Tyrant War God Chapter 2439

“hehe, Big Brother Tang, I’m sorry, Xu big brother is powerful, we can have a better future by following him.”

A repairer hehe a said with a smile.

Tang Ping glanced disdainfully at the talking repairman.

Strong strength?

hmph! I’m afraid it’s not tyrannical, but vicious and merciless!

Although most people stood by Xu Wei’s side,

But there were still three or five people standing next to Tang Ping.

They understand very well that Xu Wei of vicious and merciless and others like them have no use value, and I am afraid they will throw it away.

They are very transparent in their hearts, and simply don’t want to be with Xu Wei.

“Brother Tang, we were originally a group. Didn’t expect you to give birth to two hearts. This really disappointed me.”

Xu Weihehe smiled calmly Tao.


When Tang Ping heard Xu Wei’s words, his face turned black instantly.

I gave birth to two hearts?

Who killed the old wolf just now!

But he understood Xu Wei’s meaning in an instant.

Xu Wei’s meaning is obviously that he betrayed the group. Naturally, the treasure in this small wood house cannot be assigned to him.

But they went all the way, in order to keep this small wood house, they also used a lot of effort.

Is it really impossible to give in at this time?

Tang Ping was dissatisfied.

“Big Brother Tang! Fight with them! Since they are so decisive, then fight him either the fish dies or the net splits. We can’t get it, and they won’t even want to get it!”


A youngster next to Tang Ping said indignantly.

Some of them even died in order to keep this little wood house.

And they also came up with a lot of hole cards!

At this time, Xu Wei and his group wanted to swallow it all! ,

He even killed the old wolf, which is too vicious!

Tang Ping browses slightly wrinkle.

His cultivation base is comparable to Xu Wei.

But the strength is slightly inferior to Xu Wei.

The number of people hurting him is even smaller.

It’s not difficult to spell either the fish dies or the net splits, but are they going to spell either the fish dies or the net splits?

And Xu Wei also glanced at the talking young man with a cold expression.

He had expected Tang Ping to not dare to take action. After all, Tang Ping was at an absolute disadvantage no matter what.

However, at this time someone was fanning the flames, and he was really afraid that Tang Ping’s head would get hot, so he would go shopping directly with him.

“Brother Feng! Look at these Human Races, it’s too boring! If anyone dares to grab me, I will kill him directly, so what is it!”

Tian Kuang’s contemptuous curl one’s lip said.

Chen Shaofeng is also very helpless, because he is a Human Race repairer.

But the scene before me is really unbearable.

Don’t talk about killing teammates behind, but continue to swallow them alone.

This character is really nothing to say.

But this is Cultivation World. Any cooperation is nonsense, as long as you can get treasure.

As long as you can swallow treasure alone, that is the best result.

“Let’s go, since they don’t take it, let’s take it for them.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

Tian Kuang is hearing this with a big mouth.

He has been waiting for Chen Shaofeng to speak.

If Chen Shaofeng hadn’t stopped him, he would have killed the demon hunters a long time ago.

At this time, I saw Chen Shaofeng stepping forward, and for a while, the three people followed along.

Yeah! ?

I feel the presence of four tyrannical auras.

Xu Wei and Tang Ping are both browse slightly wrinkle looked towards 来人.

Xu Wei narrowed his eyes.

He didn’t expect some Heavenly Demon Clan popped out at this time!

Heavenly Demon Clan’s battle strength is very strong. Although the cultivation base of Heavenly Demon Clan is not as good as him, they can even match him with the least strength.

There is definitely no benefit to recklessly fighting positively.

He squinted at Tang Ping for a moment.

“Tang Ping, the two of us repelled these Heavenly Demon Clan, and how can we allocate this treasure?”

Xu Wei calmly said.

He is now unwilling to give up the treasure that is about to get in hand.

But Chen Shaofeng came here, which means that he is out of play.

He is simply courting death alone.

Especially Chen Shaofeng standing in front.

He faintly felt a little heart palpitations.

“Big Brother Tang! He just wants to use us to repel the Heavenly Demon Clan, if we consume too much in the battle, then it will be really powerless!”

Seeing Tang Ping frown, a cultivator next to him hurriedly opened the mouth and said.

But what he said is also true.

Xu Wei has already killed the old wolf by a sneak attack.

Does this kind of person still have a bit of credibility?

The ghost knows that Xu Wei will take the opportunity to consume a few of them greatly, and in the end, they will come together to kill others.

“Several Fellow Daoist of Heavenly Demon Clan, I don’t plan to ask for the treasure in this small wood house anymore. Please, please.”

After a moment of hesitation, Tang Ping flashed away. Get out of the way.

Although he still doesn’t give up the treasure in this wood house.

But this is not the time to let go.

Xu Wei’s promise is simply not to be believed.

He is unwilling to give Xu Wei his life and let him pit him.

If a sword is thrown on his back during the battle, he doesn’t know how he died.

The lesson of the old wolf is still there, he can’t jump in anymore, right?

Didn’t that become the second fool?

“You! Tang Ping! We have worked so hard to finally break through this Formation. Are you going to betray our group?”

Xu Wei shouted that the complexion is gloomy.

Tang Ping can put it down.

Because Tang Ping was already out of play.

He has taken absolute initiative here.

However, Chen Shaofeng’s initiative was meaningless at this time.

Now Tang Ping refuses to help him, but the most ducky is about to fly.

He couldn’t bear it.

“hmph! Didn’t he betray your group just now? Why is he still betraying now?”

Charlotte smiled calmly said.

For Xu Wei and such a shameless villain, even he can’t stand it anymore.

“hmph! This is a matter between my demon hunters, it has nothing to do with you!”

Xu Wei said that the complexion is gloomy.

“Impudent! Dare to talk to Brother Feng like this, I think you are courting death!”

Tian Kuang saw Xu Wei dare to directly attack Chen Shaofeng, even if it happened.

A long knife in his hand flashed out.

Then he burst out in an imposing manner.

Xu Wei complexion greatly changed!

At this time, he realized that the few in front of him are not soft persimmons that he can handle!

These are the clansman of four Heavenly Demon Clan! I am afraid that the strength is definitely not below him!

“Damn it!”

Xu Wei cursed coldly, then took out his magic weapon and greeted him.

Tang Ping glanced at Chen Shaofeng in surprise.

Vaguely, he always feels that the youngster of Heavenly Demon Clan seems to be helping himself, which is very evil.

Are the people of Heavenly Demon Clan now all good people?

Although he acknowledged the strength of Chen Shaofeng, this does not mean that he is submissive in his heart.

“Why? You also want to find someone to practice your hands?”

Chen Shaofeng glanced at the group of practitioners who followed Xu Wei and said calmly.

The few who followed Xu Wei are naturally not good birds.

At the moment, he also reprimanded unceremoniously.

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