Tyrant War God Chapter 2419

Now he closed his eyes and vomited.

what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over!

My unfathomable mystery gave me some advice!

This thing can’t be done!

It seems that I have opened my mouth before, so I have to be careful when I speak.

According to this, once the news spreads, I am afraid Zuo Tao thought he had rebelled…

At this time, Old Ancestor stopped laughing when he saw all this in front of him. Won’t come down anymore.

Although it is an unintentional positive outcome, what kind of thing is this misalignment?

Seeing Chen Shaofeng, Tianye closed his eyes and began to vomit.

He was also a little lost in his heart.

He was really embarrassed just now to shout to Brother Feng…

But he absolutely didn’t expect to miss such a great opportunity.

Tian Ni and Tian Kuang broke through one after another, leaving him with a scrupulous face.

He felt regretful for a while.

Knowing that face is a fart! Serve the soft early and say a few good things, then can you also raise a level of cultivation base?

Chen Shaofeng feels aggrieved.

He felt even more aggrieved, and he was not pointed out among the three.

An hour passed in a blink of an eye.

Tian Kuang and Tian Ni also woke up one after another.

The two looked at each other and they all saw the firmness in each other’s eyes!

The two of them now have a firm idea in the heart.

Tianfeng’s forbearance, state of mind, cultivation base and strength are all Heaven’s Chosen Child.

I am afraid that one day he will stand in his father’s position again!

Hurry up and make friends now, maybe you can really stand up in the future!

And Tianye is the two people who are full of grievances and look at their faces full of joy.

He is extremely! He hates it! He hates himself!

If he had said something nice earlier, he would be a happy person to say no now.

“Since you have already broken through, let’s go.”

Chen Shaofeng took back the cultivation technique and said calmly.

“Yes! Brother Feng!”

Tian laughed and said hehe.

Then even consciously began to lead the way.

Although his battle strength may not be Tianyu’s opponent at this time, he can still stick to his three or five moves.

Not to mention that now he still has Chen Shaofeng, the great god.

Pressing is even more confident.

Chen Shaofeng followed Tian Kuang around for a cup of tea.

I finally came to the gate of a splendorous and majestic palace.

“Heavenly crazy! What are you doing?”

A young Heavenly Demon Clan at the door said scornfully.

They are actually Tianyu’s henchman, but what happened to the henchman?

That also depends on who it is. With an identity like Tianyu, it is their honor to be a henchman.

“What are you doing? There are 22 cultivation rooms here. Even if Tianyu occupies the best one, there are still 21 rooms left. Since it is empty, why should I? Can’t come?”

Tian Kuang said righteously.

The Chen Shaofeng seen in this scene is all slightly nodded.

It’s really nice to have a little brother who can do errands.

He does this kind of dog biting by himself, which is a bit of a price drop.

Yeah! ?

I heard Tian Kuang’s words.

At the age of the gatekeeper, eyebrows are slightly frowned.

Although it’s normally carefree, it’s still quite interesting.

Why are you like an idiot today?

“Tian Kuang, I advise you to go back wherever you came. Master Yu Young is not something you can offend.”

Tian Sui said in a tranquil voice.

“Why? What if I still want to offend him today?”

Tian Kuang snered disdainfully.

After some advice from Chen Shaofeng just now.

He is now freeing himself to his heart’s content.

What Tianyu! He doesn’t care! How can it be a powerhouse without a Heart of Powerhouse?

Every day, he has no choice but to cultivation a fart! Isn’t it good to be a dog?

And hearing Tian Kuang’s words, Tian Sui was also a little surprised.

Tian Kuang looks a bit too crazy at this time.

The father of Tianyu is the current Elder of Heavenly Demon Clan!

It has a high status in the ethnic group, and it can even be said to be a faction of real power.

If you offend Tianyu, it is simply courting death!

“Tian Kuang, you really took the wrong medicine today, Tianye, you two still don’t persuade him? His brain is hot, don’t you understand?”

God Looked towards Tianye and Tianni by browsing slightly wrinkle.

“Tian Sui, I feel that what Tian Kuang said makes sense. Since the cultivation room is empty, why waste resources?”

Tian Ni faintly smiled and said.

“Occupy the pit and don’t shit!”

When Tianye saw that his performance had been pulled, the immediate exit was a lore.

At this time, Tian Sui has looked towards the three of them like a ghost.

Is it because three people took the wrong medicine together?

Why is it so evil today?

Unexpectedly, all three of them dared to challenge Yu Young Master! ?

“Tian Sui, we don’t make it difficult for you. Go and call Tianyu out. From today on, he’s not the one who decides here.”

Tian Kuang looked at the sky. The old face was full of sluggishness and consternation.

said in a tranquil voice.

At this time, Tian Sui’s brows have become a ball.

This thing is too evil!

Why did the three people who had always been low-key in the past suddenly arrogant?

is it possible that is the brain caught the door?

But his strength is not the opponent of the Tian Kuang trio.

Although the Tian Kuang three people have no backing behind.

However, there is still a little innate talent. They have been practicing hard for these years, and their strength is not bad.

Only kill the same rank, except for those Juniors who are in charge of the family, they are still relatively ranked.

“Okay! Go crazy! You are crazy enough! I hope you can get crazy again later.”

Tian Sui made a ruthless word, and immediately turned his head and entered In the palace.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

He really doesn’t want to cause trouble for nothing!

After all, he is not really Tianfeng.

If you can’t reveal your identity, then this dragon’s pool and tiger’s den is really a land of burial.

But for the cultivation room here, he must try it.

Because such opportunities are not many.

If this cultivation room is really like what the madman said, he only needs an appointment time to be sure to understand the rules to the level of Earth Grade Early-Stage.

After all, he already has a very good foundation now. With accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, it is understandable that he can improve faster.

At this time, in a cultivation room in the deepest part of the palace.

A young man with a stern face, as sharp as a knife and axe, is spitting out cultivation.

“Yu Young Master! Yu Young Master!”

Tian Sui whispered outside the door.

This cultivation room can be sealed from the inside and heard from the outside.

However, Tianyu generally does not block external sounds.

After all, there are only a few of them here, and there is no need to be afraid of being disturbed.

And heard Tiansui’s call.

After a while, Tianyu also slightly opened his eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

Tianyu calmly said.

“Yu Young Master…that day crazy…”

Tian Sui once heard Tian Kuang’s words just now, and I didn’t know how to convey it.

He was really afraid of speaking out. Tianyu got angry and did him directly.

“If you have something to say directly, if that day mad really wants to come in for cultivation, let him come in the outermost room.”

Tianyu said in a tranquil voice

He never paid attention to Tian Kuang.

A layman without the slightest background.

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