Tyrant War God Chapter 2405

Chen Shaofeng hearing this slightly nodded.

Although I don’t know why, the aura in this jade slip made him feel very familiar.

If you say that there is any information in it for later generations, then he feels that this information is very good and he can see it.

Now he plunged Divine Consciousness into it.

However, with his Spiritual Consciousness, he penetrated in.

Suddenly he fell to the ground with black eyes.

“Shao Feng! What’s going on!”

I saw Chen Shaofeng fainted.

Old Ancestor asked aloud.

However, Chen Shaofeng, who was fainted, simply couldn’t hear the voice of Old Ancestor.

At this time, his will has come to a dark space.

In this space.

There is no up and down, no front and back, and no direction.

Although Chen Shaofeng feels that he has opened his eyes, he can’t see anything.

But he is a cultivator.

Even if there is no light here! He can also use spirit strength to emit rays of light.

However, as he urged his own spirit strength.

What surprised him was that he could clearly feel that his spirit strength was already bursting out, but there was not a trace of light on his body.

“Is this space without such rules?”

He browses tightly knit whispered.


He was in a state of uncertainty.

An old and majestic voice suddenly came into his ears.

He was also startled by the sudden appearance of such a quiet all around.

But came back to his senses, he carefully distinguished the direction that the sound came from and went into the air.

At this time, he has no choice. In this dark space, he can’t even feel the essence of the space.

But I don’t know how long he has been flying like this, maybe a year? Maybe it’s a thousand years!

Just when he was disappointed, at the far end.

It seems to be able to see the bright colors of stars and dots.

Seeing this light, Chen Shaofeng was overjoyed, and now he moved towards that light with great effort.

However, this flight is not known for how long.

Finally, he finally saw clearly what the light was.

It turned out to be a splendid palace.

This palace is not too big.

It looks like it covers an area of ​​about a thousand miles.

But this palace is very elegant.


And the voice became clearer.

And he was surprised to find that the voice came from within this palace.

slightly hesitated, he finally chose to try to see if he could enter it.

Because the outside of the palace is wrapped with something similar to Formation.

He extended the hand gently and placed it on the shining barrier.

However, he did not feel the slightest resistance, as if the barrier was not preventing people from entering at all.

Step into it with him.

For the first time, he felt that it was so happy that he could step on the ground with his feet.

And beside the gate of this palace.

A huge stone tablet is engraved with a few large characters “太上Void Jade Palace”.

Too much to Void Jade Palace?

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

He has never heard of this thing.

But even if I want to come, today’s things are already incredible.

At the moment he moved towards the palace carefully guarded.

And followed him into the palace.

The scene before him stunned him.

Because it is simply not visible from the outside world.

Entering the palace at this time, he was surprised to find out.

The front garden of this palace is covered with white bones.

He stepped on the bones, and he even made the sound of ka ka.

According to his analysis of these bones, the master of these bones was probably also a cultivation base before his life. Decent people who are deep and unmeasurable.

At this time, these bones have lost their spirituality, not to mention, they have also been rotten to the point.

“Is this written as a repairer of Ancient Era? No! Even Ancient Era! With these Great Divine Ability before life, I am afraid that the bones will not be so rotten!”

At the same time of analysis in mind.

He became more careful.

Everything here is full of death and there is no life at all.

Even the lush and green vegetation and flowers on both sides only bring out the weird silence here!


He lightly watched all around carefully.

However, as we continue to deepen.

He browses tightly frowns.

Because these boneless owners should be very powerful to save money!

But he didn’t even see a magic weapon along the way.

I didn’t even see a fragment of a magic weapon!

This is outrageous!

is it possible that these Old Seniors are still living in the Stone Age, a cultivation base, can’t refining magic weapons, all use stones, then fist fights can’t be achieved?

And with the continuous deepening.

He was suddenly surprised to find out.

These bones are not Human Race!

Because he accidentally saw a white bone with five arms!

Human Race repairer can’t grow five arms even if he is deformed!

“Aren’t all the Human Race repairers lying here! It’s the demons?”

Chen Shaofeng frowned and said in thought.

Although this is the front garden.

But the scope of the front garden is not small.

The distance from the gate to the gate of the first palace is almost a hundred miles away.

After discovering the anomaly.

When he moves forward, he will also take a good look at the bones all around.

And finally!

He is sure that none of these bones belong to Human Race!

Because on these bones, you can faintly see some differences from Human Race.

For example, some bones have barbs on their knees!

Some even have wings, but they are strange like fangs, horns on their heads, six fingers and so on.

It can be said everywhere.

And the more so, the more he feels a little uneasy.

All people who die here are aliens, so what is this place?

Especially there is nothing but bones on the ground.

He doesn’t believe that anyone can kill so many alien powerhouses by one person.

After the work, I took away all the treasures very carefully!

“Could it be!”

Suddenly he seemed to think of something.

However, when he thought of a certain kind of probability, he suddenly felt his scalp numb!

“Could it be that someone here cleaned the battlefield for the Human Race repairers!?”

His face suddenly changed.

Because if someone cleans the battlefield, it means there may be creatures here!

And the human race repairer’s body is missing.

Is it a foreign race that is in stock? He ate all the bodies of Human Race?

gu lu …

Charlot swallowed and foamed unconsciously.

Now he is more careful.

Except for the white bones along the way.

Only the unchanging voice calling him has not changed.

As he keeps approaching the first palace.

He finally saw it too.

There seemed to be a humanoid creature standing in front of the palace.

It’s just that the humanoid creature looks like it’s just the skeleton.

A cup of tea time.

He finally came to the gate of the palace.

And finally he can see the skeleton clearly.

At this time, he is quite convinced that this skeleton is undoubtedly Human Race.

Because there is nothing unusual about this skeleton.

What made him puzzled was that this white bone pointed the sword with one hand to the sky.

It seems to be declaring war on whom.

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