Tyrant War God Chapter 2404

This realm of sentiment is divided into three realms: Heaven, Earth and Human.

As long as the realm of perception reaches the Early-Stage of Heaven, you can become the Divine King Realm!

The three realms of Heaven, Earth and Human can be said to be one of the cultivators’ perceptions Huge dividing line.

And his Insights Realm at this time has reached the late stage of the human state.

And he is now in the middle of Earth Grade corresponding to the cultivation base.

However, once this Insights Realm enters Earth Grade, the difficulty increases by tens of times, or even hundreds of times.

At this time, his perception reached the late stage of the human state within half a year.

I am afraid that it will take a year or two to break through.

But it’s difficult after the situation.

And what is recorded in this book is more anecdotes about the person who recorded this jade slip.

There is not much introduction about cultivation.

And these are still his judgments based on the information in the jade slip.

Yeah! ?

Suddenly, Chen Shaofeng, whose eyes were slightly closed, raised his brows.

Because an interesting incident in the jade slip made his heart move.

“I accidentally broke into a cemetery in the Forbidden Land of Reincarnation. I couldn’t escape for more than a hundred years.”

“One day, a tomb suddenly made an abnormal noise, and then the tomb was opened. , An old man came out, and that old man claimed to be the Taoist of the Guixu.”

“The Taoist of the Guixu heard of my deeds and was willing to help me escape, but he wanted me to pay the price to sweep his grave for a hundred years.”

“I can’t escape, I have to agree, yes! A hundred years have passed. When I called the Taoist Guixu, he crawled out of another tomb and said that I had swept the wrong cemetery and asked me to sweep his grave for another hundred years. .”

“As a last resort, I will sweep his grave for a hundred years. After a hundred years, I called him. He said that he came in with some feelings and wanted to use my fleshy body to cast spells, and promised to help me restore my fleshy body and let me go.”


“Tens of thousands of years passed in a blink of an eye, and a hundred years after returning to the Taoist market, it will be a hundred years later. I no longer remember being in this tomb. How many centuries have I stayed.”

“And tens of thousands of years, my life essence has almost dried up, and I don’t want to escape.”

“However, I gave up despair. , When he dug a tomb for himself, the Taoist Guixu showed up and told me that he was going to send me away.”

“Of course, after tens of thousands of years, I no longer want to leave, since life Essence is not as good as dying here that’s all, so I replied that I don’t want to leave and I would rather bury my body here.”

“And the Taoist of Guixu heard that, without a word, he threw me out of the tomb. At this time, I don’t know if I should be grateful…”

Looking at what happened to this person in jade slip, he felt inexplicably cold, and shivered shivered. .

Because he felt that this person’s experience seemed very similar to his own.

In the Old Ghost palace that day!

The old fart’s got him miserable!

Reincarnation Forbidden Land…

After a moment of indulgence, he laughed.

He really doesn’t know if this is a person.

But looking at this style of being fed up and having nothing to do, he guessed it was very possible!

This is really a deliberate flower arrangement, unintentional positive outcomes.

I just came to find all the history of Land of Samsara.

Didn’t expect actually found such interesting information.

Reincarnation forbidden.

It’s a dead place at the intersection of Demon Race and Human Race forces!

The place is weird and inexplicable. At most, ordinary cultivators sway in the outer circle area.

As for the inner circumference of that place, even Two Great Supremes dare not get involved easily.

This shows the danger in the forbidden land of reincarnation.

After reading this jade slip.

He also knows a lot about Land of Samsara in his heart.

I have to say that this Land of Samsara is still a cultivation Holy Land even if the will of the universe has died out at this time.

I really don’t know what the flourishing period would look like back then.

And the emergence of the demon was just a big accident.

In the extreme south of this World.

There used to be more than ten giant pillars with a height of ten thousand li!

Because that area has not yet perfected the rules, it is very weak.

And those giant pillars are the core of Formation, supporting that piece of heaven and earth.

And the great battle between Human Race and Monster Race that year knocked down two huge pillars.

Although there are more than a dozen huge pillars, they still cause some areas, and the potential barriers of time and space are greatly weakened!

And the demons took advantage of this time to invade this World from another space.

And because the more than ten giant pillars have not all collapsed.

The final result is that the bastard whose cultivation base is lower than a certain realm can enter the fragile barrier.

And if it is a powerful cultivation base, once it enters the potential barrier, it will cause time and space to collapse, and eventually sink forever in the cracks of time and space.

And even so, the demons who have entered this space are still powerful terrifying!

Especially the Demon King who is here!

Even if Two Great Supremes tried their best to make a concerted effort, they could only barely lose.

If it is true Life and Death Battle, I am afraid that Two Great Supremes will at most suffer perish together with the Demon King both sides.

The demons in the extreme south have been relatively quiet in these years, but they have been looking for a way to break through the more than ten giant pillars.

This Land of Samsara is very clever.

One side can be connected to Cultivation World, and the other side can be connected to the space where the mixed demons are located.

Once the more than ten giant pillars collapse, then the powerhouse of the demons will truly come, completely enslaving the practitioners of Cultivation World.

For countless years, although the only remaining Human Race of the Land of Samsara has continued to resist.

But the resources in this Land of Samsara are gradually being exhausted.

I can’t support it anymore.

Especially Spirit Stone!

In recent years, the birth of spirit veins has become less and less.

Even at this time, the Spirit Stone stored in the Hunting Demon Hall is already very limited.

It has even begun to make ends meet.

This will continue like this, for at most ten years.

Land of Samsara will not have Spirit Stone available.

When the time comes, those rules cannot be understood, and the spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth is gradually lacking.

Sooner or later, the human race repairers will be completely wiped out by the demons!

It is precisely because of this.

Not long ago, Two Great Supremes decided to open seal and ask for help from the outside world after a discussion.

Although they can still support.

But Cultivation World is only ten years old at most.

And the next more than a month.

Chen Shaofeng is wholeheartedly looking at various anecdotes.

As for the cultivation technique and divine ability…

He doesn’t worry about those.


What is this?

On the unremarkable grid on a shelf at the end of this area.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle took a look.

On the grid is an incomplete fragment.

And there is still a bit of incomplete writing on this fragment.

He reached out and picked up the fragment.


However, mutation suddenly emerged.

As he picked up the fragment, the fragment buzzed for a while.

“This jade slip is tricky, I think it looks like a jade slip used to store important information in ancient times. You can try Spiritual Consciousness in it, but this kind of jade slip usually has Conditional. Unless you can meet the conditions, you will not be able to see the contents. This kind of jade slip is mostly used for inheritance in Ancient Era.”

The voice of Old Ancestor sounded.

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