Tyrant War God Chapter 2410

The task he chose is a Mysterious Grade task.

“Assassination of the City Lord of Youyuan City”

The City Lord of the Youyuan City is a powerhouse that has reached the peak of Immortal Realm’s rules and perceptions.

According to the normal situation, the equivalent level of mixed magic is much stronger than Human Race.

This task is very handy.

You can practice your hands without getting too strong and unable to deal with it.

And the only problem that needs attention is that he needs to kill the City Lord of Youyuan City without attracting the attention of other bastards.

The dísciple who handles the access task also feels the task chosen by Chen Shaofeng through the Spirit Stone on the desktop.

However, he frowned when Chen Shaofeng chose the task.

“Why? I can’t take this task?”

Chen Shaofeng looked at the young man’s face with embarrassment and asked in confusion.

“Naturally not, it’s just Senior. This task is very difficult. After all, it is the City Lord of Youyuan City to be assassinated. You’d better think about it again.”

The youth hurriedly shook his head and explained.

Chen Shaofeng’s strength at this time is indeed good.

But if you have to face an opponent of this level, it is indeed a bit close.

But that is only the definition of ordinary cultivators. How many of the same ranks can fight against him without losing?

At least he himself is very confident.

If you fight one-on-one with the City Lord of Youyuan City, even if he can’t kill the opponent, he will definitely be undefeated.

“I’ll take this task, and you can handle it for me.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled lowered his identity jade token, and didn’t care.

“Well, senior please be careful along the way.”

Accepting Chen Shaofeng’s identity jade token, the youth assigned the task to Chen Shaofeng’s jade token.

“Senior is the city of mixed demons. This cloud magic orb Senior can be used as long as it is returned to me after the task is completed.”

The youth will A pitch-black bead was handed back with his identity jade token.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

Cloud Magic Bead?

He really doesn’t know this stuff.

At the moment, he took two things, Spiritual Consciousness, and penetrated into the Cloud Demon Orb.

It will be imprinted with the imprint.

He also understands.

It turns out that this thing is used to change one’s body shape and breath.

That is, clansman who can pretend to be a mixed Demon Race.

But disguise is a disguise after all. If it is carefully investigated by the powerhouse of the cultivation base profound, it is still very likely to be exposed.

With the Cloud Demon Orb, he also gained a bit more confidence, so he turned and left the Demon Hunting Palace.

After one hour, Chen Shaofeng walked out from the city gate of Danfeng City.

Different from last time, he is already a veteran this time.

Looking at all around those Cultivation World Cultivators to-and-fro with weak rules and aura, for a moment he felt that he was really not alone…

But at this time, you can fly out of the city.

At the moment, he jumped into the air and moved towards the direction recorded in the identity jade token, galloping away.

Not far from Youyuan City.

In a hidden jungle.

The entire group cultivator cautiously squatted in the grass and stared outside.

“Is the news reliable?”

Dong Tian asked seriously.

“hehe, don’t worry! Don’t you worry about me doing errands?”

Wind chimes laughed proudly.

Dong Tian silently rolled the eyes.

The only thing he is worried about in this entire group is this little girl.

Although this little girl is not too young.

If a normal mortal can be an ancestor, it is still a child temperament.

“Big brother, you can really rest assured this time, I have confirmed it.”

Xu Kun explained with a smile on his face.

This time, he and Feng Chime went into the city to find out the information.

He is still very confident in his judgment.

“Well, then I can rest assured.”

Dong Tian is nodded.

They completed the task a few months ago.

After a period of self-cultivation, this is the second time they have come out.

However, the task they took was more difficult this time.

It was a clansman who killed a Heavenly Demon Clan.

Compared with human cultivators, this demonic clan has an extremely strict level system!

The highest-level Saint Demon Race, even the clansman without a cultivation base, as long as it comes out, it will be enshrined as a Heavenly God.

Next is Heavenly Demon Clan. Heavenly Demon Clan can almost be said to be the backbone of the Demon Race.

The second is the Demon Race. When fighting against the Human Race, the Demon Race is the most important force.

The ordinary Demon Race clansman is just a slave.

And what they want to kill this time is a clansman from Heavenly Demon Clan.

According to the news, a clansman from Heavenly Demon Clan came to Youyuan City not long ago.

According to the information discovered by the two wind chimes, the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan should leave Youyuan City and return to the clan today.

The location where they are now is the only way for Heavenly Demon Clan clansman to go back.

“Big brother, relax. We have already confirmed that the guy from Heavenly Demon Clan returned by himself. Don’t be nervous. With the strength of a few of us, we can definitely win! “

Xu Kun hehe smiled indifferently.

The worst wind chime among them is Immortal Realm Early-Stage.

Insights Realm has also reached the mid-term level.

The Insights Realm of several other people has reached the late stage of human life.

And the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan is just as high as Immortal Realm Peak, and it’s just a feeling in the later stage of the human realm.

With so many of them working together, as long as there is enough time, it can be completely killed.

“Don’t be careless! This is the first time we have received Heavenly Demon Clan-related tasks. We don’t know the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan.”

Dong Tian solemnly Turned around and said.

Xu Kun doesn’t care about shrugged.


Suddenly, Dong Tian narrowed his eyes, and the aura on his body completely converged.

And several other demon hunters in the same industry also converged for a while and took out their magic weapons.

At the same time, a young man with a cold face and a seven-point Human Race appearance rushed over from a distance and quickly moved towards here.

Although this young man has many similarities with Human Race, he has four arms.


Dong Tian bowed slightly and said in awe.

At this time, the young Heavenly Demon Clan has come close.


Just as the young man passed over the heads of a few people by pressing Heavenly Demon Clan.

The long sword in Dong Tian’s hand rises to the sky.


Dong Tian loudly shouted and rushed to the Heavenly Demon Clan youth.

hong long long ~

The shocking sword glow directly scans the young man’s fleshy body.

Immediately after the terrifying crackle, it vibrates.

“haha, big brother, didn’t expect sneak attack, you just killed him with one blow, you thought how powerful it was.”

Xukun haha Smiled and said relaxedly.

“No! It doesn’t feel right! Be careful!”

However, Dong Tian’s expression was awe-inspiring.

As the person who shot, he felt clearly.

The blow just now definitely did not kill the young man of Heavenly Demon Clan.

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