Tyrant War God Chapter 2425

As night fell, Chen Shaofeng, who was sitting cross-legged, raised his eyebrows and opened his eyes, and took out a jade token from his waist.

Tian Xing is now ready to leave Youyuan City.

And this message is to keep the two of them on standby at any time.

For a while, Chen Shaofeng also looked towards the distance because of the worries of the game.

In today’s battle, I don’t know how many Human Race repairers died in battle!

At this time, you are outside the city of Youyuan.

Tian Xing glanced at his contemptuous moved towards all around.

This is just a newcomer.

He already felt the presence of four or five auras.

Those people are too confident!

He is Heavenly Demon Clan!

The strength is not comparable to that of an ordinary mixed monster.

At the moment, he is feigning ignorance and moved towards the distance.

Here is too close to the city after all!

Those Human Race repairers simply dare not attack him here.

Otherwise, if you can’t get it in a short time, you will suffer a big loss!

And move with him.

Those Human Race repairers also quietly followed up.

5 minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

Tianxing has already left Youyuan City for some distance.

This distance, even to the Immortal Realm cultivation base, it takes a while to get there.

“Why? Don’t do it yet? You can do it before you don’t do the old man?”

Tian Xing’s figure suddenly stopped.

Said easily.

In the dark night, he seemed to be talking to himself.

“Heaven! You are really so confident!”

A voice sounded, and then three figures in midair slowly emerged.

And with the three figures emerged.

all around, one after another, the figure soars into the sky.

Roughly speaking, there are at least twenty or thirty Human Race repairers nearby.

“What a big battle! For me, there are more than 20 Human Race Experts who came to Tianxing. You can really look up to me.”

The expression of Tianxing is also somewhat It became solemn.

Although most of these Human Races in front of him are not worth mentioning. ,

But there are a few of them that make him feel a little threatened.

If it really comes to the end of the day and desperately, it may not really cause him some injuries.

“Hehe, why are you scared?”

A demon hunter hehe said with a smile.

“Afraid!? It depends on you? Also worthy!”

Tian Xing’s face suddenly became cold.

Then his right hand shook.

A long knife was held in his hand.

The imposing manner burst into the sky immediately.

At the same time, he lightly touched the jade token on his waist with his left hand.

Although he is confident that he can solve these Human Race powerhouses on the scene.

But after all, these people are also quite good.

He doesn’t want to take risks.

If you get hurt too badly, it’s not worth it.

Especially faintly, he also felt one or two powerful auras still hidden in the dark.

This also gave him a feeling of refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

If you really try your best, don’t spare any effort.

Then the person who is hiding in secret is about to take action.

“Will you be worthy or not, let’s talk about it when you die!”

A bunch of Human Race repairers took out magic weapons and rushed to the sky.

At the same time in Youyuan City.

Chen Shaofeng sighed helplessly.

Immediately stood up.

He must go!

Otherwise he would expose his identity.

And his goal was to kill Tianxing!

There is such a godsend opportunity at this time, how can you just let it go?

And when he left the city, he also saw Tianyu rushing to the direction of Tianxing.

Looking at the back of Tianyu leaving.

For a while, murderous intention surged in his heart.

Tianyu is a narrow-minded person, but he is good at hiding.

He believes that this person will never let him go.

I’m afraid I must find an opportunity to target myself afterwards.

At this time, if you can kill Tianyu on the way first, it seems pretty good.

But after thinking about it.

He decided to give up this idea.

At least I can’t kill Tianyu on the way first.

If you want to kill, you have to wait until Tianyu and Tianxing can be killed together.

Otherwise, once Tianyu sends the news to Tianxing, it will cause Tianxing to escape desperately.

That would be boring.

At the moment, neither fast nor slow followed him not far from Tianyu and moved towards the direction where Tianxing was.

At this time, the mountain range where Tianxing is located is already mountains bursting and ground splitting.

The violent explosion sounded continuously.

all around one after another dazzling rays of light rampage.

Although it is under the curtain of night, it is like daytime.


Split with the sky.

A Human Race repairer was instantly cut into two stages.

“Song Kun!”

A middle-aged man loudly shouted.

However, the split Human Race repairer has no life.

“I killed you!”

The middle-aged man angrily raised his sword and moved towards Tianxing and slashed away.

“Don’t be impulsive!”

An old man hurriedly shouted.

However, he was a step late after all.

At the same time that the middle-aged man rushed in front of Tianxing.

Tian Xing bought a weak spot with a backhand and swept it away.

The middle-aged man instantly followed in Song Kun’s footsteps.

I saw several demon hunters die one after another.

The hearts of all the people who were present for a while were also completely furious.

The fierce attack poured down.

Even Tianxing’s battle strength is overwhelming for a while.

“Can’t drag anymore! I’m afraid Heavenly Demon Clan clansman of Youyuan City is coming!”

The old man who led the team loudly shouted.

And with his shouting loudly.

The demon hunters who were all around for a while also worked harder.

For a while, the pressure on Tianxing has become even greater.



Under one mistake.

Tian Xing’s back is swept with a bright glow.

Although this blow will not cause him a heavy blow.

But it also made his chest dull for a while, and even gasping was a little painful.


And just now.

A flowing light flashed away, so fast that it is difficult to respond.

Even if it’s a day trip, Mi has a reaction.

However, relying on his great strength, he reluctantly turned his body a little bit.

According to the streamer, it pierced through his lower abdomen.

If it weren’t for his slight movement.

I am afraid that this blow will penetrate his dantian!

and was hit by this blow.

For a time, Tianxing also became serious.

The demon hunter’s fancy to him far exceeds his imagination.

The strength of the person who shot is quite good.

Even he can hardly ignore it.

“Why haven’t you come! I’m afraid something will really happen if you don’t come!”

Tian Xing’s heart was tight. And saw his lower abdomen wounded.

The two demon hunters who were originally hidden in the dark also joined the battle circle.

For a time, the pressure of traveling is even greater.

I’m even a little stretched.

It’s just 5 minutes of effort.

He has been attacked many times.

Even his strength is a bit unbearable.

Whenever he wants to charge ahead.

The two demon hunters will stand in front of him.

And what followed is the group attack of other demon hunters.

“Bold Rat! How dare to plot against me Heavenly Demon Clan!”

At the time when Tianxing was in crisis.

An angry shout from Tianbian Tianyu came.

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