Tyrant War God Chapter 2421

I feel a touch of coldness between my brows.

Tianyu’s heart is also cold.

He absolutely couldn’t think of it.

The original Tianfeng that was bullied every day.

There is such a strength!

But he is not reconciled!

This time came to Heavenly Demon Clan clansman in Youyuan City.

He is a well-deserved leader.

It can be said that as long as he can return safely this time, then the clan will begin to increase the tilt of his resources.

However, at this time he was defeated by Chen Shaofeng so easily!

Seeing that Tianyu was defeated so easily.

Even Chen Shaofeng’s powerful Tian Kuang trio were all surprised.

They believe that Chen Shaofeng will definitely defeat Tianyu.

But they didn’t expect it to be so neat!

“Why? Go on?”

Chen Shaofeng asked calmly.

As if what he was doing was an insignificant little thing.

However, this attitude completely angered Tianyu.

His father is Heavenly Demon Clan and contemporary Elder!

When did he normally suffer such humiliation?

“Tianfeng! You are courting death!”

Tianyu’s angry loudly roared, and then the magic weapon in his hand burst out with a dazzling brilliance.

I feel the power of Tianyu.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

This one can’t afford to lose too, right?

I didn’t humiliate you, nor did I mean to kill you!

Just that you can’t stand it?

However, Tianyu’s powerful blow slashed towards him.

both of his hands dance suddenly!


With a crisp sound.

The magic weapon in Tianyu’s hand was unexpectedly released.

At this time, Tianyu only felt his hands numb.

Even his hands trembled slightly.

really strong!

didn’t expect Tianfeng, the kid to hide such a deep cultivation base!

Tianyu stared at Chen Shaofeng angrily, whispered in disbelief.

“From today, the best cultivation room here belongs to me, do you have any comments?”

Chen Shaofeng asked carefree, carrying the long spear on his shoulders.

The three Tian Kuang, who were awakened by his words, were overjoyed in their hearts, hearing this.

At this time Chen Shaofeng defeated Tianyu, which means that they can also enter the cultivation room cultivated.

With the cultivation room, the entry speed of their cultivation base is bound to be much faster.


Tianyu stared at Chen Shaofeng angrily, but he couldn’t say a word.

After all, he was indeed defeated, and the defeat was a complete mess.

“Okay! Tianfeng! Wait! This time I will let you know what regret shouldn’t be in the clan competition!”

Tianyu puts on a cruel remark, Immediately left the palace gate without looking back.

At this time, Tiansui saw his master all confessed.

Then he is still here waiting to be humiliated?

Immediately, he followed Tianyu and left the palace where the cultivation room was.

“Brother Feng, you are too powerful and too strong!”

Tian Kuang saw the two of Tianyu leave.

I hurriedly came to Chen Shaofeng’s side and joyfully said.

“Cultivation well, I hope your cultivation base can be improved when I see you next time.”

Now that he has come to the cultivation room, he doesn’t need heaven. The three are crazy.

At the moment, he responded casually, and he turned and entered the palace where the cultivation room was located.

After a brief look, he finally found the cultivation room where Tianyu had stayed before.

This cultivation room has the highest rank among all the cultivation rooms here.

The increase in cultivation speed and perception speed is ten times that of the ordinary cultivation room.

Immediately he closed the door of the cultivation room and sat down on the bed.

With the door closed.

He has not placed the Spirit Stone for a while.

The Formation in this room started running on its own.

For a while, an inexplicable sentiment appeared directly in his mind.

“I don’t need Spirit Stone!?”

Chen Shaofeng was a little surprised and whispered.

When he was in Danfeng City, he had to spend Spirit Stone to open the cultivation room.

He didn’t expect that not only is the effect stronger, even the Spirit Stone is not needed.

But after thinking about it, he still understands it in his heart.

After all, this cultivation room is used by a group of clansman from Heavenly Demon Clan.

In terms of Heavenly Demon Clan’s position in the demons clan.

No need to pay for Spirit Stone to enter the cultivation room is really reasonable.

After all, the status of Heavenly Demon Clan is extremely noble.

The Saint Demon Race very few people will come out, and Heavenly Demon Clan is almost the highest level of the demon clan.

It can be said that the demons are actually controlled by Heavenly Demon Clan.

But it’s better not to need Spirit Stone, he really doesn’t have much Spirit Stone now.

If such a cultivation room of this level needs Spirit Stone, it won’t take long for him to come without Spirit Stone.

Since he doesn’t need Spirit Stone at this time, he can borrow it for a while.

After all, this is the most important thing when raising your cultivation base well.

As he closes his eyes, he enters a state of pranayama.

For a time, his perception of the rules has increased countlessly.

If you look at it at this speed.

I am afraid that his cultivation base will reach Immortal Realm Peak in three months.

Even his Insights Realm can reach the Early Stage.

With care in his mind, he also started to cultivation in the cultivation room with peace of mind.

Cultivation has no years.

More than three months passed in a blink of an eye.

At dusk this day.

“Brother Feng! Brother Feng!”

Outside Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation room.

Tian Kuang knocked on the door and called.

Chen Shaofeng, who was immersed in the cultivation, opened his eyes slightly.

“What’s wrong?”

He asked puzzledly.

It stands to reason that if it weren’t for important things, Tian Kuang would definitely not come to him.

I’m afraid something important happened.

“Brother Feng, it is Sir City Lord who wants to summon you.”

Tian Kuang shouted outside.

Too Chen Shaofeng was hearing this for a moment.

City Lord wants to summon himself?

What can this be for? Is his identity exposed?

It should not be, otherwise it would not be Tian Kuang that called himself but Tian Xing himself.

“I see, you go back to the cultivation first.”

Chen Shaofeng casually ordered.

He then slowly withdrew his breath.

With the end of the cultivation.

He felt his own cultivation base.

At this time, his cultivation base has reached Immortal Realm Peak.

And his Insights Realm also reached the Early Stage.

Compared to three months ago.

His strength has increased dramatically!

And this is mainly due to his accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly.

He has been cultivation for so many years.

In fact, the foundation is still very deep, but Naihe does not have a good place for his cultivation.

At this time, the cultivation room is almost tailor-made for him.

Although Insights Realm once enters the environment, I am afraid that it will be ten times more difficult to improve it!

But compared to ordinary practitioners, he is still much faster.

And especially the realm comprehension in the early stage.

With rich experience, he has more advantages than ordinary repairers.

But if he wants to use the cultivation room, it will be as it is now.

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