Tyrant War God Chapter 2438

“Brother Feng, didn’t you say to let them go first? Why are we going to overtake them now?”

Tian Kuang following Chen Shaofeng Puzzled.

“We are going to follow the first batch! But it’s not them who fight for something worthless, follow them, we can’t even pick up a fart, we just have to follow Behind the first batch of cultivators, there is danger that they carry them, and we will just be there when they are almost broken.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

There is another key issue.

This time, there have been a lot of Deity Realm recently! Void God Realm is more.

Faced with this level, even he didn’t have much confidence.

Especially the repairer of Deity Realm, he might even have problems running away.

He doesn’t want to walk with those Deity Realm unless necessary.

powerhouse is respected, in case the Deity Realm is short of people, let them find the way, but it will be troublesome.

Although Heavenly Demon Clan’s status is very high, but this time it is not from the Demon Race clan, but also the demon hunter.

“haha, so that’s how it is, Brother Feng, you are so cloudy!”

Tian Kuang haha ​​said with a smile on his face.

At this time, he felt that he had chosen the right thigh for holding Chen Shaofeng.

Go straight to the most important treasure, and with a clear mind, there is no surprises and dangers along the way, and I am not behind at all.

It was really the first time he played this way of adventure.

The two Tianye are also nodded, and they agree with Tian Kuang’s words.

This scheming is deep and overcast.

the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

And as it continues to deepen.

Chen Shaofeng suddenly found a problem.

There are obvious signs of fighting in the garden here!

But the weird thing is that there is no bone in this garden!

It’s just that you can often see the body of the practitioner who came in this time.

Isn’t the trace of the fight here in the same period as the one seen in the space of my consciousness?

But instinctively, he believes that the two should be in the same period

Because all around is faintly, there is still a familiar breath.

It was the that aura he had sensed at the gate of the palace on the last floor.

But to put it this way, this is a wicked one!

Where are the bones that should exist here?

In the original space, although there is no bones of a Human Race repairer.

But there are alien bones everywhere.

But there are no bones here.

Are the current practitioners so exaggerated? Even the bones of dead people who don’t know how many tens of thousands of years ago have to be collected?

And as it gets deeper and deeper.

The question in his heart is getting deeper and deeper.

“Brother Feng, look at the traces of all around! This doesn’t seem to be caused by the fighting of the previous cultivators?”

Tian Kuang brows slightly wrinkle and looked at all puzzledly Those traces around the surrounding road.

The two people of Tianye also browse slightly wrinkle with puzzled faces.

“Of course not! You can tell by sensing the breath on those traces. It is a vicissitudes of life a long time ago, even if you only use Spiritual Consciousness to sense it, you can age. This breath is empty. I am afraid it has existed for tens of thousands of years!”

Chen Shaofeng said solemnly.

And I heard Chen Shaofeng’s words.

Tian Kuang and the three people came out of Spiritual Consciousness in surprise and looked carefully.

As Chen Shaofeng said.

The breath on those battle traces is really unimaginable.

What’s more terrifying is that such a vicissitudes of life can still barely feel a trace of it so far.

What a terrifying power this must be!

Tian Kuang three people looked at each other in horror.

But then they became even more excited.

What kind of treasure must exist in such a place!


Suddenly Chen Shaofeng’s figure stopped.

He looked towards a small wood house not far away.

Pressing in the small wood house suddenly gave him a familiar feeling.

It’s like… the nine-day monument!

Could it be that there is actually a fragment of a nine-day monument here?

Chen Shaofeng’s heart is whispered.

However, at this time, there were more than a dozen demon hunters in front of the small wood house.

After all, he is now pretending to be Heavenly Demon Clan, so the swaggering past may be attacked by groups!

At this time, some consensus has been formed among Secret Realm.

Formed a lot of groups.

For example, Heavenly Demon Clan, whose groups of more than a dozen people don’t usually have enough numbers, simply dare not pass.

And even Chen Shaofeng himself is not willing to face so many people easily.

Two or three of those people have a similar cultivation base.

Although he can crush the battle strength, he can’t stand the crowd.

And most importantly, he didn’t want to kill the Demon Hunter.

“Brother Feng, what’s the matter? There are treasures there? Or we will kill those demon hunters.”

Tian Kuang looked down at Chen Shaofeng and stared at him. Little Wood House asked puzzledly.

“Don’t worry, just wait a moment.”

Chen Shaofeng said in a tranquil voice,.

Take the Formation of the small wood house to see that you are about to break the boundaries.

But not everyone knows the fragments of the nine-day monument.

Even those Human Races may not be unrecognizable even if they enter.

When the time comes, he only needs to take the pieces of the Jiutian Tablet.

There is no need to play against the Demon Hunter completely.

Tian Kuang scratched his head anxiously.

Along the way, he has seen a lot of repairers and gained a lot of treasures.

There are many treasures of Heavenly Grade among them.

But Chen Shaofeng simply kept walking along the way, so he was too embarrassed to speak up.

After all, he is now following Chen Shaofeng, Chen Shaofeng did not speak, and he was too embarrassed to leave the team.

5 minutes of time passed in a blink of an eye.


The Formation on the little wood house made a crisp sound.


At this time!

A demon hunter who went to Immortal Realm Peak inserted a long knife in his hand into another dantian who went to Immortal Realm Peak.

“You! You! You actually shot at me!?”

The stabbed cultivator said in disbelief.

“hehe! We cooperated because of interest, don’t you want me to help you get treasure?”

The repairman with the knife laughed disdainfully.

“Everyone! Since Xu Wei dared to kill the old wolf, he might not kill me. Since it is a cooperation, please kill him with me!”

Another said that the cultivator complexion is gloomy from Immortal Realm Peak.

However, no one responded to his words.

Xu Wei is a repairer to Immortal Realm Peak.

Although they have a lot of people, their battle strength is actually like that.

If Xu Wei really wants to kill them and target them.

They are probably the question whether ten of them can survive five of them.

So they are unwilling to make a move with a fluke.

“Tang Ping, do you think they would listen to you? hmph! Kill him!”

Xu Wei smiled slightly, and his face suddenly turned cold gloomily said.

Tang Ping complexion changed

A strong wind behind him has moved towards him and stabbed him.

In a flash, his body shook slightly.

“You guys! Are you willing to follow him!?”

Tang Ping looked at the ice-cold saying of several cultivators in disbelief.

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