Tyrant War God Chapter 2429


A long sword pierced Tianyu’s dantian.

At the same time, several magic weapons were also attacked.

In the blink of an eye, Tianyu was dead and cold.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Tianyu, who had no vitality, secretly nodded in his heart.

It was perfect this time.

The sky is dead! Tianyu is dead!

Next, I can relax myself.

No one troubles himself anymore.

While Chen Shaofeng was standing in midair watching the show.

A silent figure moved towards him behind him rushed over.


It flashed by with a bright glow.


Chen Shaofeng spit out blood.

He turned his head with a weird expression and glanced at his sneak attack demon hunter.

He had discovered the existence of this demon hunter before.

It’s just that he has been unprepared.

Because he must have injuries

Otherwise Tianyu and Tianxing are dead, but there is not even a wound on his body.

If this spreads out, it is inevitable that you will not be suspicious of yourself.

“Still not leaving? At most a few breathing effort, my Heavenly Demon Clan reinforcements are coming, when the time comes, none of you can leave.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled glanced at the demon hunter present and smiled hehe.

Although the two of Tianxing are dead, he does not intend to reveal his identity.

After all, be careful to sail the ship for thousands of years!

“Retreat! No more delay! Heavenly Demon Clan’s reinforcements will be here soon!”

A middle-aged man yelled.

The dozen or so demon hunters present vacated and fled quickly.

Looking at the demon hunters who left.

Chen Shaofeng corner of the mouth slightly raise.

This time is calculated very cleverly.

Tianxing Tianyu both died.

At the moment he fell to the ground and sat cross-legged and threw up.

His injury was in the waist.

Almost pierced the dantian.

But all this is within his precise calculations.

Next, wait for the reinforcements of Heavenly Demon Clan to arrive.

You can attribute the credit to the demon hunters who came to the sneak attack.

And himself.

He is also planning to use this identity to see if he can go a little deeper in Heavenly Demon Clan.

And a group of demon hunters retreated with ease.

It’s just a few breaths.

The end of the sky in the distance.

Dozens of figures have emerged.

Not much effort.

With dozens of figures appearing.

They also noticed Tianyu and Tianxing who were already dead.

“This! What’s going on!”

“It’s over! It’s a big deal! Tianyu! Tianyu is dead!”

“Tianxing The City Lord is also dead! This time the matter has become a big deal! I am afraid that Heavenly Demon Clan is bound to fight Human Race!”

“Tianfeng! What the hell is going on! Who is it? Killed both Tianyu and Tianxing!”

For a while, the following Heavenly Demon Clan clansman lost his voice in disbelief.

The Tian Kuang trio carefully guarded Chen Shaofeng who was sitting cross-legged.

Everyone, even if you want to ask things clearly, at least you have to wait for Brother Feng to suppress his injury a little bit! You don’t have to be anxious for a while!”

Tian Kuang’s face is heavy. Tao.

A City Lord of Youyuan City, a heir of Heavenly Demon Clan Elder.

Two important figures died at once, I am afraid this time Heavenly Demon Clan is about to dig a hole!

And I heard Tian Kuang’s words.

Heavenly Demon Clan clansman who was present for a while also calmed down.

But their eyes are full of solemn killing aura.

Their solemn killing aura is not true to Chen Shaofeng.

It is aimed at the demon hunter.

He Heavenly Demon Clan has always been assassinated occasionally.

But there has never been such a high-ranking person being assassinated!

And this time the behavior of the demon hunter is really beyond the bottom line of Heavenly Demon Clan.

About an hour later.

Chen Shaofeng slowly opened his eyes.

In fact, his injury was just a skin injury.

You can move within one hour.

But in order to prevent the escaped demon hunters from being overtaken.

He also deliberately delayed one hour before waking up.

And saw Chen Shaofeng wake up.

“Tianfeng! What’s going on! What the hell happened?”

A young man from Heavenly Demon Clan came up and asked solemnly.

Besides Tianyu, he has the highest cultivation base.

Of course, this is the case without Chen Shaofeng.

He also came out to talk to Chen Shaofeng at this time.

Otherwise, when will you be tall?

“There were two demon hunters, and suddenly terrifying battle strength erupted! Even the Skywalk City Lord was directly killed without being able to stop it, and Tianyu and I simply is not the opponent of those demon hunters. Under the hard support, Tianyu finally can’t sustain being killed by those demon hunters. If you didn’t come in time, I am afraid that even I will be killed by those demon hunters! “

Chen Shaofeng said pretending to be angry.

The interrogating young man browsed slightly wrinkle moved towards all around.

But when he saw traces of terrifying in the direction of the distant sky.

He basically believed what Chen Shaofeng said.

Even so much effort has passed. ,

The location of Tianxing is still a strong spiritual fluctuation.

The formidable power to come to this blow is quite big.

If you say that even the sky can’t be stopped, it is really possible!

But when his eyes turned to Tianyu, he browsed slightly wrinkle.

Almost all of Tianyu’s body was stabbed!

There is blood and blood everywhere.

“Tianyu…he was still trying his best to kill the enemy until he died!”

Chen Shaofeng saw that the young man’s expression was not right, although he didn’t know that. What is the youth thinking.

But he still shook the head and sighed.

That young man hearing this slightly nodded.

If this were the case, the scars on Tianyu’s body would not be surprising.

But I can understand even thinking about it.

Tianyu himself is an extremely arrogant person.

Even if the opponent is clearly better than himself.

He won’t admit defeat according to right!

If it is really hard to escape, Tianyu will really kill more demon hunters with one blow.

The young questioning youth shook the head helplessly.

He now hopes that this time will not be implicated.

The father of Tianyu is Elder in the clan.

Moreover, it is still the real power Elder, if that person really wants them to be buried.

Then they really want to cry without tears.

“Everyone, please take back the bodies of the Tianxing City Lord and Tianyu Young Master. This matter needs to be reported to the Elder of the clan as soon as possible. The matter is very important at this time. Please don’t make any publicity after you go back. If someone comes to the City Lord, they will say that the City Lord is in retreat. Before the Elder Council sends someone to replace the Tianxing City Lord, don’t let this matter grow out. Do you understand?”

The young man carefully Loudly said solemnly after thinking about it.

“Don’t worry! We all understand.”

A group of Heavenly Demon Clan youths all around nodded in agreement.

An Elder’s heir, a City Lord, was actually killed in a pot.

If this matter spreads out, it will not only be that his Heavenly Demon Clan’s face will be lost cleanly.

Moreover, trouble will cause a certain amount of chaos in the ordinary clansman.

The best way now is to tell the Elder Council what happened here, and wait for the command of the Elder Council!

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