the danger here is not much smaller than the battlefield...'

Aaron sneered, turning a river, suddenly his eyes Yiliang.

In front, the mother river turned a big bend, and here is the boundary between Lower Green Forest and Upper Green Forest.

Not only that, in the center of the wide river, there is an island of sand and gravel, which is about four or five meters higher than the surrounding area.

"Very good, it's here."

Aaron observed the surrounding geography and was still quite satisfied: "We set up a water card here to guard against upstream ships... …By the way, is there a name here?"

A group of illiterate looked at each other in blank dismay, and finally Green hesitated and said: "It seems to be called...Widow Bay?"


In a dream.

Aaron Sotos felt the energy of the mysterious unit again.

'Use it all to strengthen myself. '

He had a command in mind.

In the next instant, a hint of coolness ran across consciousness.

He was already familiar with this scene, but then it was a little different.

Aaron just felt that the coolness suddenly became extremely hot, as if hot boiling water was poured into his brain!   Pain!

The incomparable pain made him almost lose the ability to maintain consciousness. If he had a body, he would have already screamed.

pa! In the   endless chattering, his memory was shocked, as if he had been arrogantly pried open a gap.

A lot of memories emerged!

He is like a pure bystander, his memory starts to go back and forth, he can see himself disguised as a babble when he was a child, even back to when he was 1 year old, half a year old, just born...

The torrent of memory is not only that, it's even moving forward...

It was darkness, and then light.

That is...previous life memory!

"How do I get hypermemia..."

Aaron spit out and suddenly began to recite a paper. This is a popular science he came across when he was in college. , Just glanced at the extent.

But at this time, he can already recite it verbatim!

"I've never forgotten? I'm... finally crossing a certain threshold and achieving spiritual extraordinary?"

Over the years, Aaron has been very familiar with previous life memory. Blurred.

But at this time, it's almost like a library in my head, and any information I have read is recorded!

"Too great, I don't know if this ability can bring back reality, maybe when I wake up, my memory will become blurred again, but it doesn't matter... I can learn slowly in my dreams , So... this finally gave me a little benefit?"

A smile appeared on Aaron's face.

At this moment, his expression changed.

A feeling of have one's hair stand on end, like a big cold hand, fiercely grabbed his heart.

"It's dangerous!"

"No... not here!"

"It's... me in the real world, there will be danger?"


The night is quiet.

In the tent.

Aaron opened his eyes, and the feeling of have one's hair stand on end disappeared instantly.

"What's going on?"

"Could it’s me in the dream that is in danger? No, I am back in the dream, and the world is no longer possible. It hurts me."

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, rolled over and got up, thinking carefully.

"I entered a dream at this time. I finally awakened myself in the dream and gained the abilities of [Extraordinary Memory] and [Danger Perception]... Then, I felt dangerous? It seemed to come from reality... …"

Aaron breathes deeply: "If the danger is in a dream, I go back walking right into a trap, if the danger is in reality..."

He clenched his cross Sword, sneaked out of the tent.

Because during the marching battle, he never took off his coat, so he just slept directly, and the action was very simple and fast at this time.

Outside the tent, in the sky, the moonlight is dim.

Aside from a few bonfires, Sanchez and the others are sleeping soundly, even the night watchers disappeared.

"There is a problem!"

Aaron's eyes condensed, and he came to the edge of the camp, looking not far away.

Under the hazy moonlight, there seems to be a fuzzy silhouette crawling on the ground, slowly approaching!   "Attacker!"

Aaron breathes deeply, immediately turn around, find Eight Fingers, and cover his mouth.

Eight Fingers struggled, but couldn't make a sound, then opened his eyes and saw Aaron.

"Don't make a sound, there is an enemy attack."

Aaron's voice is cold: "We will continue to wake up others and prepare for battle!"

( End of this chapter)

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