Tyrant War God Chapter 2437


Suddenly, in the violent explosion, a clear sound rang.

All the people present at the scene all mentioned it in their hearts.


The crack on the portal is getting bigger and bigger.

Next second!


With a crackling sound.

At the Secret Realm portal, the barrier is still broken.


As the portal opens!

I don’t know who shouted.

Immediately afterwards, the imposing manner of the two clans rose into the sky.

hong long long ~

A terrifying explosion sounded from the two families.

Just by strikes with all strength this time, I don’t know how many people died!

But this is a good thing for the living practitioners.

After one blow, everyone was busy picking up the treasures of those bad luck eggs.

Immediately afterwards, one after another figure has been shot into the portal.

This portal is several hundred zhang high and more than one hundred zhang wide.

Although there are so many cultivators present!

But it doesn’t seem crowded.

“Brother Feng! Let’s hurry in too!”

Tian Kuang rubbed his hands in excitement.

“Don’t worry! Let’s wait and see.”

Chen Shaofeng’s eyes slightly closed calmly said.

Tian Kuang is hearing this for a moment.

This portal is all open, why don’t you enter?

I can’t even drink the soup if I don’t go in.

Tianye and Tianni were also puzzled and looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

“There are not only treasures, but also dangers. It may not be a good thing to enter early at this time. It is really impossible to use our strength, even murdering to seize the treasures, will not pass empty-handed. “

Chen Shaofeng said lightly.

What he cares about at this time is not whether he can get treasure.

When the door opened.

He suddenly felt a little familiar.

After careful thinking, he suddenly thought of his own experience in the Magic Palace.

The courtyard layout in that wonderful space.

It seems to be extraordinarily similar to the Secret Realm in front of me.

And the nine-day monument in his space ring seems to be slightly restless.

This made him understand that the space in front of him is by no means that simple. At this time, it is better to be careful when entering.

The three Tian Kuang looked at each other.

Normally they encountered this kind of Secret Realm, and they all wanted to be the first to go in.

After all, going first has the advantage of going first.

For example, there are some treasures that are unprotected and missed.

If you go first, you must be able to take advantage of it.

But now that Chen Shaofeng has said so, they are not in a hurry.

Simply quieted down beside Chen Shaofeng. ,

As time goes by, just a quarter of an hour.

Before this wide open door, there is no cultivator.

Only in the distance, there are cultivators coming one after another.

“Brother Feng, won’t you go in yet? I’m afraid the day lily will be cold if you don’t go in?”

Tian Kuang asked again, unable to hold back.

“hehe, let’s go.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled lightly.

Looking at Chen Shaofeng’s serene appearance, the three Tian Kuang also admired them in their hearts.

In the face of such a Secret Realm, it’s really amazing to be so arrogant and neither fast nor slow!

At present, the four people also directly entered Secret Realm.

And a few people entered Secret Realm.

I first saw a huge stone tablet.

“The Seventh God Palace”

Charlotte browses slightly wrinkle and glances at the stone tablet in surprise.

Is there a sixth? fifth?

“Brother Feng! Look there! Heavenly Spirit Grass! Yin and Yang Xuangen!” Tian Kuang excitedly pointed to the flowers in the flower garden and shouted.

When the voice fell, he stepped forward to collect those spiritual essences.


Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle shouted.

The three of Tian Kuang had a meal and looked towards Chen Shaofeng with puzzlement.

“Don’t you see the corpses all over the floor? Do you think the people who came in front are all fools? Can’t see these spirits?”

Chen Shaofeng explained helplessly .

After hearing these words, the Tian Kuang three hurriedly looked towards the ground.

Sure enough.

There are countless corpses on the ground at this time.

Why do these corpses appear here? How could no one know these spirits?

The conclusion is naturally that everyone tried, but failed to get it. Instead, many people died.

After thinking about this, the Tian Kuang trio couldn’t help but feel a bit cold in their backs.

In the past, when they entered Secret Realm, they always grabbed it. If they can be second, they are definitely not third.

The situation is different today.

They came in too late, at this time there is no one in here.

They really didn’t pay attention to the countless corpses on the ground.

“Hehe, Brother Feng really is brilliant!”

Tian Kuang chuckled and said.

Chen Shaofeng silently rolled the eyes.

This Tie Hanhan, is this also called brilliant?

Anyone who has a little brain and eyes so that he can see the problem, right?

This Tiehanhan is purely seeing treasure and only treasure is left in his heart.

As long as he can think calmly, how could he not see the trickiness in it.

“Let’s go, but don’t worry.”

Chen Shaofeng casually ordered, and first moved towards the depths.

This is a huge garden, and on both sides of the garden, there are a few houses.

And in the distance is a huge palace.

Behind the palace, there is a circle of clusters of palaces higher than the previous circle.

This structure is similar to the space that his consciousness entered at the beginning.

Although he doesn’t know what the connection is.

But he cannot feel that there must be a deep relationship between the two.

“Brother Feng, there is a house in front of me. Let’s go in and take a look?”

It’s not a lot of effort. A few people came to the first house.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the door that was already wide open.

“You go in, I won’t go, anyway, it’s empty.”

Chen Shaofeng didn’t care.

Tian Kuang three people hearing this unwillingly enter the house.

However, some investigation came down.

I didn’t even pick up a grass leaf.

Just rubbing up the ashes on the ground.

Out of the room embarrassingly, the three of Tian Kuang smiled.

This is a bit embarrassing.

They are also clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan anyway, making them seem like a poor 13.

“Let’s go, the inside is the good thing. Don’t worry about the outside.”

Chen Shaofeng saw that the three of them no longer had the impulse they had just started.

Now he said with a smile.

As long as these three people can calm down.

I was afraid that the heads of these three people would get hot, and they would go up and grab the treasure when they saw the treasure. That would be troublesome.

When the time comes, it is a problem whether he makes a move or not.

With the calmness of this time.

The Tian Kuang three people are not running around with Chen Shaofeng anymore.

As the four quickly rushed towards the inner area.

There are more and more cultivators along the way.

There are even many cultivators who have already begun a desperate battle.

Some houses are supported by Formation.

Although I don’t know how many years have passed, those Formations have long been rotten.

But there is still a lot of effect.

Those who are proficient in Formation are there busy breaking the boundaries of Formation.

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