Tyrant War God Chapter 2443

After entering the great hall, the four moved towards all around and moved towards all around.

“Old Ancestor, what do you think I should take now?”

Chen Shaofeng glanced over, and asked with uncertainty in his heart.

In his thoughts, there are four treasures, and he must use a magic weapon of Heaven Middle Grade.

The remaining three items are a bit hard to say.

After all, whether it’s medicine pill, or array, magic weapon, rare spirit, and refining materials, everything is available here.

“hehe! Boy, you are right! Otherwise you really lost a good thing.”

Old Ancestor chuckled and said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

Is there anything more than Heaven Middle Grade here?

Then he turned around and moved towards all around and looked around, but there are so many treasures in this great hall, even he couldn’t see why for a while.

“Don’t look for it, even I have only seen it in an ancient book. I am afraid not many people know it.”

Old Ancestor watched Chen Shaofeng look around, and said in an angry tone.

If you brat can find it, is this Old Ancestor still proud of it?

“Okay! Old Ancestor, just say it quickly. It won’t be good if someone else takes it away.”

Chen Shaofeng said with a bitter smile a little helplessly.

“hehe! The seventh shelf behind you is the first on the 3rd floor.”

Old Ancestor laughed and said directly.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this turned and moved towards and walked behind him.

When he came to the seventh shelf, he was a little surprised.

Isn’t the first one on the 3rd floor just a plain stone?

Although there seems to be a piece of refining material the size of a watermelon in this stone.

But here is the finished Heaven Middle Grade magic weapon, what kind of refining materials are needed!

Isn’t this neglect the root and pursue the tip?

“Old Ancestor, are you sure this thing is worth taking?”

Chen Shaofeng asked a little uncertain.

“Boy! This Old Ancestor tells you that this is the most valuable thing in this house. If you don’t take it, you can give it to someone else.”

Old Ancestor no Angrily said the lesson.

I kindly remind you that you still doubt Old Ancestor.

This Old Ancestor is very hurt!

“Okay! Count him!”

Chen Shaofeng repeatedly nodded and put the big stone in the space ring.

At the same time, a stream of light from the Formation under the rock shot into the palm of his right hand.

He hurriedly raised his hand and looked at it. It turned out that there was a small formation mark in his palm.

And what followed was a message in his mind.

This formation mark means he can enter the trial field by communicating with the formation mark after his selection.

If he leaves without trial, he will be killed directly.

And if someone took more than a hundred treasures.

Then you will be killed directly, and all the people in the great hall will be tested directly.

Chen Shaofeng’s heart is slightly nodded.

I want to come to the previous practitioners who simply did not notice these things and started to take treasures crazy!

Helplessly shook the head, he turned and moved towards all around to look.

“This Old Ancestor is holding a handful of magic weapons, and when do you see the remaining two?”

Chen Shaofeng chuckled and said.

“You brat, don’t ask me, you just don’t know.”

Old Ancestor is also a little unhappy because of Chen Shaofeng’s suspicion just now, and he is also proud of it now.

“Don’t Old Ancestor! Will you bear to see me suffer?”

Chen Shaofeng looked at Old Ancestor, he was out of temper, and hurried to accompany said with a smile.

“hmph! You brat took the wrong medicine, right? What magic weapon do you have if you have Hao heavenly demon gold? Wait for a safe place where Old Ancestor Fang will teach you a divine ability. You can use it That Hao Heavenly Demon Gold refining a magic weapon is Heaven Middle Grade even if the quality is poor!”

Old Ancestor coldly snorted still a little unhappy and said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

It turns out that the stone I just took is called Hao heavenly demon gold!

Although I don’t know what is the use of this thing, but the name seems to be very difficult to deal with.

“Old Ancestor, what should I get?”

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

“There is a medicine pill on the shelf next to your right hand. This is Tianwu Dan. When you take this medicine pill after your cultivation base breakthrough, your Insights Realm should be improved to Late stage of the human state.”

Old Ancestor said.

Chen Shaofeng’s eyes lit up.

This day Wudan is really good.

Under normal circumstances, even in the cultivation room, he wouldn’t have been a hundred and eighty years old.

And if the ordinary cultivator has nothing to do for thousands of eight hundred years!

On this day, Wudan can actually make one’s own realm breakthrough in just one year, which is really quite good.

At the moment, he reached out and put away only one medicine pill from the shelf on the side.

At this time, he has taken two treasures, and there are two options left.

“hehe, Old Ancestor, this is really an old family like a treasure.”

Chen Shaofeng laughed flattery.

“hmph! You brat is a sensible person.”

Old Ancestor was also very happy to hear this flattery, and now he doesn’t care about Chen Shaofeng’s suspicion of him.

“There is a black bead on the shelf in the corner of your right hand. That thing is pretty good. It is the most valuable here.”

Old Ancestor again Said once.

Chen Shaofeng also hurried forward without any hesitation.

Because there happened to be a cultivator watching.

When he came to the shelf, he put the beads in the space ring without the slightest hesitation, without even looking at it.

The repairer who was watching treasure everywhere also glanced suspiciously at Chen Shaofeng.

But Chen Shaofeng has already put away at this time, he can’t help it if he has an idea.

“There is a dragon tendon on the shelf behind you.”

As Chen Shaofeng put away the black beads, Old Ancestor said again.

Chen Shaofeng turned his head and put away a dragon tendon behind him.

At this time, the repairer beside him also looked at Chen Shaofeng in surprise.

But after seeing Chen Shaofeng is Heavenly Demon Clan clansman, he is not much surprised.

After all, Heavenly Demon Clan is inherently more powerful.

It is normal to get two treasures.

If you let him know that Chen Shaofeng took four! They are all Heaven Middle Grade, I’m afraid he can be scared to spread on the ground.

And four treasures are included in the bag.

He also didn’t have the slightest idea to directly communicate the formation mark in his palm with Spiritual Consciousness.

Then his body flashed and disappeared in place.

Before leaving, he also glanced at the Tian Kuang trio.

At this time, the three of them were still scratching their heads in pain, hesitating what to choose.


Blink effort.

When he saw the scenery in front of him again, he was no longer in the seventh God Palace.

But on a plain.


A middle-aged man appeared.

“You took four treasures, all of which are Heaven Middle Grade. You need to accept four attacks from me. Each attack is one and a half times the size of your cultivation base, and they are stacked. Are you ready? “

The middle-aged man said blankly like a robot.

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