Tyrant War God Chapter 2411

Because the feel is completely wrong, it is not so much that a sword struck a person, but rather a sword struck an indestructible rock.

“hmph! If it doesn’t feel right, it’s right!”

With a sneer.

In the sky, there was a slight shock, and the flame of the explosion was shaken away instantly.

The youth of Heavenly Demon Clan glanced at several people present.

“How is it possible! Unscathed!?”

Dong Tian lost his voice and cry out in surprise.

Although his attack was not full, he also used 70% or 80% of his strength.

However, with such a blow, the Heavenly Demon Clan youth in front of him did not even have any injuries. This is too terrifying!

“Hehe, what is impossible? You don’t think I really didn’t find you?”

Tianfeng hehe smiled and said with disdain.

As the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan, at the same level, he can almost easily obliterate those low-level clansman clansman.

In his opinion, Dong Tianjiren, who are a little bit worse than Demon Race, are just a bunch of clowns.

“You! Have you discovered us!? hmph! So confident! I even found out that we dare to eat my sword!”

Dong Tian eyes slightly narrowed coldly said.

But that said, but his heart is already cold.

The power of the young man in front of him is simply unimaginable.

Simply it’s not that these few of them can win by numbers!

“It’s just a few ants, self-confidence? You also deserve me to use the word self-confidence?”

Tianfeng’s scornful curl one’s lip.

He is the noble Heavenly Demon Clan!

Except for the Saint Demon Race, which is not many and rarely released, Heavenly Demon Clan is the real leader of the Demon Race!

“It seems we can’t escape this time!”

Dong Tian said solemnly.

At this time, he has clearly seen the gap between himself and Tianfeng.

With such a gap, they just have no chance to escape!

At this time, Xu Kun was already pale.

He thought that a few of them from Immortal Realm would work together.

That is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?

But he absolutely didn’t expect, this Heavenly Demon Clan is so powerful!

The wind chimes are also pale in color at this time.

She knew that this time might be the last time she completed the task.

With their strengths, they are definitely not the opponents of this young man.

“Why? Give up struggling? You are so bored. If you don’t struggle, how can you make me feel happy!?”

Tianfeng corner of the mouth slightly raise gloomily said.

This is not the first time he has been secretly ambushed by a Human Race repairer.

But those Human Race repairers simply don’t understand the horror of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Among the Human Race repairers he met.

One by one was full of self-confidence at the beginning, but when he leaked a little breath, the believers of Human Race instantly fell into despair.

It makes him feel very boring!

What he wants to see more is the Final Struggle, and finally the expression of despair and death.

“Kill! Even if you die, you must drag him with him!”

Dong Tian roared angrily.

Although they are indeed inferior to Tianfeng in strength, they are absolutely unwilling to endure such humiliation.

At the moment, he stretched out his long sword magic weapon, and moved towards Tianfeng rushed up.

With his example.

For a while, everyone else was shocked in an imposing manner.

At the moment, a group of people took out the magic weapon moved towards Tianfeng and rushed up.

“Hehe, this is interesting.”

Tianfeng haha ​​smiled and took out a handful of dark green long spear magic weapons.

“My magic weapon is Earth Grade top grade magic treasure Yuan Dragon Spear. It is your honor to die in my hands.”

Tianfeng long spear Dancing, the long sword greeted Dong Tian went up.


However, it was just a contact.

Dong Tian’s figure was directly smashed into the ground like a cannonball!

“big brother!”

Xu Kun loudly shouted with red eyes.

“Kill…leave me alone! Kill him!”

Dong Tian coughed up blood and stood up.

At this moment, his heart is cold.

This gap is really too terrifying!

Just a fight, he was already injured.

And the young man seemed to be just a cat and a mouse.

If he really wants to make a full shot, I am afraid he will be a corpse in one turn.


The long spear in Tianfeng’s hands swept out.

Xu Kun, who had just approached, was swept by a shot.

Smash and fly directly.

He had a hole in a mountain not far away.

dong! dong!

Don’t wait for Dong Tian to recover a little bit.

Several demon hunter companions he walked with were almost swept away like a hot knife through butter.

At this time, in midair, there is only wind chime left.

She stared at the sky tremblingly.

Although she was extremely angry in her heart.

But her body can’t move at all.

In the past, she used to make a move and do a little favor.

The main battle is participated by other people.

At this time, seeing her opponent so cruel, she was really scared!

“Hehe, looks good, mainly because it is tender enough, as long as you are willing to be my plaything, I can spare your life, how about?”

Long spear in the hands of Tianfeng Dancing, said casually.

Wind chime was furious.

This is too shameful.

At the moment, she is holding a masterpiece of three-inch green front rays of light.

As the imposing manner broke out, anger drove her in her footsteps.

“Go to hell!”

The wind chimes roared angrily.

“Oh…I wanted to give you a chance, but you didn’t seize the opportunity yourself…”

Tianfeng shook the head helplessly.


The strength of the wind chimes is really too bad.

Tianfeng just moved slightly.

The inexperienced wind chime was immediately defeated.

Tianfeng shot her in the back unceremoniously.

The coughing up blood from the wind chime’s mouth fell directly to the ground.

“Go hard! Don’t try to wait when!”

Dong Tian was loudly roared angry.

These people all have secret techniques that can explode in a certain period of time.

Although once it is used, the consequences are extremely serious.

It may even be the soul flew away and scattered directly, but at this time the situation is extremely critical.

He can no longer care about the consequences.

“Yeah, it turned out to be you guys. I said how the breath feels so familiar.”

When everyone is preparing to activate the secret technique.

Suddenly the voice of a young man smiling and groaning.

Yeah! ?

Tianfeng raised his brows and looked towards the direction where the sound came from.

Dong Tian and the others brows slightly wrinkle looked at Chen Shaofeng with incomprehension.

Is this youngster also from Heavenly Demon Clan?

We didn’t expect such bad luck! Even the first time he shot and killed the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan, he encountered two directly.

“Why? You don’t remember me?”

Chen Shaofeng looked at the desperate group of people and said in amazement.

When Dong Tian saw Chen Shaofeng talking to himself, his brows frowned and thought.

But he recalled it for a long time and didn’t remember when he knew such a person.

“Fellow Daoist is Human Race? Hey…Now Fellow Daoist may just want to go but can’t go.”

Dong Tian took a look at Chen Shaofeng, and then shook the head sighed.

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