Tyrant War God Chapter 2420

“Yu Young Master…he…he said that starting from today, it’s not you who have to do it…”

It’s a little old The embarrassed said with a bitter smile.

This is really true.

Yeah! ?

Tianyu, who just closed his eyes, raised his brows.

“It seems that he is a bit not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth now.”

Tianyu said in a tranquil voice.

But now that Tian Kuang has come to provoke him.

Then he won’t be polite!

After all, he would not allow Tian Kuang to challenge his authority!

At the moment, he stood up and tidied his clothes, then waved his hand to open the door of the cultivation room.

When Tian Sui saw Tianyu coming out, he hurriedly dropped his head.

Tianyu also ignored Tiansui.

In his eyes, Tiansui is just an obedient dog.

He simply doesn’t care.

When Chen Shaofeng was waiting a little impatient.

Tianyu’s figure stepped out from the gate of the palace.

But he was a little surprised when he came out.

Because he actually saw Tianfeng, who had been humiliated by the three Tian Kuang in the past, was also here!

“Tian Kuang, you seem to have some not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth recently.”

Tianyu also ignored Chen Shaofeng, but directly opened the mouth and said.

“not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth? haha…why should I know the immensity of heaven and earth?”

天狂haha said with a smile.

With some advice from Chen Shaofeng.

He really doesn’t take Tianyu seriously now.

At worst is death! What are you afraid of!

When Tianyu heard Tian Kuang speaking like this, he also looked at Tian Kuang with a little astonishment.

“Oh? It turned out to be a breakthrough. It seems that your self-confidence is greatly expanded after the breakthrough.”

Tianyu corner of the mouth slightly raise contemptuously.

The curl one’s lip that Tian Kuang disdains.

I am indeed confident, but this confidence is not my own strength, but Chen Shaofeng.

He feels that Chen Shaofeng’s strength should still be above the sky.

Even if it is Tianyu, it is impossible to subdue him with a trick!

As for Chen Shaofeng, he was simply not lopsided, he was just bullying.

“Tianyu, right? How about letting your cultivation room be with me?”

Seeing that the master is coming out at this time, Chen Shaofeng stepped forward and asked with a smile.


Hearing Chen Shaofeng’s words, Tianyu was also a little surprised.

Why are you crazy today?

Tian Kuang rushed to provoke him, and he barely accepted it.

After all, Tian Kuang’s cultivation progress has gone a step further, and it can be understood even if it expands a bit.

I just shot him a lesson and let him know the immensity of heaven and earth.

But what is Tianfeng?

In normally, Tian Kuang is the target of bullying, and now I dare to directly say that I will surrender my cultivation room.

This tone is really big.

“Tianfeng, this is where you can come? Get out!”

For Tianfeng, Tianyu doesn’t even have a good face.

In the early years, when Tianfeng’s father was in full swing, Tianfeng really didn’t give him a good face.

At this time of times change, he will not give Tianfeng a good face anymore.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, who was disguised as Tianfeng, would naturally not be regarded by him.

“Yo! The tone is so big! But I just don’t know if your strength is as big as your tone!”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled calmly said.

Looking at Chen Shaofeng’s appearance.

For a while, Tianyu really became suspicious.

What happened today? How come these few people are more frantic than the other!

“It seems that I have been too tolerant of you lately! I have made you no more in awe!”

Tianyu’s face also became cold icily said.

“The heart of awe? Is it worthy of you?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled, he took out the long spear he got from Tianfeng.

Fortunately, he and Tianfeng both use long spear.

If Tianfeng is a cultivator who uses other types of magic weapons, then he is really going to show his feet.

Tianyu looked at Chen Shaofeng as Carefree walked out, and for a while, he felt a little lost in his heart.

Because Chen Shaofeng seems too confident.

This self-confidence seems a bit unimaginable to him.

“hehe, it’s great, even a little guy dare to provoke me!”

Tianyu looked cold.

He held a long sword with a cold light flashing in his hand.

“Maybe eventually you will find that you are actually a little guy.”

Chen Shaofeng casually carried the long spear on his shoulders and said lightly.

Looking at Chen Shaofeng’s attitude, Tianyu was also completely irritated.

It has been too long since no one dared to challenge his majesty.

And today since Chen Shaofeng came to the door by himself.

Then he simply came to kill the chicken to warn the monkey!

Make Tian Kuang the memory of these people!

At the moment, his figure shook and he had disappeared at the gate of the palace.

And saw Tianyu’s figure disappear.

The three of Tian Kuang’s eyes widened too!

They are now very curious whether Chen Shaofeng can defeat Tianyu or vice versa.


With a crisp sound.

The faces of all those present at the scene froze.

Because Chen Shaofeng’s body hardly moved.

The long spear in his hand just moved a little bit, but it happened to block Tianyu from moving towards the direction from which his arm was hacked.


Tianyu brows slightly wrinkle muttered.

In his opinion, Chen Shaofeng was only blocked by good luck for a while.

At this time, his attack was just casual, and he simply didn’t use much strength.

If he is really capable, he will kill Chen Shaofeng with just one blow!

“really strong!”

Too crazy eyes slightly narrowed staring at the field. ,

At this time, he couldn’t see where Tianyu’s figure was.

But he knows that Tianyu has done his best, and the next blow is likely to be the winner.

As for Chen Shaofeng, he was able to catch Tianyu’s blow so casually.

He didn’t have many accidents.

Just ask an expert who can give pointers to even a repairer of his level.

Why would you lose to a Tianyu?

“When are you going to jump up and down?”

At this moment, Chen Shaofeng glanced beside him indifferently.

Tianyu, who originally relied on her body to move fast, was heart startled!

Can he really see where I am! ?

But this is too ridiculous, right?

His stamina is not an ordinary stamina, but a high-level stamina chosen by his father for him.

Don’t say it is a sky wind whose cultivation base is much lower than him, even many practitioners of the same level can’t see where he is.

At the moment, he turned his unbelief in evil and quickly moved behind Chen Shaofeng.

However, just when he was preparing to shoot.

Chen Shaofeng calmly pointed the long spear in his hand to the back.

And followed Chen Shaofeng’s hand and stopped.

For a time, the three Tian Kuang and Tian Yu were stunned.

Because the tip of Chen Shaofeng’s gun has reached the center of Tianyu’s eyebrows.

Even if it is their realm, once the eyebrows are destroyed!

The soul will also be hit by a huge amount!

Because the soul dwells in the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

And Sea of ​​Consciousness is in the brain.

Once there is a problem with the eyebrows, the soul will also be damaged.

At this time, it can be said that as long as Chen Shaofeng’s long spear moves slightly.

There is a hole in Tianyu’s eyebrows.

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