Tyrant War God Chapter 2435

“Me? Hey…I have been in retreat for more than two months, and the day lilies were cold when I got out of the customs and learned the news.”

Tian Kuang helpless said with a bitter smile.

It’s really not that he doesn’t want to go, it’s that he left the customs too late.

After more than two months, the treasures that can be obtained have basically been obtained.

Although his cultivation base is not low, it is not very high either.

Those dangerous areas, even he dare not enter them at will.

so that’s how it is.

Chen Shaofeng is clearly nodded.

But even so, he still wants to take a look at the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

After all, he has heard of his name for a long time and has never seen him before.

“Not equal to me, let’s go and see?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled said.

Yeah! ?

Tian Kuang three people hearing this for a moment.

In the past, Chen Shaofeng was a cultivation madman.

Why changed sex today instead.

I asked to go out and have a look.

“My cultivation base has reached a bottleneck. I want a breakthrough for a short time. I need an opportunity. Instead of simmering in the cultivation room, I might as well go out for a walk, maybe I can break through earlier.”

Seeing the shocked eyes of the three, Chen Shaofeng also guessed what they were thinking.

Now smiled and groaned.

I heard Chen Shaofeng say that he has reached a bottleneck.

The three of them were also a little surprised.

They also know a little bit about Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base.

Isn’t this breakthrough more advanced! ?

The three of them looked towards Chen Shaofeng in awe.

“Let’s go wherever Brother Feng said!”

Tian Kuang Haha said with a smile.

This thigh must be hugged.

This is the only idea Tian Kuang has at this time.

At this time, Tianye and Tianni had the same idea.

“hehe, then just leave, go early, maybe you can get some cheaper.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

But he didn’t have much thoughts about picking up cheap things.

The main reason is that he wants to see what this forbidden land of reincarnation looks like.

Leaded by Chen Shaofeng.

Tian Kuang several people are naturally very willing.

At this time, the forbidden area of ​​reincarnation is already very chaotic.

Human Race and the powerhouse that mixed Demon Race are all gone.

With the thighs of Chen Shaofeng, their safety can also be improved a lot.

At the moment, the four of them left Youyuan City directly.

Along the way, even if three months have passed!

There are still a lot of Demon Race clansman rushing to the forbidden area of ​​Samsara.

After all, not everyone didn’t retreat at that time.

At this time, the practitioners who have just left the customs still want to go over and see if they can have a soup.

Recently, things about the forbidden area of ​​reincarnation have become more and more outrageous.

There are even Immortal Realm repairers who have obtained a Heavenly Grade magic weapon, instantly possessing tens of millions of Spirit Stones, and now there is a rumor that they have gone to the cultivation room to practice asceticism.

And the cultivators who can rush to the Forbidden Land of Samsara at this time are still good.

After all, when I go to the cemetery at this time, the cemetery is just killing people.

At this time, the treasure hunt was almost out of play, and I came too late.

Little half a month, time turns around and passes away.

When they arrived at the forbidden area of ​​reincarnation, many practitioners were already ready to go back.

But Chen Shaofeng’s purpose is not to hunt for treasures, so I don’t mind.

And as it approaches the forbidden place of reincarnation.

He was also surprised by the shocking scene of the Forbidden Land of Reincarnation.

At this time, they are still several tens of thousands of li far away from the forbidden area of ​​reincarnation!

And the far end of the sky.

A fiery-red light curtain rising into the sky is already very shocking.

Even Chen Shaofeng feels that if he gets under the light curtain, I am afraid that he will be as small as a grain of sand in the sea?

And follow the approach.

There are more and more practitioners all around.

Moreover, there are both Demon Race and Human Race among these cultivators.

But on the whole, it is barely a matter of peace.

But not always.

Occasionally, there will be violent explosions all around all around.

Although a few of them did not see the fight, but the fight must exist.

Along the way, since they entered from the periphery, no one took action against them.

After all, it is profitable to kill and overtake.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng and the others entered this place from the periphery.

What treasure can there be?

And most importantly, Chen Shaofeng are all Heavenly Demon Clan!

It’s very chaotic here at this time.

Human Race repairer can deal with an ordinary gangster.

If you dare to take a shot against Heavenly Demon Clan, I am afraid that turning around will become a peerless battle between the two races.

However, they are cautiously entering the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

Suddenly all around, many practitioners quickly moved towards a distant direction and galloped away.

There are even some cultivators who were still fighting for a while and rushed in a direction moved towards the distance.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle moved towards far away.

However, he saw nothing but a high mountain.

“Brother Feng, do we want to check it out? I guess there is some treasure born there.”

Tian Kuang asked from the side.

“Naturally, I have to go and have a look. If we can get a few treasures, we can be considered worthy of this trip.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

Tian Kuang three people hearing this also hehe smiled and turned his head moved towards that direction and flew out.

This time is not too long, but it is one hour of effort.

The four of them arrived in front of a huge stretch of thousands of mountains.

At this time, the two groups of cultivators in front of the mountain have already gathered, I don’t know how many!

And on the mountain top in the distance.

There was a faint crack in the space.

Inside it is faintly able to see some flowers, trees and other things.

And most importantly, it seems that some jade stone pillars can be seen vaguely.

As practitioners, they naturally understand the meaning of this.

Behind this crack is a Cave Mansion!

And it is probably Cave Mansion that still has treasures.

And this Cave Mansion is probably due to the previous vibration caused by the Formation has some damage.

This makes the Cave Mansion portal leaked.

However, even such a cracked portal is not easily broken by ordinary people.

So the practitioners of the two races present can only wait patiently.

And the most important thing is that the practitioners of the two races are unwilling to make a move.

At this time, the practitioners of the two races have gathered here too much.

Moreover, the cultivators of the two races are entirely different.

Although they hate each other and are hostile to each other, everyone minds their own business.

After all, everyone is here for treasure hunting, not for revenge.

And this also created an embarrassing situation.

Although the cave mansion portal has been leaked, it can be forcibly broken.

But everyone did not do anything, one by one was more patient.

After all, neither the Human Race nor the demons dare to take the lead at this time.

Once whoever does it first, when the portal is broken, they will inevitably be taken by others.

When the time comes, if the follower is weak, once he is attacked by a sneak attack, I am afraid that there will be countless deaths and injuries.

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