Tyrant War God Chapter 2441

But it is different from the three of Tian Kuang.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng was puzzled slowly.

In such a broken wood house, a fragment of the nine-day monument can be found, which is very outrageous.

This also caused him to doubt whether someone was secretly manipulating all of this now.

At this time, somewhere in the forbidden area of ​​reincarnation.

“The broken piece was obtained! It’s just…Will it be him? It should be! After all, I have been placed in the corner. I am afraid that ordinary people simply can’t see the difference, right? “

The old man with the appearance of a Taoist priest stroked his goatee whispered.

In front of the palace of the seventh God Palace.

At this time, there are already tens of thousands of repairers.

And some Deity Realm repairers are not posted!

“Everyone, this Formation has long been dilapidated. As long as we work with a common purpose, we can break it with a few attacks. Please don’t half-hearted.”

The lead Human Race Deity Realm repairer loudly shouted.

“hmph! Do you think I am a Demon Race person who is as unbelievable as you are waiting?”

Coldly snorted Tian Ye with disdain.

Yan Kuan, hehe smiled and didn’t care.

After all, Tianye is the same realm as him, and he doesn’t take seriously either.

“Okay, let’s take the action together.”

After speaking, the magic weapon in Yan Kuan’s hand also flickered.


With a roar.

The magic weapon in Yan Kuan’s hands was outrageously blasted.

All around for a while, whether it’s the Demon Race or the Demon Hunter, they all strike against the barrier with all their strength.


There was a loud noise that shook the entire Secret Realm.

The great formation of the seventh God Palace shattered in an instant.

As the great formation collapsed, all the cultivators rushed in frantically for a time.

Just one breathing effort.

The palace should be crowded with repairers.

“haha! The magic weapon of Heaven Middle Grade!”

“The medicine pill of Heaven Middle Grade! I posted it!”

“This is actually Heaven Middle Grade Divine Ability!”

For a while, exclamations kept coming out.

But at this moment.


A silver white unrolled bolt of white silk flashed past.


A group of cultivators were cut apart in an instant.

Blood gushes out.

For a time there was deathly silence in the palace.

“Escape! Run away!”

As I didn’t know who it was, he shouted.

All the cultivators were crazy moved towards the temple for a while.

But in their escape room.

A ray of magnificent light circulates on the top of the palace of the seventh God Palace.

Then countless rays of light shot out.

In the blink of an eye, countless practitioners were hit by the light.

The practitioner who was shot by the rays of light instantly lost track. ,

“It takes a trial to get treasure.”

A middle-aged man with no expression or even vitality appeared calmly.

At this time, those who did not take treasures were secretly grateful in their hearts.

I still don’t know what the trial is, so I can wait for the people inside to come out and ask.

For a while, no one enters the palace to take treasure.

And over time.

More and more practitioners finally arrived.

Of course, Chen Shaofeng also included four of them.

After a simple understanding, they are also fortunate that they did not come too early.

It seems that the first batch of dead cultivators are really quite a lot.

After all, there were a lot of cultivators in the palace at that time.

That rays of light flashed past, and it would kill dozens of people, if not to mention.

However, after waiting for six hours.


One silhouette was thrown out from the gate of the palace.

But it came out, but the man looked injured.

“Fellow Daoist, what exactly did you test in it?”

The practitioners on the side, whether they are mixing Demon Race or Human Race, are curiously asked .

“Why? Don’t you know?”

The cultivator who just came out was surprised.

“Hehe, please also Fellow Daoist for advice.”

Someone shouted loudly.

The cultivator who just came out turned his eyes.

“Hehe, it’s easy to talk, one thousand Spirit Stones alone.”

The practitioner who just passed the trial, haha, said with a smile.

He won’t miss this opportunity to make money.

“What!? A thousand Spirit Stones alone? There are tens of thousands of people here, don’t you want to earn tens of millions of Spirit Stones?”

“Yes. ! Your heart is too dark!”

“I buy! I buy!”

All around all around for a while.

One thousand per person is really not much, but even cultivators have the same problem, that is to look down upon others.

According to the asking price of the cultivator, wouldn’t he earn tens of millions of Spirit Stone if everyone at the scene buys this information? This is too ridiculous!

Although most people are still very resistant, there are still a few people who are clamoring that they want to buy this information.

“Everyone stay quiet, I can sell this information, but the buyer must swear that he will not pass this news to the second person.”

The cultivator was indifferent. Hehe a said with a smile.


For a while, the repairmen who were shouting to buy hesitated.

They originally wanted to take advantage of this time to quickly buy this information to take advantage.

Then they cut the price and sell it again!

Didn’t you sell a thousand Spirit Stones? I sell it for 800 yuan!

See if anyone has bought your information.

However, they still underestimated this new practitioner.

Once you swear an oath, then the cultivator will not dare to break it easily, otherwise it will have to pay a price.

Looking at all around, the surrounding quieted down.

“Forget it, since you don’t buy it, then I’ll go. The lowest price here is Heavenly Grade low grade. It’s a pity that you can’t get it.”

The cultivator shook the head staggered.

But when I heard this.

The tens of thousands of cultivators present suddenly became restless again.

This is the treasure of Heavenly Grade low grade! There are even a lot of Heaven Middle Grade among them.

This casual one is worth a million to beat.

This information is definitely not at a loss! As long as you can live out, you will earn blood.

For a time, the scene became popular again.

There are countless repairers vying to buy information.


At this moment, another figure appeared.

The same as the cultivator just now.

This cultivator was also seriously injured when he came out.

“What…what are you doing?”

The repairer who just came out was full of astonishment.

“Fellow Daoist, dare to ask what trial is inside?”

A cultivator hurriedly asked.

He just wanted to get the information out before the repairer came back to his senses, so that they wouldn’t have to spend Spirit Stone.

The repairer who just came out is also a corner of the mouth slightly raise.

“Want information? Simple! Exchange with Spirit Stone!”

Hearing such words from him, all the cultivators present are rolled the eyes regardless of race.

What kind of trial is this? How come they all come out like this one by one?

But they have no choice.

At the moment, the two new repairers negotiated and set a price of 1,000 Spirit Stones on sale.

And Tianye also squeezed in to buy information.

After all, this thing is about your own life, so be careful!

trifling a thousand Spirit Stones is really nothing to them.

When the time comes, he only needs to pay the fees of four people, and then telling Chen Shaofeng and the others the news is not a breach of the oath.

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