Tyrant War God Chapter 2422

If one small realm can be upgraded in a few months, it is a little unlikely.

After all, have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly There is also a limit.

As he is at this time, the background has been exhausted, and then he needs to slowly cultivate on his own.

With cares in his mind, he is not wasting time, so he rises immediately.

creak ~

As the door of the cultivation room opens.

He also got up and moved towards outside the palace.

However, to his surprise, he just walked out of the palace and found that Tian Kuang was waiting for him.

“Why are you still here?”

Chen Shaofeng stunned.

“Brother Feng, this time the City Lord didn’t just call you alone. We have to go. Tianni and Tianye have both rushed over now. I’m here waiting for you. Yeah.”

Tian Kuang hehe smiled sincerely.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this is nodded in his heart.

That’s fine, otherwise I’m not familiar with it.

It is indeed a bit inconvenient to say that I can’t wait to find someone to ask.

“Well, let’s go, do you know what happened to the City Lord asking us to go this time?”

With the two of them leaving the palace.

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

“I really don’t know about this. Sir City Lord did not tell us what it was because of this convening, but only told us to gather everyone.”

Sky Crazy shook the head shrugged.

Chen Shaofeng’s majestic eyebrows slightly frowned.

Now he can only hope that it has nothing to do with him.

At the moment, he is not talking, and walks in the direction moved towards City Lord Mansion beside Tian Kuang.

Approximately 5 minutes of effort passed.

The two of them finally came to a magnificent palace in an imposing manner.

Seeing the palace in front of him, even Chen Shaofeng felt a little emotional in his heart.

This palace is almost comparable to the great hall of the Demon Hunter.

And then enter the great hall.

Chen Shaofeng also saw some Heavenly Demon Clan youths who came to Youyuan City together this time.

And those clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan saw Chen Shaofeng enter all of them with deep disdain.

And some others are very hostile to him.

Some of these people do not believe that he defeated Tianyu, while the other part is for Tianyu’s injustice.

Just such a guy who was bullied before, actually defeated Tianyu.

This is really outrageous!

And right above the palace at this time.

A middle-aged man with a majestic face slowly opened his eyes.

“Heaven’s wind is coming.”

Tianxing moved towards Tianfeng slightly smiled.

Tianfeng reported nodded with a smile.

“This time I am in a hurry for you to come here to let you choose the two most powerhouses, and I will also arrange a very important task for him!”

Tianxing looks slightly Said solemnly.

“Pick the two best powerhouses?”

“It seems that this experience has reached the final stage.”

“Yes, just not I know what tasks will be arranged for the final task this time, I hope it won’t be too difficult.”

“Hey! It is difficult or not to have anything to do with you, you are a top five untouched fellow. “

Hearing Tianxing’s words, all the children of Heavenly Demon Clan underneath for a while also got up in a round.

The past experience of Heavenly Demon Clan clansman also had such a link.

They have been here for a year.

If you say that you can’t tell the highs and lows for such a period of time, it’s really a bit of a joke.

At least like Tianyu.

That is recognized as the strongest!

“Compared to you already having an answer in your mind, then you will inform me of the person in your heart through the jade token.”

Tian Xing said in a tranquil voice.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this brows slightly wrinkle.

Send a jade token?

At the time, Tianfeng’s space ring was really there!

But there is more than one jade token, and he doesn’t know which one is Tianxing.

If this thing is wrong, don’t you just show your stuff?

At the moment, just when everyone took out the jade token for transmission.

Only his own eyes were slightly closed and stood silently.

And as everyone told Tianxing their answers.

Tianxing browses slightly wrinkle’s looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

“Tianfeng, why don’t you vote?”

Tianxing asked inexplicably.

“Sir City Lord, I am the strongest here. There are a few people like this. I am not interested in choosing people who are weaker than me, and there are none who are stronger than me, so I choose not to vote.”

Chen Shaofeng said in a tranquil voice.


“It’s so mad and arrogant!”

“Isn’t it, does this look down on us too much?”

“hmph! Didn’t he defeat Tianyu by accident? Is there anything he is proud of?”

I heard Chen Shaofeng’s confident words. ,

All around all around those Heavenly Demon Clan disciples one by one in angrily.

Chen Shaofeng glanced contemptuously at a repairer present.

If he had looked up to these people a year ago.

However, one year later, these practitioners can only look up to themselves now.

What about clansman from Heavenly Demon Clan?

And Tianyu, who was standing on the side at this time, was originally watching the theater with great interest.

But when Chen Shaofeng glanced at him intentionally or unintentionally.

This immediately made him feel very hurt.

After all, three months ago, he was defeated by Chen Shaofeng’s thunder.

Although it has long been forgotten by people at this time, the psychological shadow is still lingering,

“hehe, Interesting.”

Tianxing touched his chin pondered then said.

This kind of thing has never happened in the past. ,

Some people dare to be so arrogant.

Be aware that those who can appear here are Heavenly Demon Clan clansman, and the innate talent is not bad.

Even Tianyu himself, he dare not speak like that.

“hehe, since you said you are the strongest, why not compare with the strongest chosen by everyone.”

slightly hesitated, Tianxing hehe a said with a smile.

He is Tianfeng’s pro Uncle.

However, since Tianfeng’s father died that year.

Even his status was greatly hit.

Otherwise, he would not be arranged to be such a shit City Lord in such a place where birds do not shit.

And Tianyu felt a little depressed when he heard Tianxing’s words.

He still has a shadow in his heart after a big defeat three months ago.

Although he is very dissatisfied! Even he himself felt that Chen Shaofeng responded by luck.

But instinct kept telling him.

He is definitely not Chen Shaofeng’s opponent.

I’m afraid Chen Shaofeng simply didn’t try his best at that time.

If he tries his best, I am afraid he will only have one corpse left at this time!

But at this time, Tianxing actually proposed to let him and Chen Shaofeng compete.

This makes him a little bit if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

If he competes abnormally with Chen Shaofeng.

The result six months ago is basically certain that it is today’s result.

But if he refuses to fight, then he is bound to become a laughing stock.

“It’s the City Lord, I think this proposal is very good.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled indifferently.

He is afraid of being discovered.

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