Tyrant War God Chapter 2440

“This…hehe, Senior from Heavenly Demon Clan, you are busy, we have to go ahead if we have anything else.”

Just a little thought.

The group of repairers who followed Xu Wei, hehe, smiled and then carefully brushed against a few people and hurriedly left.

At this time, Xu Wei, who was fighting against Tian Kuang, hated it to the extreme!

He was completely finished at this moment.

As soon as he played against Tian Kuang, he knew that he was not Tian Kuang’s opponent.

As Heavenly Demon Clan, Tian Kuang is inherently stronger than ordinary Demon Race.

In addition, the cultivation base of the two is actually the same, Xu Wei is simply not Tian Kuang’s opponent.

At this time, it’s okay to reluctantly parry. As for counterattack or even counterattack, that’s a dream!

Is it useful even if he can kill the madman?

There are also three Heavenly Demon Clan over there! Can you let yourself run?

“Heavenly Demon Clan’s Fellow Daoist, then I will leave after a few people.”

Tang Ping glanced at Xu Wei, who was caught in a bitter fight, cup one fist in the other hand Then he left.

There is indeed a feud between Demon Race and Human Race.

But you won’t be so jealous that you can’t tolerate the other party.

So in such Secret Realm, everyone is relatively restrained.

As long as it is not absolutely certain, it is generally not easy to do it.

And even if you are sure, you may not really do it.

Because who can know if the opponent has a hole card?

Sometimes after a big battle, the gains outweigh the losses.

“Tang Ping! As long as you help me repel them now, how about the two of us sharing the treasure!?”

Seeing Tang Ping leaving, Xu Wei was really panicked .

At this time, Tian Kuang has killed him!

He simply can’t get out. If this continues, it will probably not be long before his life is gone.

“Hehe, I can’t bear it, this treasure will be given to you.”

Tang Ping, who has made up his mind in his heart, said with a smile without turning back.

Xu Wei watched Tang Ping leave without looking back, and his heart was cold.

Didn’t expect the treasure, which was originally very easy, has turned into death!

“Brother Feng, do you want to kill them all?”

The Tianye watching the sky was fierce, and his heart was agitated, and he asked quietly.

For several demon hunters, he simply didn’t take seriously.

“Forget it, let’s see what treasures are inside.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled immediately entered the small wood house.

As he entered the small wood house, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Although this small wood house looks very unremarkable from the outside.

But within it is Baoguangcancan.

Especially the one on the side.

There are more than ten bottles of various medicine pills.

To get a rough feel, the medicine pill should be Heavenly Grade low grade, and there are even one or two bottles of Heaven Middle Grade medicine pill.

“Wow! Be rich!”

Tian Ni excitedly stepped forward and picked up the medicine pill and looked at it.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng was Spiritual Consciousness probing in the room.

However, after a long while, he was surprised to find out.

The fragments of the Jiutian Monument were thrown in the corner like a piece of garbage.

In Tianye and Tianni, both of them elated to put away treasures.

He also quietly put the pieces into the space ring.

“Huh? Does this wooden bed seem extraordinary?”

Tianye looked at an unremarkable small bed in the room unexpectedly, and then he grinned.

“Take it, don’t let it go for nothing.”

Now he put the wooden bed away with a wave of his hand.

Chen Shaofeng rolled the eyes helplessly.

Now he finally understands a truth!

Why was the room empty in the area that his consciousness entered that day? You can’t even find a scrap of paper.

That’s how the co-author was half-empty! Not even letting go of a wooden bed!

But I can accept and understand even thinking about it.

A bed that has been placed for countless thousands of years without any decay! Can this be an ordinary bed a?

Now he is helpless shook the head.

At this time, this room is fine, with Duobaoge, two stools and a table, it is considered empty…

When he turned around, he was surprised to find that the room was I really couldn’t even find a piece of paper.

I can’t clean it so cleanly, I almost rubbed up all the meetings on the floor and took them away.

“Hehe! Brother Feng, we made a small fortune this time.”

Tianye laughed Xizi zi.

He said this because we made a fortune.

It’s not that he made a fortune, but he still has some conscience.

Of course, this is mainly because they were impressed by Chen Shaofeng’s strength and innate talent.

If they are ordinary people, they won’t have the slightest politeness, and they will be their own.

And as they left the small wood house.

The battle between Tian Kuang and Xu Wei outside has already entered a fever pitch.

“God crazy, hurry up, we have to go on the road. This time we made a small fortune and hurry up to find treasure.”

Tianye haha ​​said with a smile.

I heard what Tianye said.

That in Xu Wei’s heart is called aggrieved, and even he feels his chest feels tight at this time.

This should have belonged to him!

As a result, they are all cheaper now!

I knew I would not kill the old wolf a long time ago, so I can at least get some treasures.

“haha, don’t play, let’s kill him, let’s share my baby!”

Tian Kuang heard that he had made a small fortune, and now haha ​​said with a smile .

Following his voice.

His imposing manner is soaring again.

Xu Wei complexion greatly changed.

This is no longer the range he can bear.


For a time Xu Wei turned around and was about to flee.


A blade glow slashed past.

Xu Wei’s fleshy body was instantly split into two and fell to the ground.

Tian Kuang put away the long knife in his hand and shook his body and came to the three of them.

“What good baby did you find?”

Hehe said with a mad laugh.

Tianye slightly smiled looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

He is waiting for Chen Shaofeng to do the distribution.

But Chen Shaofeng is not very interested in these things, just split it equally.

Then he raised his head at Tianye and signaled Tianye to say it was all right.

At the moment, Tianye laughed selling Guanzi and talked about the harvest.

But the key is the two Heavenly Grade intermediate medicine pills. Can be worth a lot of money.

“Haha really made a fortune.”

Tian Kuang haha ​​said with a smile.

Next, Tianye and Tianni took out a bunch of things and handed them to Chen Shaofeng.

There are three medicine pill of Heavenly Grade low grade and one medicine pill of Heavenly Middle Grade.

And…a stool.

Chen Shaofeng is also welcome to enter his space ring right now.

Naturally, I can’t go home empty-handed when I come.

The rest is divided equally between the three of Tian Kuang.

After dividing things, the four of them once again walked on the main road.

Compared with the previous ones, they are now more motivated.

Where is this? So many good things have already been obtained.

This time’s Secret Realm, I am afraid that their harvest will be able to match the share of the upper family that has been allocated for a hundred years.

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