Tribulation of Mysteries Chapter 9

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  Chapter 9 Night Attack (for collection)

Time forward for a moment.

Roan Davis looked at the camp in Widow’s Bay, his face was full of hideousness: "Damn, how is this a coincidence?"

As a member of the Davis Family, he knows deeply Family strategy.

With large forces dragging the main force of the Sotos Family clan, the small forces descended along the river, and by surprise, they could capture Sotos Castle in one day, and then combine inside and outside to completely destroy the Sotos Family clan!

Who knows, there happens to be a team that stands in the way that must be passed.

The terrain of Widows Bay is too unfavorable. Once the water card is set up and the camp is set up, it will be difficult for hundreds of people to break it in a short time!

Fortunately, according to the intelligence of the spies, there is only one squad stationed in Widows Bay. There are not many people and the battle strength is not strong.

"These dozens of people have camped and guarded, and it is difficult to win a face-to-face attack. A sneak attack is necessary."

Roan looked at his team with some confidence. After all, he There is a real Knight following!

"Uncle Saliba, it's up to you."

He looked at his side, put on his full body armor before the battle, and the muscular Knight said softly.

"Don't worry!"

Saliba gave a bloodthirsty smile: "It's easy to get lost in the action at night, but as long as I get in alone, the overall situation is settled!"

Mass emotions are the most difficult to appease. The night is accompanied by fear. Once an attack is launched, the enemy may directly scream and then collapse.

Aaron did not immediately yell the enemy attack for this reason.

He also knows that these militiamen under him are essentially farmers. Once frightened, they are easily confused. When the time comes, it is all over.

But at this time, let the Small Captains scream one by one, and many militiamen took up their weapons. Although their expressions were nervous, there was no confusion at all.

"There is an enemy attack at night, please bring them closer before hitting!"

Aaron touched a bow and arrow, lowered his voice and ordered.

In ancient times, people ate less meat and basically had night blindness. Night attacks were not easy.

As for why the night raid is famous? That is purely because of rarity!    However, as a meat-eating nobleman, he does not have this problem. With the moonlight, he quickly determined the size of the enemy.

"There are less than a hundred people. We have a stronghold and occupy a good place. It is night. Most of the enemies are blind, and some need to hold the person in front to walk..."

He slowly pulled the bow and arrow away, and identified the two leaders.

One of them was wearing armor, and immediately skipped, aiming at the other youngster next to him.


"It's fast, it's almost..."

Roan is very excited, as long as he wins this camp, he will be the family to occupy the Green Forest The biggest hero!

When the time comes, even if it is conferred as Knight, it is very possible!

Roan rushed into the camp without hindrance, and opened a tent with his long sword, but there was no one in it.

His expression changes instantly, and his hair stands on end!

At this moment, in all directions, torch lights up.

A row of peasants and soldiers who have already picked up their weapons, occupying favorable terrain, are watching him with a deadly gaze.

"Not good!"

Roan yelled, and saw a youngster on the opposite side standing on the ground, letting a bow and arrow in his hand.

Huh! A   shadow of an arrow flashed past his thigh, causing Roan to fall to the ground, screaming.

"Close the camp gate and call me!"

Aaron stared at this scene and gave the order coldly.

They occupy a good place, are condescending, and have fences. Even if there are only fifty people, they are enough to resist hundreds of people!    While the enemy sneak attack is found, equivalent to walking right into a trap, close the door and hit the dog, divide the enemy's forces, and then break it down again. It's perfect for everyone!    "Kill!"

Several hunters in the peasants also bend bow and place arrow. Their accuracy is not as good as Aaron's, but they also hit the enemy, causing the enemy to become more turbulent.

"Oops, in an ambush?"

Saliba's eyes widened, looking at his not knowing what to do.

They look flustered, full of the color of lose one's head out of fear, and they retreat more mentally, rushing to the narrow camp gate, for this reason they stepped on their colleagues, and even faced their comrades with swords, only in their hearts Escape this a single thought!   At this time, even if their quality is higher than that of the militia, they have no effect at all.

"Can't withdraw, at this time, the withdrawal happened to be in an ambush!"

Saliba is worthy of Knight, and soon thought about everything. He waved the big sword in his hand and put a The militiamen who dared to rush forward chopped down to the ground and roared: "Clash with me!"


Various attacks fell on his armor, leaving only shallow traces, but this big man danced his sword like a whirlwind, he was about to break through, and even rushed directly to Aaron!

Green blocked the Knight’s way forward, was chopped by the opponent, and staggered to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Aaron could only throw down his bow and arrow, and picked up his cross sword: "Some mistakes..."

The quality of these men is really bad. To the point, not only in a downwind battle, there is a tendency to disintegrate as soon as the enemy warrior rushes, and even the action that originally fell through the gate has not been implemented for a long time.

"But it's okay, if there is a glimmer of hope of escape, the enemy will not desperately make the closed door hit the dog a Stranded Beast's Struggle..."

Aaron spit out, mentioning The cross sword made a forward dash, and the sharp blade in his hand swept a radian.

Saliba immediately moved to the left, and the giant sword in his hand fell suddenly.

Aaron raised the cross sword. The two big swords met in midair, making a violent metal rubbing sound.

Fortunately, he is holding a cross sword in his hand. If it were the thin thorn sword before, I am afraid it would have been broken.

Aaron's eyes did not fluctuate, as if he was practicing the sword technique, he started fighting with Saliba.

His footsteps are very flexible, he dodges quickly, and try his best to avoid meeting force with force with the opponent, which are the traces left by the usual use of the stabbing sword.

After waving the giant sword a few times, Saliba's breathing has become thicker after being missed.


Aaron walked around and walked around behind Knight Saliba.

Although wearing armor has high defense, it is also inconvenient to move and consumes energy.

At this time, Saliba's speed was far worse than before. Aaron saw the opportunity and pierced the knee with a sword. The blade pierced through the gap between the plate armor, bringing out a large amount of blood.

Saliba screamed, one-knee kneels on the ground.

"A Knight..."

Aaron gasped for a few moments, and did not relax his vigilance, but directly picked up the enemy’s long sword, and then viewed it from the helmet window. In the middle, stabbed the blade in.

A large swath of blood poured out from the gap in the helmet, and the opponent's huge body fell straight down.

"Knight Saliba is dead!"

"Saliba the bear is dead!"

Those Davis Family soldiers saw this scene, as if their faith collapsed Generally, one after another surrendered or speeded up to escape.


At this time, Eight Fingers finally took the people and blocked the camp gate, completely grasping the initiative...

(End of this chapter)

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