Tyrant War God Chapter 2418

“Brother Feng, it’s not that we don’t cultivate… It’s… Tianyu, they control those cultivation rooms, we can’t go…”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.


He really doesn’t know this person.

But looking at this, I am afraid that the background is not small, even Tian Kuang seems to be very jealous.

But he couldn’t directly ask who this Tianyu is.

Otherwise it would be too fake!

But slightly hesitated, his eyes rolled.

“What kind of cultivation base is he now?”

Chen Shaofeng asked casually, carelessly.

Since you can’t directly ask who Tianyu is, just pretend not to know and ask the cultivation base first.

“Brother Feng, Tianyu has already broken through to the late stage of Immortal Realm not long ago, and Insights Realm has also reached the late stage of the human state, and if he adds the Divine Ability Art given to him by his father, even if it is against the City Lord You can do a few tricks.”

Tian Kuang felt aggrieved for a while.

Although both are Heavenly Demon Clan!

But ordinary clansman like them is beautiful outside.

But in the face of the Elder, patriarch and other Juniors in the ethnic group, what status do they have there?

At best, it is not to be scorned.

so that’s how it is.

Chen Shaofeng was secretly nodded in his heart.

It seems that these elders of Tianyu are in power in Heavenly Demon Clan!

But he doesn’t care if Tian Kuang can go.

But if you don’t let him go, it’s not very good!

He still wants to take advantage of this opportunity to cultivate in this cultivation…

After all, the cultivation room here is even bigger than the cultivation room in Danfeng City. A lot of advanced.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you in! Let me see who dares to stop me!”

Chen Shaofeng said with a red face and a heartbeat.

In fact, what kind of heart is he!

He just doesn’t know where the cultivation room is.

If there is no Tian Kuang three people leading the way, it is estimated that he can spend a day in the City Lord’s palace, but he may not be able to find it.

“Huh? Brother Feng! Tianyu’s father is… but patriarch’s current Elder…”

Tian Kuang said embarrassedly.

There is a clear hierarchy in the mixed Demon Race.

Their Heavenly Demon Clan is also hierarchical.

People like Tianyu, simply can’t offend him!

Otherwise, he might not know what day he went out and how he died.

After all, even the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan would not shoot him.

But can’t murder a person with a borrowed knife yet?

I am afraid that I only need to leak his whereabouts.

I don’t know how many people are waiting to receive the Spirit Stone over Human Race.

“What are you afraid of!? A cultivation person like you and me should have the style of a cultivation person! What is your cultivation if you are afraid of wolves before you are afraid of tigers? You don’t have a courageous heart, your life’s life That’s the case for the cultivation base.”

Chen Shaofeng said in a tranquil voice.

However, I heard what he said.

Tian Kuang’s eyes lit up suddenly!

He was originally a person of unfettered character.

It’s just that the class system in the ethnic group is too strict.

So he can only suppress his temperament.

But when Chen Shaofeng said this, he suddenly felt quite reasonable.

This cultivation was originally sailing against the current. He was afraid of wolves and tigers. How could this kind of temperament result in cultivation?

For a while, he was physically and mentally transparent.


With the aura of all around, there was a slight shock.

Tian Kuang has a breakthrough!

Even Chen Shaofeng himself was dumbfounded!

Is my speech so effective? Why don’t I have a sudden enlightenment as a party?

I’m afraid this is poisonous! Can this be sudden enlightenment? Advanced yet?

He was a little jealous when he came to take it for a while.

He just said casually, the ghost knew that he was crazy and believed it!

In desperation, he gave a wry smile and had to sit down and wait.

After all, he doesn’t know the way either.

But at least at this time, it seems that Tian Kuang should have reacted to his this remark.

I want to wait for the heavenly breakthrough, I should take him to the cultivation room.


Tian Ni on the side was a little embarrassed to open the mouth and said.

She and Tianye have barely said a few words for a long time.

There is no other reason.

The two of them feel this is too embarrassing!

The person who was bullied is now an uncle! How can this be acceptable!

And this change is so fast!

But at this time, seeing Chen Shaofeng directly made Tian Kuang breakthrough in a few words!

This made them feel a little restless.

This kind of good thing is not something that can happen every day.

“What are you doing!”

Chen Shaofeng was already depressed in his heart, and his face was sullen, and he was polite.

Tian Ni was shocked to see Chen Shaofeng’s appearance.

I also reviewed herself, but after a review, she felt that she did not offend this uncle!

“Brother Feng…can you…can point me to me?”

Tianni cheeks slightly red said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

Master, I’m here to assassinate Tianxing! How come you have become a master teacher for your breakthrough?

If it continues like this, if Zuo Tao finds out, then he won’t be able to strip himself alive.

“pu…You are reap what you have sown.”

Old Ancestor saw Chen Shaofeng slumped and was speechless.

Pu Chi is also a rare one said with a smile at the moment.

Hearing Old Ancestor’s ridicule, Chen Shaofeng felt even more in his heart.

What the hell is this!

Just set up a stall here and collect tuition fees. Maybe it’s faster than coming to Spirit Stone on the day of killing.

“Not interested!”

Chen Shaofeng glanced at Tianni coldly said.

Tianni hearing this is also a little stunned.

She asked herself if her length still has several points of beauty, right?

In the past, even Tianyu would look at her more when he was so charming.

But why is the wind in front of you so unmoved?

Is this the real state of mind of Tianfeng?

Can the mood be calm and composed even in the face of beauties?


If there is no such a state of mind, how can he endure it after we have humiliated him repeatedly?

If it looks like this, it seems that my mood is too impetuous.

It would be nice if my mood could be calm and composed like his.

Unconsciously at the moment, she also slightly adjusted her mentality.

However, mutation suddenly appeared!

With the restlessness in her heart removed.

She was already on the edge of the breakthrough, but she was directly breaking through…..

Looking at the scene before her.

Chen Shaofeng almost doubts life!

The madness that day was forgotten, it may be that I had just broken a few words indiscriminately and just got the point.

But what kind of situation is this day?

Are you here to live Lei Feng?

I came here to assassinate that day! How did the unfathomable mystery become a pointing conference?

For a while, he felt sick as if he had eaten a fly.

My heart is even more aggrieved.

I am not interested in a sentence!

You can actually make people break through. Why didn’t you realize that you have this ability before?

Looking at Tianye with surprise and expectation on his face.

Chen Shaofeng’s lips trembled slightly.

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