Tyrant War God Chapter 2415

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, who didn’t know he had been spotted, was still wandering around the city.

This Youyuan City is really not bad at all compared to the Danfeng City of Human Race.

There are all the things that should be there, various cultivation related shops, Chamber of Commerce, and even Auction House.

The only difference is that he walked all the way.

Those who mixed Demon Race with ordinary demons, they all bowed their heads and avoided them when they saw him.

This also made him clearly realize how strict the tier system of Demon Race is.

“Hey, isn’t this the sky wind? Why do you seem to be in a good mood?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

As the sound rang, the pedestrians on the street also evaded in an instant.

The surname Tian is used only by Heavenly Demon Clan in the mixed Demon Race.

The Demon Race is the last name war.

Ordinary Mozu simply has no status. There are many surnames such as Yin, Li, and Mo.

At this time, they heard someone call Heavenly Demon Clan clansman directly.

Those low-level bastards evaded in an instant.

They don’t want to cause any trouble for themselves.

Chen Shaofeng glanced at all around in amazement.

What is this for?

And what surprised him is that all the people around seemed to have looked towards themselves.

Seeing that I didn’t do anything!

Did I have been discovered! ? But how did you expose yourself?

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

“hmph! Tianfeng! This Young Master is talking to you!”

Tian Kuang looked at Chen Shaofeng and still didn’t look back, and felt a little embarrassed at the moment. .

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

I turned around and glanced at Tian Kuang.

At this time he suddenly remembered.

Isn’t I called Tianfeng, the name on the identity jade token?

But it seems that the wind seems to be not so bad this day, and someone came to the door.

“Why? Something?”

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

He didn’t understand what kind of grievances Tianfeng had with these young people.

But when he wants to come, he is also a mixed Demon Race, shouldn’t it be bad?

If you don’t agree, do it! Who is afraid of whom!


When Tian Kuang saw Chen Shaofeng’s attitude, he gave Chen Shaofeng a lot of surprise.

In the past, Tianfeng saw that they all hated gnashing teeth.

Why did you suddenly become calm today?

“Hehe, didn’t expect to be humiliated, but it improves your mood.”

Tian Kuang corner of the mouth slightly raise sarcastically.

Chen Shaofeng was stunned.

It seems that Tianfeng left Youyuan City earlier for a reason.

Hey…this is really a fight everywhere.

Didn’t expect the same race slaughter one another.

But he is not Tianfeng, Tianfeng will be humiliated and leave, but he will not.

“If you have something to say, just walk away if there is nothing to do. I don’t have the time to take care of you.”

Chen Shaofeng glanced at his mouth and said relaxedly.

Yeah! ?

At this moment, Tian Kuang, Tian Ye and Tian Ni were stunned.

Although their strength is comparable to Tianfeng.

But no matter how Tianfeng works, it is impossible to be one against three, right?

In the past, when Tianfeng was angry, it was held in my heart, and I went out alone to exhale.

Why are you so mad today?

Chen Shaofeng saw the expressions of the three and understood in his heart that although his own Owner Tianfeng’s appearance and identity were jade token.

But after all, I am not the wind of the sky. If I stay like this, I might be able to see it through.

Now he turned and moved towards the end of the street.

He just wants to leave now, after all, he is not familiar with these three people, he still understands the truth that many words must be lost.

“Go!? Do you still want to go? Today, if I don’t teach you a lesson, you’re going to be wrong!”

Heaven’s mad complexion is gloomy’s angry shouted.

While speaking, he has raised his fist and moved towards Chen Shaofeng and hit it on the back of his head.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

This is but the less you don’t want to cause trouble, the more trouble will be posted!

At this time, he is inevitable.

He doesn’t want to do it, but if he doesn’t do it, he has to be beaten.

He doesn’t plan to suffer from this bird here.


Chen Shaofeng’s imposing manner broke out.

Immediately afterwards, he turned his head and smashed Tian Kuang’s face with a punch.


With a muffled noise.

In Tian Kuang’s stunned eyes.

It flew upside down directly.

He had a hole in the wall of the shop beside him.

At this time, the two Tianye on the side looked at each other in disbelief.

Tianfeng dare to do it?

In the past, even if the wind was stepped on the face, it was forcibly tolerated. Why is it so bloody today?

“Good boy! How dare you be cruel! I will never forgive you today! Tianye, Tianni, do it! Give me a good lesson to this kid!”

Tian Kuang from the side Got up and said angrily.

When the two Tianye heard this, they couldn’t stand idly by at the moment.

The imposing manner of the three suddenly broke out.

Faced with the three of them, even Chen Shaofeng’s face became a little serious.

If he really fights with all his strength, he is really not afraid of these three.

But at this time, he didn’t dare to make a full shot. Once he made a full shot, his disguise would reveal a weak spot.

If this is to start, he will not only have to ensure that his disguise will not show a weak spot, but also have to deal with the attack of the three people, which is troublesome.

After all, these three people are not mediocre people.

Among them, Tian Kuang’s cultivation base is even in the middle stage of Immortal Realm, and Insights Realm is also in the latter stage of the human realm.

Although the cultivation base of the other two is only to Immortal Realm Early-Stage, Insights Realm has also reached the late stage of the human state.

These three people add up, even Chen Shaofeng feels a little stressed.

But be that as it may, he doesn’t intend to die.

At the moment, the tyrannical imposing manner also broke out from him.

Although the three of Tian Kuang are about to take action.

But at least I haven’t come up with a magic weapon. This is a member of the same race anyway. The contradiction is contradictory, and it will not kill.


As the sky madly shouting loudly.

Tianye and Tianni also rushed up from both sides.

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled.

If these three people come up together, he is really a bit tricky.

But these three people wanted to surround themselves at this time. ,

That’s different.

He shook his body and quickly moved towards Tian Ni and rushed out.

Pick the persimmons first!

Tianni’s breath is the weakest here, so he naturally has to start with Tianni first and break through them one by one.

Tian Ni saw Chen Shaofeng rush to him first.

I also understood what Chen Shaofeng was thinking in an instant.

But when I understand this, I feel more angry.

Isn’t this showing that you are underestimating yourself?


coldly snorted, Tianni’s right hand flashes.

“It’s too slow!”

Chen Shaofeng said casually, while speaking, he has come sideways behind Tian Ni.


A relentless punch hit Tian Ni’s heart.


Tian Ni only felt suffocated in her chest, and blood spurted out of her mouth in a moment.

The injury is not serious, after all, neither the head nor the dantian were injured.

But this is not a big deal but it’s too humiliating.

She was so resentful that she hadn’t turned around and punched again.


Chen Shaofeng kicked her in the waist.

For a while, Tian Ni’s body flew out like a cannonball.

At this time, Tianye, who had already rushed up, was heart startled.

“This kid didn’t do much before, why is he so tyrannical now?”

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