Tyrant War God Chapter 2428

Wrong! its not right!

Suddenly, Tian Xing’s heart was horrified.

“He! He! He is not Tianfeng!? Yes! How could Tianfeng suddenly change so much! He is definitely not Tianfeng! Damn! Damn!”

Tianxing felt extremely depressed for a while.

His method of suspended animation has saved his life many times!

He thought he should be able to escape this suspended animation, but he absolutely didn’t expect.

Chen Shaofeng’s precise control over his own power makes Chen Shaofeng’s observation of subtleties more acute.

Although his technique of suspended animation is brilliant.

But after all, Chen Shaofeng did not escape the investigation.

At this time, even if he didn’t want to pretend to be dead, it was no longer enough.

His Sea of ​​Consciousness has been thoroughly stirred into a pot of porridge.

His fleshy body is no longer under his control.

At this moment, a Spiritual Consciousness penetrated into his Sea of ​​Consciousness.

“Is it fun to pretend to be dead?”

Chen Shaofeng uses the Spiritual Consciousness sound transmission.

This sound transmission method is also convenient to use at this time.

“Tianfeng! No! You are not Tianfeng! Who the hell are you 1”

Tian Xing roared angrily.

He could have escaped.

Because none of the people present noticed his abnormality.

Of course, except Chen Shaofeng.

“hehe, you don’t need to know who I am, you just need to know that you were active but pretended to be dead, and now you want to move but can’t move, it won’t be long before your fleshy body breaks down , Your soul will also die.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

Originally, he really wasted a lot of hands and feet if he wanted to assassinate Tianxing.

But it’s different at this time.

The nature of lying on the ground pretending to be dead has almost no aura of body protection.

Because once he releases the aura of body protection, even the smallest one will be detected by the practitioners present.

But because he doesn’t have the slightest aura of body protection.

Chen Shaofeng’s fierce aura can rush into his Sea of ​​Consciousness meeting like a sheep entering a tiger’s den.

Although all this is a coincidence, but I have to say that this is reap what you have sown.

If he hadn’t died fraudulently, he might really not die this time.

And Chen Shaofeng didn’t intend to kill him clearly, but at this time it can be said that he himself provided Chen Shaofeng with the best opportunity.

And withdrew with his Spiritual Consciousness.

For a while, he glanced at Tianyu.

At this time, Tianyu continued to resist in the siege of a cultivator.

Suddenly, the jade token on his waist shook slightly.

“Someone is calling? Who will it be?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle Spiritual Consciousness or immediately reached the jade token around his waist.

“Brother Feng! Hold on! We will be here soon!”

The voice of Tian Kuang rang from the jade token.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was slightly taken aback, and then eyes slightly narrowed looked towards Tianyu not far away.

Although Tianyu is somewhat stretched at this time.

But it can be fully supported.

At least until the reinforcements arrive, there is no problem!

What should I do? What should we do now?

Chen Shaofeng eyes slightly narrowed staring at Tianyu. ,

He really wants to kill Tianyu at this time.

But he didn’t have a good solution.

“Boy, do you know that planting and framing murder a person with a borrowed knife? This planting and framing is more than just throwing one’s own pot on someone else’s head.”

Suddenly, The voice of Old Ancestor rang in his mind.

“Old Ancestor, you mean to let me blame these demon hunters? But how do I borrow their swords? Now they are all around me, I am not good at killing people.”

Chen Shaofeng somewhat helplessly said.

“Hehe, boy, you are still too tender, you think you can only borrow a knife? You can still give it away!”

Old Ancestor chuckled and said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

It suddenly dawned in my heart.

“Old Ancestor, you are still cruel!”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled said in his heart.

The meaning of Old Ancestor’s words is very obvious.

This murder a person with a borrowed knife, of course, can borrow the knife all the way.

But if you can’t borrow the knife all the way.

Then just send people to the door by yourself and simply kill.

At this time, he just wanted to find a chance to hit Tianyu.

As long as the remaining demon hunters kill Tianyu, the effect is the same!

He doesn’t necessarily have to let these demon hunters do it, nor does he have to do it himself.

At the moment, his figure shook suddenly.

disappear without a trace instantly.

The demon hunters who had surrounded him were on guard.

bang! Suddenly.

In the battle circle not far away.

Charlotte’s figure suddenly appeared.

The long spear in his hand hit Tianyu’s waist like a stick.

Tianyu fainted without any pain.

“Tianfeng! You dare to shoot at me at this time!”

Tianyu roared angrily.

“hehe, will you let me go if I don’t do it to you?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled casually.

At this time, the demon hunters all around were sluggish.

The big eyes staring at small eyes of the demon hunter who was present for a while turned to look at each other.

What’s the matter?

They were originally two people besieging Heavenly Demon Clan.

As a result, the two people who were at Heavenly Demon Clan fought each other.

However, all those present were nervous repairmen, and they surrounded them again in a moment.

And I heard what Chen Shaofeng said.

Tianyu was angry and anxious for a while.

He had already resisted very hard,

With this, his situation became even more dangerous.

“Tianfeng! Even if I die! You don’t want to survive. If the clan knows that you are fighting against the same clan in battle, you will know the consequences!”

Tianyu Leng Said angrily.

At the same time, he reached out and moved towards his waist and touched it.

However, this touch made his expression completely dull.

Where is there any trace of the jade token on his waist at this time?

Suddenly he remembered the fact that Chen Shaofeng hit him on the waist just now.

“Okay! Tianfeng, you are so scheming! You broke my messaging jade slip first!”

Tianyu was anxious and furious like Thunder Dao.

He originally wanted to pass the news out and let his father avenge him.

It’s fine now!

His father, I am afraid that Chen Shaofeng will be the one who will make the shot anyway.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng has no plans to shoot him anymore.

I am afraid that the cause of his death will be defined as being killed by a demon hunter.

Thinking of this, he felt unwilling and regretful in his heart.

He has nothing to do with his spare time, and he is full, so why go to provoke such a guy who is fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth!

But now he has no chance to think much.

As he was hit hard.

For a time, all around the repairmen moved towards him and came to besiege.

Chen Shaofeng is greatly relaxed.

“Tianfeng! You shameful person who betrayed the race!”

Tianyu is unwilling to be angrily roared.

Chen Shaofeng’s disdainful curl one’s lip.

Betraying the ethnic group? How can your own Human Race betray the race?

The heavily wounded Tianyu simply couldn’t stop the siege of so many people.

In a moment, a long knife slashed into his arm.

Tianyu is no longer able to dodge.

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