Tyrant War God Chapter 2426

I heard Tianyu’s voice.

Tianxing is also slightly relaxed.

As long as Tianyu can rush into the crowd, the battlefield of these demon hunters can’t restrain themselves.

Then I can kill these Human Race repairers with his powerful strength.

What’s more, there is a stronger Tianfeng.

I want these two people to arrive.

The situation is bound to be reversed.

“Broken! Heavenly Demon Clan reinforcements are here! Quick! Kill him!”

See Tianyu coming.

Twenty or so demon hunters have worked harder.

However, time is too late at this time.

Tianyu rushed into the battlefield of the Demon Hunter like a meteor.

Those demon hunters who were not too strong in battle strength were immediately rushed into chaos.

And those powerhouses whose cultivation base is stronger than Tianyu are about to kill Tianyu.

At this time, Tianxing who had recovered his breath also broke out.


Flashed with a blade glow.

In an instant, three demon hunters died.

At the same time.

Chen Shaofeng also rushed to the scene.

However, he rushed to the scene but browsed tightly knit.

The current situation is really not so good.

Although there are still more than twenty demon hunters.

But it is difficult to balance the whole story.

There are sneak attacks everywhere in Tianyu.

There is Tianxing inside that makes them dare not care.

Since he is here now, he still has to make a move.

Otherwise it would be too fake.

Slightly pondered.

He raised his long spear and moved towards a peak of Immortal Realm. Insights Realm also rushed up to the peak of the human state.

This repairer is one of the two powerhouses assassinated this time.

He only needs to hold this one now.

And what he has to do is to persuade the demon hunter to take people away quickly!

Otherwise, even without him, these twenty people would have to die here.

The two of Tianxing have already messed up their battlefield.

There is no point in continuing.

See Chen Shaofeng’s shot.

Tianxing is full of confidence in his heart!


The demon hunter who led the team was named Ding Xue.

His name is famous even in the Demon Hunting Palace.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng swept away with a shot.

Even Deng Xue is a little sloppy.

With a swing of the long stick in his hand, his body also retreated along the inertia.

Chen Shaofeng also took advantage of the situation to pursue him.

As the two gradually left the battlefield.


Chen Shaofeng said solemnly.

Deng Xue raised his brow and looked at Chen Shaofeng in surprise.

He originally thought that this might be another fierce battle!

And what made him didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng actually gave him such a sentence.

“Are you a demon hunter?”

Deng Xue said with some uncertainty.

“Yes, now you have gone, so hurry up and take someone away, otherwise you will really not be able to leave!”

Chen Shaofeng facial expression grave.

The main reason is that he doesn’t want the demon hunter in front of him to do it.

“hehe…Since you are a demon hunter, then I will just say that Tianxing must die today! This is an order from Master Zuo!”

Deng Xue said with a smile on his face very calmly.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

Sir Zuo?

Is it Zuo Tao?

But why did Zuo Tao play such a hand?

“Do you think that you are Tianxing’s opponent? Now Tianxing and Tianyu have made you unable to cooperate in battle!”

Chen Shaofeng helplessly said.

He thought he had come to inform the news, this Deng Xue should understand the urgency of the matter.

The ghost knew that Deng Xue had come with his orders, and it seemed that he hadn’t planned to leave alive.

“I still have a hole card! Tianxing must die today! I know what you mean, you only need to smash me in the direction of that day. You don’t care about the rest, and you won’t be exposed. Your identity.”

Deng Xue faintly smiled and said.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

He really does not want to reveal his identity.

But these twenty-odd hunters are all veterans.

It’s a shame to die like this!

If they are, maybe they can create greater value in the future.

“Let’s do it! If you don’t do it, you can’t stop it!”

Deng Xue said solemnly.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

After a while, he fiercely gritted his teeth.

The opportunity is fleeting.

Once there is a winner.

That even if Deng Xue has a hole card, I am afraid it is useless.

His figure shook immediately.


With a muffled noise.

Deng Xue coughed up a mouthful of blood and threw it away.

Chen Shaofeng’s lips trembled slightly.

This is really a drama!

How much effort he has used himself, can he not know?

With the strength of Deng’s blood, how could such a big mouthful of blood spurt!

This acting is really online.

“Don’t want to run away!”

I saw Deng Xue throwing away.

Chen Shaofeng loudly shouted after him.

Deng Xue glanced coldly at Tian Xing.


His imposing manner skyrocketed!

Even faintly at this time his breath has surpassed Immortal Realm!

Even Tian Xing and Tian Yu both looked slightly.

“Haotian is a stick!”

With shouting loudly.

The long stick in Deng Xue’s hand burst out with amazing rays of light!


With a burst of sound.


The sound of something hitting the ground immediately followed.

Being all around, the rays of light gradually dissipated.

Deng Xue gasped and looked towards the ground.

At this time, Tianyu frowned and stopped.

His strength is a lot worse than Tianxing.

Once Tianxing is really killed!

Then there is no need for him to stay here.

Otherwise, I am afraid that even he himself will not be able to keep it.


However, when Deng Xue thought that Tianxing would die under this blow.

A ray of light rose from the ground into the sky.

Deng Xue’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“How is it possible!”

However, the light flashed.

He has headed to the ground.

At this time, another powerhouse leading the team was also taken aback.

Deng Xue has Divine Ability very powerful.

I can show my strength ten times in an instant!

Although it is only a moment, it will lose its spirit strength briefly afterwards.

But it is extremely powerful.

Even if Tianxing’s strength is good.

But under the tenfold battle strength of Deng’s blood, it is also mortal.

What made him didn’t expect is that Tian Xing is not dead!

Chen Shaofeng glanced at Tianyu who had retreated several ten zhang.

If Tianyu is close enough to him at this time.

He only needs to kill Tianyu with a sneak attack and then kill Tianxing with the demon hunters present.

But at this time Tianyu was too alert.

If he really rushes towards Tianyu, then his identity can no longer be used.

He was also a little tangled for a while.

And with the violent spiritual wind swelled.

The sky on the ground is also reflected in the eyes of everyone.

I saw Tianxing panting loudly at this time.

And the top of his head is already full of blood.


With a crisp sound.

The jade token on his chest shattered.

That is!

The people present were slightly taken aback.

Everything was stunned.

The jade token is a jade token that can be protected autonomously.

It should be the jade token that blocked most of the attacks for Tianxing at a critical time.

This made him not be killed on the spot!

But this incident completely plunged the demon hunters present into desperation.

The tiger is still dead.

Although Tianxing’s condition looks very bad at this time.

But Tianxing’s strength is real!

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