Tyrant War God Chapter 2430

Chen Shaofeng also followed a group of Heavenly Demon Clan clansman back to Youyuan City.

But this is the matter, although he also wants to cultivation in the cultivation room here.

But this task can be handed over.

Especially at this time he still doesn’t know how to count this task.

Under normal circumstances, this task will be recorded by the identity jade token.

When the cultivator kills the bastard, the jade token will be recorded.

But he is different, his jade token is in the space ring.

Simply dare not take it out.

Otherwise, his identity would be exposed at that moment.

This also leads to his identity jade token probably not recorded.

I worked so hard to kill Tian Xing. If it is not done by myself, then I will lose a lot.

“Brother Feng, how is your injury?”

With a group of people leaving. ,

Tian Kuang browses slightly wrinkle.

When they had just rushed away, Charlotte was covered in blood.

It looks like the injury is not light.

He was still a little worried at this time.

“It’s okay, but I’m afraid I’ll have to retreat for a while. If you have something to find me, just send me a message. Don’t bother me casually during this time.”

Charlotte Sighed.

The loneliness on his face at this time is simply possessed by a dramatist.

For a while, even Tian Kuang felt ashamed in my heart!

If you have a higher cultivation base and a stronger strength, you can help yourself this time. How about let Tianxing and Tianyu, two Heavenly Demon Clan, be hunted by demon hunters.

I looked at the lost Chen Shaofeng.

Tian Kuang made up his mind secretly, he must cultivation, and strive to help Brother Shangfeng as soon as possible!

“You two should cultivation, and don’t be greedy for vulgar things.”

Chen Shaofeng turned his head to Tianye and Tianni and confessed, then his body swayed. Disappeared in place.

“Let’s go to the cultivation room! With our current cultivation base, we are not even qualified to be a dog.”

Tian Kuang said solemnly.

The two of Tian Ni rolled their eyes sharply.

You are the dog! Your whole family is!

You have changed too much, too quickly, right?

But at least from the bottom of my heart, the two still agree with Tian Kuang’s words.

The three of them are also galloping away in the direction moved towards cultivation room.

At this time, Charlotte came to a secluded place with no one.

His figure shook, Yun Mozhu turned his appearance into an unremarkable bastard.

At the moment, he checked his outfit again

He then lifted his leg and walked towards the distant city gate.

He didn’t dare to go out like a sky breeze.

Once someone knows it, he will find out if he is not sure.

It’s better to be careful about this kind of thing.

After leaving the city, he once again found a secluded no man’s land, and then removed the disguise of the Cloud Demon Orb.

But even this place is not close to Youyuan City.

But he still dare not care.

After all, this place still belongs to the gang of demons.

Be sure that he will run into a patrol team. When the time comes, he has to waste a lot of hands and feet.

At the moment, his Spiritual Consciousness probed and carefully moved towards Danfeng City and touched it.

After a long while, he finally came to Danfeng City a hundred miles away.

On the whole, the road is quite unpredictable.

Back to Danfeng City, he went directly to the mission.

“Hello Senior, do I need to accept the task or hand it in?”

A young man at the task office said with a slight smile.

“Hand in task.”

Chen Shaofeng lost his identity jade token to the youth.

However, the young man was slightly taken aback when he took the jade token.

“Senior… your task has been completed.”

The youth said very apologetically.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Sure enough.

On that day, I have used the divine ability to make myself look lifeless.

It seems that this task should be attributed to those people.

And the practitioner who besieged Tianxing that day should have returned.

Now he glanced at the old man sitting in a corner hu hu sleeping.

Receiving the jade token from the youth, he turned and moved towards Fengsong and walked away.

Didn’t Zuo Tao say that that day, look for Fengsong if you have anything to do.

Now I have something to do, and this is the task I should have completed.

This is not a debt of favor.


Come to sit down.

Chen Shaofeng gave a dry cough.

When Feng Song heard Chen Shaofeng’s dry cough, his sleepy eyes dimly opened a pair of old eyes.

“Oh, it’s you brat, what? What do you like again?”

Feng Song yawned.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was speechless.

Co-authored yourself as a robber? I’m fancy something again.

“I came back to hand in the task, but this task has been completed by someone else.”

Chen Shaofeng calmly said.

Feng Song was slightly stunned, and his head became clearer.

“I said you brat, do you come back to grab the work after others have completed it?” Feng Song said in amazement.

Chen Shaofeng reluctantly talked about the situation that day.

However, he did not say that he was disguised as Tianfeng.

I just said that I was disguised as a Demon Race.

After all, this thing disguised as Tianfeng is better known only to me.

The ghost knows that he can pretend to be Heavenly Demon Clan’s sky wind, so is there anyone in the gangster who can pretend to be a demon hunter?

Although the weird body shape of the bastard wants to pretend to be sleepy, it is not easy to say.

And heard what Chen Shaofeng said.

Feng Song is browsing tightly frowns.

He had never seen such a thing before.

“Wait a minute, let me ask Master Zuo.”

After a while, he helpedlessly said.

He then took out a piece of jade token.

After a while, he opened his eyes in surprise and looked at Chen Shaofeng.

“Master Zuo said, even if you have completed the task this time, this jade token will be given to you. There is no logo on this jade token. Even if you are mixing Demon Race, you can stay on. “

Feng Song casually threw a jade token to Chen Shaofeng.

Chen Shaofeng complexion stiffened.

I gave myself a jade token without any logo.

What does this mean?

Has Zuo Tao guessed that he has to go back and pretend to be lurking?

But how did Zuo Tao guess it? Did he not know the prophet?

Chen Shaofeng brows tightly frowns, but no matter how much he thinks, he still can’t figure out the key.

“Stupid! It’s so stupid!”

Old Ancestor’s voice suddenly said.

“Old Ancestor, where am I stupid?”

Chen Shaofeng smiled helplessly.

He thinks that he has said and done everything in place.

There is absolutely no loophole in it, how could it be seen by Zuo Tao?

“Hey…boy, if I have guessed it, you don’t want to think that Tianxing and Tianyu are who? Why do they set up ambush to bring you? You think you don’t say, Can’t guess it with Zuo Tao’s scheming? I’m afraid you brat can’t help even the old fogey in front of you…”

Old Ancestor said with emotion hate iron for not becoming steel.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

After being prompted by Old Ancestor, he instantly figured out the key points.

He couldn’t help but sigh for a while.

Jiang huan his horse is old and spicy!

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