Tyrant War God Chapter 2444


Chen Shaofeng shook his hand and took out his magic weapon, long spear.

He immediately climbed to the limit in an imposing manner.

After all, he took four treasures, even he dare not take the slightest care.

Otherwise, it is very likely that you will die here.

“1st Strike!”

The middle-aged man took out a blue sword in his hand and jumped up suddenly.

A five-six zhang-long Linggang exploded from the front end of the big knife in his hand.


Then the big knife fiercely fell on Chen Shaofeng’s long spear.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

This attack is a bit beyond his imagination.

This attack obviously exceeded the attack power of Immortal Realm Peak.

Is it because the practitioners of the same level back then were stronger than the current practitioners?

Chen Shaofeng thought in his heart.

This attack is indeed very strong, but it is still within his range.

But if the next three ways are all superimposed according to this, it will not be easy.

“2nd Strike!”

The middle-aged man soared in an imposing manner, and then swept out with a big knife in his hand.


Chen Shaofeng displayed divine ability to greet him.

However, three times the attack power of Immortal Realm Peak, even he felt his hands numb and took a few steps back.

And taking this blow, he eyebrows slightly frowned.

According to this look, 3rd Strike may be injured.

4th Strike is dangerous!

“Fortunately, I was cautious enough to take four of them, or else I would really take my life in today.”

Chen Shaofeng muttered to himself.

“Yes, 3rd Strike!”

The middle-aged man saw that Charlotte took the 2nd Strike, but he just stepped back and was not injured.

It is also rare to say two more words.

But then his whole body soared again in an imposing manner.

The black hair dances all over his head like a Demon God who was born.

Feeling that imposing manner, even Chen Shaofeng’s face became slightly solemn.

At the same time, Chen Shaofeng’s body also exploded in an imposing manner.

At this time, he must come up with some real means.

Otherwise, he would have to be hit hard by this blow.

In just a moment, the middle-aged man turned around, slashing with a big knife in his hand.

Life and Death Samsara!

Chen Shaofeng greeted him with a long spear.


With the contact of the two magic weapons.

For a time, violent storms swept away.


However, it was just a few breaths.

Chen Shaofeng’s forehead was violent, but he did not completely block the blow after all.

At the moment, he was shot upside down by the knife.

Fortunately, there is a long spear, even if it closes the edge of the sword, otherwise the blow may have to be severely damaged.


With the escape from the battle.

Chen Shaofeng’s face flushed.

After that, wisps of blood coughed up.

“How about? Can you resist it? If it doesn’t work, I can help you block the 4th Strike.”

Old Ancestor asked with concern.

“It’s okay! I can stop it!”

Chen Shaofeng’s face replied solemnly.

The attack power of this middle-aged man is so strong that even he is a little surprised.

According to this kind of attack power, I am afraid that 4th Strike Chen Shaofeng can take over it is really hard to say.

“Okay! You are excellent. If you can block my 4th Strike, you will be qualified to be my seventh God Palace contemporary chief.”

middle-aged man at this time It seems that Chen Shaofeng is generally recognized.

The imposing manner on his body exploded immediately.

Chen Shaofeng was taken aback for a moment.


Is it possible that blocking 4th Strike was only the Chief Disciple who was qualified to compete for the seventh God Palace?

Then what kind of power is this place!

This force is too terrifying!

With his own strength, there are almost few opponents in the same rank.

And listening to this middle-aged man at this time, it seems that there were quite a few cultivators of the same level who could compete with themselves.

But don’t wait for him to think about it.

hong long long ~

Rumbled with a thunder.


A thunder as thick as a millstone falls!

And the place where the thunder fell was the sword held high by the middle-aged man.

With the perfusion of Power of Thunder.

The big knife in his hand is becoming more and more heart-stringing.

Chen Shaofeng looked towards middle-aged man with a heavy face.

At this moment of power, even he felt a little trembling in his hands.

He is not afraid! But trembling with excitement!

This person from the past may have surpassed the ancients, and the means he used Chen Shaofeng simply unheard-of.

Thunder is born between Heaven and Earth.

The middle-aged man in front of me can actually use it for himself.

Although it is not a complete control, it also adds a strong offensive to his attack.

“Come on!”

Chen Shaofeng shouting loudly, and his imposing manner is still elevated to the extreme he can!


With the middle-aged man shouting loudly.

He slashed angrily with a big knife in his hand.

A time and space seem to be frozen, only the magic weapon of the two is fast approaching.

hong long long ~

With all around, there was a sudden silence for a moment.

The violent air wave almost distorted the space and moved towards all directions and shook away.


As the air wave shook, there was a faint buzzing sound in the space all around.

But Chen Shaofeng has no time to listen to that voice.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s eyes were bloodshot, and his veins were violent.

He just feels like a huge mountain that he can’t see the top is smashing towards him.

It seems that I will be crushed down by this mountain at any time.

No way! Can’t hold it anymore!

In just a moment, Chen Shaofeng complexion changed.

Suddenly his eyes lit up.

I was in the mountainside of the Demon Division.

In the first palace, the kind of insight he had learned about the use of power and fleshy body instantly filled his mind.

Then the long spear in his hand was slightly deflected.

What surprised him was that such a small gap caused the huge force that was crushed to be dispersed to the ground by him.

What he resisted for a while was really relaxed.

However, even so, the power of terrifying is still not something he can resist.

What to do! How to do!

Chen Shaofeng kept thinking in his mind.

“Throw away the magic weapon!”

At this moment, the voice of Old Ancestor suddenly came.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback, then his eyes lit up.

This method really surprised him.

But this method really works!

At this time, he just has to lose the magic weapon and get out by himself.

I have caught the 4th Strike, and now I can lose the magic weapon and leave, that is my own ability!

After all, the requirement is to catch the 4th Strike, but I didn’t say that I had to resist it completely.

Now he mustered his strength and pushed hard.

Then both of his hands suddenly let go of the long spear, the figure has disappeared in place.

Almost at the same time as his body disappeared.


A loud noise that shook the earth exploded.

And even Chen Shaofeng who left quickly.

In such a terrifying explosion, it was thrown out like a kite with a broken wire.

Fortunately, when he looked back towards the middle-aged man, the middle-aged man didn’t mean to continue working.

This also makes him a little relaxed.

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