Tyrant War God Chapter 2413

The trees on the ground were pulled up by the roots to the distance.

Even some small rocks are flying with them.

Even Dong Tian and the others, as a cultivator, have to protect their bodies with spirit strength.

The violent air current makes them feel a little bit within the body and feel uncomfortable for a while.

After a while, it dispersed with the airflow.

Dong Tian and the others hurriedly lifts the head looked towards midair.

At this time in the sky.

The two weapons intersected.

Two long spears one after another thunder burst.

The blue veins on Tianfeng’s forehead violently.

The four arms fiercely pressed the long spear in the hands.

However, even with four arms, after all, Chen Shaofeng’s long spear could not be shaken away.

“Why? You just have this ability?”

Chen Shaofeng suddenly asked casually.

What! ?

This time, let alone Dong Tian and the others.

Even Tianfeng himself was taken aback.

He is already doing his best now.

However, Chen Shaofeng still has enough energy to talk and tease.

Who is he! Human Race repairers are absolutely impossible to have such a powerful battle strength!

Is he a spy sent by Saint Demon Race?

For a time, Tianfeng’s mind flashed countless probabilities.

“Haha, it’s saved! It’s saved! Haha!”

On the ground, Dong Tian laughed heartily excitedly, ignoring the injury on his body.

He thought he had made a mistake in decision-making this time, and they were already inevitable.

But didn’t expect every cloud has a silver lining, but Chen Shaofeng unexpectedly jumped out of such a strong man.

No matter what Chen Shaofeng was like half a year ago, at least Chen Shaofeng at this moment is simply outrageous!

He Dong Tian cultivated thousands of years.

This is the first time I have seen the same level, no!

Accurately speaking, a Human Race practitioner who is lower than the Heavenly Demon Clan cultivation base can make Heavenly Demon Clan clansman helpless.

“Boy! You are really courting death!”

A ridicule of Chen Shaofeng.

Tianfeng felt a little sullen in his heart.

Suddenly, the long spear in his hand suddenly exerted force, and then he hurriedly backed away a few steps.

“Boy, I have to say, you really surprised me! But I, Heavenly Demon Clan, is far from what you can match! Look at the trick!”

The sky is cold and cold. Said.

The voice fell.

The long spear Wan Daoguang in his hand rose to the sky.

A terrifying power even made the spirit of all around buzz.

Chen Shaofeng’s face became a little serious.

At this time, Tianfeng wants to use Divine Ability very strong!

According to this Land of Samsara’s cultivation technique, I’m afraid it should be in Heavenly Grade.

Chen Shaofeng was also secretly nodded for a while.

As expected of Heavenly Demon Clan! It really means deep and unmeasurable!

However, although Tianfeng’s blow was strong!

But he is not afraid.

As he raised his long spear with one hand.


The aura of Between Heaven and Earth suddenly stopped.

But after a while.

The aura of all around is like encountering a bottomless black hole.

Crazy was swallowed into the long spear in his hands.

At this time, Tianfeng, who had already been firmly in his heart, widened his eyes.

“Who the hell are you!”

Tianfeng was really a little frightened at this time.

This is already his strongest method.

However, he absolutely didn’t expect, and the methods Chen Shaofeng displayed at this time were actually better than him!

He now feels that Chen Shaofeng is a bottomless abyss.

No matter how many methods he has, as long as he comes out, Chen Shaofeng can come up with a stronger hole card than him.

“Me? Chen Shaofeng!”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled.

Following the voice.

The long spear in his hand slashed down diagonally.

Tianfeng pupil shrink, looking at the fine light that is about to fall on his head in horror.

At this time, he was enveloped by a powerful force.

The mighty power makes it simply difficult for him to move.

Although he tried his best to smoke. Long spear in your own hands.

But it’s too late!

I didn’t wait for the long spear in his hand to parry.

The fine light has already slashed down his forehead.


With a faint voice.

Tianfeng’s eyes widened in amazement.

He can’t believe it!

A Human Race repairer, and realm insights is a little worse than his own, he can be so powerful!

This strength is almost comparable to his Uncle City Lord Fengxing!

gu lu …

At this time, Dong Tian and the others on the ground were already dumbfounded.

They were almost desperate when Tianfeng broke out in its final power.

The terrifying power made them feel shuddering and devoid of fighting spirit when standing on the ground.

However, what made them absolutely didn’t expect is that Chen Shaofeng turned the situation around in an instant.

Sweep through with a shot.

Chen Shaofeng flicked the long spear in his hand.

A stream of air passes through the sky wind.

For a while, a blood line slowly appeared on Tianfeng’s forehead.

Immediately afterwards, Tianfeng’s body fell to the ground.

Chen Shaofeng stretched out his hand and took away the space ring and magic weapon long spear from that day’s wind.

He can still use these things.

Since he saw Tianfeng just now.

I already have a plan in my heart.

This time, although he can use Cloud Demon Orb to disguise as a clansman mixed with Demon Race to enter Youyuan City.

But his target is the City Lord, if he just pretends to be an ordinary Demon Race clansman.

Then why does he approach the City Lord of Youyuan City?

The rank system of the mixed demons is very strict.

If he pretends to be an ordinary Demon Race, he may not even be able to lift his head when he enters the city, let alone kill the City Lord.

At this time, the wind in front of you was sent to the door.

He killed Tianfeng, and then sneaked into Youyuan City again disguised as Tianfeng.

Tianfeng is a serious Heavenly Demon Clan!

Quite a place in the mixed Demon Race!

As Tianfeng.

He believed that if he wanted to get close to the City Lord of Youyuan City, it would be much easier.

But he still doesn’t know at this time that the City Lord of Youyuan City is the relative Uncle of the person he killed in front of him.

Include the space ring of Tianfeng in the bag.

He didn’t take a closer look either, when he fell to the ground.

“Many thanks Brother Chen, let me help!”

Dong Tian respectfully cup one fist in the other hand and salutes.

No matter what kind of cultivation base Chen Shaofeng was six months ago.

But at least at this time, Chen Shaofeng’s strength is completely beyond their reach.

And why Chen Shaofeng’s strength can soar.

That is not what they can know.

Even close friends.

It is also very taboo to listen to other people’s secrets.

“It’s okay, I just passed by.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

He does not intend to expose his mission.

This is not a question of trust or distrust at all.

In Cultivation World.

You cannot be cautious and decisive.

That definitely doesn’t last long.

As for trust…

Is there this thing in Cultivation World?

For treasure! For strength!

Even his relatives can betray him, let alone just friends.

This is a world of weak are prey to the strong law of the jungle, and he can’t help being careless.

“Hey, how did you cultivation? You can cultivation to this point in half a year?”

However, Dong Tian understands human relationships and the world, but it does not mean that Feng Chimes understands human relationships and the world.

At the moment, the wind chimes stand up and carefree said with a smile.

She escaped from the dead at this time, and her heart was also full of joy.

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