Tyrant War God Chapter 2406

He glanced in the direction the bone was pointing.

However, this glance made him a little surprised.

Because that direction faintly made him feel a terrifying coercion!

This coercion is a kind of illusory born from the combination of the cultivator’s own temperament and spirit strength.

It has no substance, it cannot be touched and cannot be seen.

But it is real.

Some of the cultivation base profound powerhouses in Cultivation World can kill low-level cultivators with a single look.

In fact, it is the effect of this coercion.

And what surprised him was that there was a faint invisible feeling in that direction, even at this moment he still felt frightened!

Be aware that the skeletons outside have gone through countless years, and even the skeleton is decayed!

And the pressure of this trifling, after countless thousands of years, can still make people feel frightened.

What a peerless divine might this is!

I looked at the bones all around the broken bones all around the floor.

Chen Shaofeng is shivered all over.

He feels that this place is not simple at this time.

It is even possible that this is the palace of a certain human race Supreme. After being attacked by these aliens, he killed countless Demon Races.

It is hard to say whether the human race Supreme escaped his life in the end!

And this white bone in front of me.

He is sure! Definitely not the master here.

Because although this white bone still maintains some spirituality, it has already begun to decay.

If it is a practitioner who can contend with those in the sky, the corpses will be lifelike for thousands of years, right?

Now he enters the great hall and continues to move towards the depths.

Because the voice calling him comes from deeper!

And then I crossed the front garden.

Many rooms began to appear gradually in the back.

With a fluke, he also entered a few rooms.

However, what made him tremble again and again is that there is not even a stool in those rooms!

This is simply the feeling of being looted!

“This who is so wicked! He almost demolished the house and moved out!”

Chen Shaofeng speechlessly contemptuously said.

This predecessor is too cruel! He couldn’t even pick up a fart. With entering several rooms.

In the end he simply gave up.

Because these rooms may have been evacuated long ago.

And this 2nd yard is also not small, with several dozen li in diameter.

Everything he came along is almost the same as the first Dao Academy.

However, when he came to the gate of the palace behind the second garden, he was surprised to find it.

There are still three sticks of incense here.

Not only that, but the three sticks of incense are still faintly floating in smoke.

“Sure enough, someone!”

Chen Shaofeng took out his purple Dragon Spear and carefully looked all around.

This incense is commonly used in Cultivation World, Wannianxiang!

As the name suggests, once this incense is ignited, it can burn for thousands of years!

Even if this incense is of excellent quality, how about it can burn for 100,000 years?

The time this place has existed may be so long that it rots away!

Any incense is impossible, and it is still burning after so many years!

The only explanation is that someone lit the incense stick.

Although this incense is almost burning to the root.

But there is still such a short section.

If this incense can burn for ten thousand years.

Then I am afraid this incense should have been lit nine thousand years ago.

However, after a while, all around simply didn’t happen at all.

“Is that man not here now? But where can he go in the darkness outside?”

Chen Shaofeng muttered to himself.

Then he carefully moved towards and went inside.

However, the purple Dragon Spear in his hand is always on guard on his chest.

And follow him into the 3rd yard.

A majestic palace in the distance is extremely gorgeous and extremely luxurious!

The mists in the turbulent circulation, even in the garden, are the mist produced by the essence of spiritual energy.

“What a piece of Human World Immortal Realm!”

He looked all around in surprise.

Although there are no dead bodies in this third garden.

But this entire garden has been destroyed!

All around, there is a mess, masonry, ravines, and ruined walls!

It can be seen that there was a big battle here!

And as he continued to deepen.


Suddenly, through the thin mist, he was surprised to find out.

Not far away, there was this colorful halo flashing.

“Is there any treasure left here that can’t be achieved? Yes! It’s foggy here, maybe the guy who emptied this place didn’t see it carelessly.”

At the moment, he can’t help but walk over with excitement in the game.

And under a corner of ruined walls.

A small tree that was only down to his knees flashed with rays of light.

What is this! ?

He extends the hand and wants to hold the little tree.

However, he swept across with his palm.

He was surprised to find.

I don’t know whether the little tree is illusory or his body is illusory.

He couldn’t catch the small tree unexpectedly, so his palm followed the small tree and passed through.

“What is going on?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle whispered.

I finally saw a spirit, but still can’t get it?

But I was able to step on those bones when I was outside just now.

Or can it be that this little tree still has such a magical effect?

He then tried again.

But after trying to no avail, he gave up decisively.

Since you can’t get it, there is no need to waste time.

Take him to his feet and move towards the direction where the sound is coming from and move on.

Along the way, there are ruined walls everywhere!

And among those deep and unmeasurable gullies.

There is even a strong coercion, even though endless years have passed.

It still makes him feel terrified.

Even the pressure in some places is so strong that it almost makes him faint.

It is hard to imagine what a cultivation base this fighter had to be!

But unlike the previous one, there are traces of fighting everywhere in this third garden.

But I couldn’t even find a bone at all.

But I think about it, this kind of battle is not something that ordinary cultivators can involve!

The participation of ordinary practitioners is afraid that there will be no ashes left.

The area of ​​this third garden is obviously much larger.

I am afraid that the diameter has reached hundreds of miles.

It’s like him, it’s also cautiously walked for a long time before finally came to the gate of this great hall.

And following him looked up towards the gate of the palace.


He felt a tingling humming in his head.

Vaguely he saw that there seemed to be a horrible knife mark several feet long on the gate!

And the terrifying coercion in that knife mark has passed countless years.

He just glanced at it and it was almost a terrible blow!

Even if he lowered his head in time, the terrifying coercion shocked his heart.

What is the origin of the person who left the knife mark? It’s so scary!

With my cultivation base at this time, I can’t even see it straight up!

Chen Shaofeng was horrified.

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