Tyrant War God Chapter 2412

For example, clansman from Heavenly Demon Clan, in fact, is very similar to Human Race.

And the clansman of the legendary Saint Demon Race is almost the same as the Human Race.

The only difference is that clansman has some unremarkable special features.

“Can’t go? Why can’t you go?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled calmly said.

Although the words were addressed to Dong Tian, ​​his gaze has turned to the side of Tianfeng.

Yeah! ?

Dong Tian heard this for a moment.

The breath of Chen Shaofeng is indeed very strong.

But that is just like them.

Human Race would have been weaker in the same tier.

At this time, in his opinion, Chen Shaofeng simply has no chance of winning.

“Fellow Daoist, I advise you to run away as soon as you are not injured! It’s just a few of us to block this place. If you can escape back, it won’t be a waste of my life.”

Dong Tian shook his head and sighed.

“Big…big brother…yes…he…”

At this time, the wounded wind chime in his eyes struggled to get up and weakened.

Dong Tian hearing this brows slightly wrinkle.

“Do you know him?”

“Big brother, half a year ago…the man we saved.”

Wind chimes are a little bit painful Stretched his back and said.

She was shot on the back by Tianfeng just now, and at this time she almost lost consciousness on her back.

However, Dong Tian was stunned by hearing this.

Half a year ago? The person saved?

With the reminder of the wind chimes.

He instantly remembered an event six months ago.

“Impossible! What a joke! I can cultivation to this level in half a year!? I just blinded my dog!”

However, when he recognized Chen Shaofeng.

He was shocked!

Half a year ago, Chen Shaofeng came to get the most common gangster who couldn’t beat him, and he was chased all over the world.

If they hadn’t even shot, Chen Shaofeng would have become a dead soul at this time.

But Chen Shaofeng at this time does not look any weaker than them!

Be aware that the youngest wind chimes among them are nearly a hundred years old.

And Dong Tian himself has been cultivation for thousands of years!

Even if Chen Shaofeng is evil again! Guard against the sky again!

That’s impossible for half a year to be so strong!

“Fortunately, it is possible, otherwise we would really be out of help today.”

Chen Shaofeng heard the following dialogue and immediately bowed his head hehe said with a smile.

“Saved? hmph! Do you think you can save them?”

Tianfeng hehe curl one’s lip with a smile and disdain.

He can feel it naturally.

The aura on Chen Shaofeng’s body is almost the same as those on the ground.

In his judgment, Chen Shaofeng is a food delivery person.

“Yes, I think I can save them, why? You feel I can’t save them?”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

“Brother Chen! Hurry up! Although your strength is greatly improved at this time, you may not be able to control your strength with such a rapid improvement. Moreover, if you improve so quickly, your strength is too weak, it must not be him. Opponent!”

Think of Chen Shaofeng.

At the moment, Dong Tian hurriedly spoke out with comfort.

Chen Shaofeng gave him a good feeling that day.

At this time, he is not willing to Chen Shaofeng to die here in order to save himself and the others.

“Hehe, you just want to leave at this time, and you can’t go.”

Tianfeng hehe smiled, and suddenly his face was taken aback.

The long spear in his hand stabs Chen Shaofeng straight like a Fire Dragon.

“It’s broken! It’s over!”

Dong Tian’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his face was full of regret and despair!


With a clear voice.

Dong Tian and the others hurriedly looked towards in the sky.

“This! How is this possible!”

A few people were stunned for a while.

If it hadn’t been for Tianfeng to clean them up efficiently, it was like mud.

They are afraid that Tianfeng is a silver gun wax-like head.

But it was just now that they were defeated one-sidedly by Tianfeng. At this time, in the sky Chen Shaofeng smiled and groaned and stood proudly with a long spear, which made their hearts even more shocked.

Not only has the cultivation base soared in half a year!

Moreover, the battle strength is so bad! Even clansman from Heavenly Demon Clan can take the next move.

Judging by the breath of Tianfeng.

They also understand in their hearts that Tianfeng’s perception of the rules may have reached the late stage of the human state, and it is almost the peak of the human state.

This kind of cultivation base plus this kind of Insights Realm.

It can be said that in the same rank, Human Race simply has no hope of fighting him.

However, at this time, Charlotte’s perception of the rules is not as good as the Heavenly Demon Clan youth.

But it turned out to be a hard hit.

Although Tianfeng didn’t seem to make a full shot.

But Chen Shaofeng at this time also doesn’t look like he is doing his best.

gu lu …

A few people trembled slightly. This is not really a clansman of the Saint Demon Race, disguised as a human being?

“Hehe, Interesting, didn’t expect Human Race. Over the years, some interesting guys have appeared.”

Tianfeng’s face first became stiff, and then the corner of the mouth slightly raise said with a laugh.

In the same tier, let alone Human Race, even in the demons clan, he is considered to be battle strength not bad.

However, at this time, he was easily blocked by a human practitioner whose Insights Realm was not as good as his own.

If this kind of thing were put before this, he simply couldn’t believe it or imagine it.

“Interesting? Why do I feel so boring?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled, the voice did not fall.

His figure has disappeared.


Behind Tianfeng.

A long spear unpredictable and mysterious.

Under the horror of the sky, he hurriedly turned around to block.

However, after all, his speed was half a beat slower.

Chen Shaofeng’s long spear was shot on his arm.

Although this blow is not strong.

But the humiliation brought him is stronger than the injury caused to him.

I feel the faint pain in my arm.

For a while, Tianfeng’s heart also became a little angry.

“Since you also use a gun, let me teach you what is the meaning of a gun!”

The sky’s expression is getting colder.

The long spear in his hand suddenly burst into the sky with rays of light.

His imposing manner also reached a peak in an instant.

“Wan Dao Fire Dragon Gun!”

Tianfeng yelled, and the long spear in his hand turned into countless illusory shadows.

moved towards Chen Shaofeng Stabbed all over the body.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Although Tianfeng’s strength is still quite good in his opinion.

But this divine ability is really extraordinary.

This divine ability even vaguely blocked him all around.

It is very difficult for him to move.

If you really want to avoid it, you may not be able to avoid it.

“Brother Chen! Go!”

When Dong Tian looked at Chen Shaofeng, he was shocked.

Although he didn’t know what happened, he shouted anxiously.

The purple dragon dances wildly!

As he whispered secretly in his heart.

The long spear and terrifying imposing manner broke out in an instant.

Tianfeng felt the imposing manner erupting from Chen Shaofeng, his eyes condensed slightly.

He almost used 80% of his strength in this blow.

However, he didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng and he didn’t even persuade him at all.

And seeing Chen Shaofeng’s eruption of power, he is even faintly stronger than him by two points.

hong long long ~

With two long spears in contact.

The terrifying air wave swept away in an instant.

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