Tyrant War God Chapter 2445

“Congratulations, you have passed the trial.”

As one shot failed, the middle-aged man faintly smiled and said.

“Thanks Senior show mercy.”

Chen Shaofeng cup one fist in the other hand.

As the trial passed, the scenery in front of Chen Shaofeng began to gradually become illusory.

Immediately before his eyes went black, he knew that he was being teleported back to the seventh God Palace.

Suddenly, he frowned.

During the trance, he felt that some trajectory changes had taken place.

But at this time he can see nothing, and he doesn’t know where he has changed.

Over time.

He found that this transmission seems to be a lot longer than when it came in.

“Old Ancestor? What is going on?”

Chen Shaofeng asked nervously.

“You are being drawn by a powerful force. My power is suppressed. The closer you are to him, the more I will be suppressed!”

Old Ancestor seems to be somewhat Said hard.


Chen Shaofeng was shocked.

I didn’t feel wrong, it was really an accident!

But what is it? Even the power of Old Ancestor was suppressed.

As time passed, he gradually lost the concept of time.

It may be an hour, it may be a month.

Suddenly, he felt his body loose.

And when he opened his eyes.

He was surprised to find that the place he was in had become a dark space.

This gloomy space is full of withered trees and graves everywhere.

At the same time, this space is quiet and scary.

But his heart is bright.

Because this space is very consistent with the space recorded on my Era Record that he saw at the beginning.

However, the person who was trapped here has been consuming the life essence all the time.

He doesn’t want to go the same way.

After calling Old Ancestor without answer, he thought about it and took out a rateless long sword.

Since it’s all here, let’s just take a look at what is buried under the tomb.

I often hear about tomb robbery, but I haven’t done it yet.

It just happened this time.

He didn’t delay thinking about this, and he started to strike on a grave with the sword directly.


With a roar.

Soon, he strikes a grave in front of him.

There really is a bone!

Chen Shaofeng was a little surprised when he saw a bone in the tomb behind the tomb.

If you look at it this way, there are really a lot of people buried here.

I don’t know how many tombstones are in this boundless space.

He lifts the head moved towards far away.

In the distance that is very far away, there are some tombstones that seem to be taller than ordinary tombstones.

Even the gaze of his cultivation base is a bit unclear.

But he still decided to go to that place.

Then what the ruins Taoist can’t say is in that place.

It’s okay even if you are not there. You can dig those tombs by yourself and see if there are treasures in them.

Thinking of this, he is flying away from the sky.

“This Fellow Daoist, the old way is polite here.”

Suddenly a voice sounded from the ground.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this vigilantly lowered his head and looked towards the ground.

I saw a daoist robe on the ground covering his body at this time, and I saw divine poise and sagelike features at a glance.

However, at the second glance, only an old fogey with a wretched face can be seen standing there.

“Is it him?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle looked up and down at the old man.

“Fellow Daoist, do you want to leave this space?”

old fogey watched Chen Shaofeng not speaking, and immediately smiled.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

He does want to leave here. After all, that person didn’t leave until his life essence was exhausted, but what’s the use?

I just waited to die slowly when I went out.

But at least he doesn’t want to leave so soon.

“I don’t want to!”

Chen Shaofeng uttered two words simply, and then his figure moved towards the distance and galloped away.


The wretched old man hearing this complexion stiffened on the ground.

“His grandma, why doesn’t this kid play the cards according to the routine? Under normal circumstances, he suddenly appears in such a place, shouldn’t you want to go out?”

old man stroking Struck the goatee unhappily.

“I want to come because I appeared too early, so I should let him stay here for a thousand or eight hundred years before coming out…”

But the words haven’t stopped. , He suddenly realized that the direction Chen Shaofeng was heading was exactly where the tall tombstones were.

“This kid doesn’t really want to dig the grave there too? His grandma’s! This kid is really not a thing for his grandma!”

The old man is a bit flustered and exasperated whispered.

At the moment, his figure disappeared in place.

Almost at the same time, in front of Chen Shaofeng, the figure of the old man has appeared.

“This Fellow Daoist, do you know where is this place?”

The old man asked with a smile.

Chen Shaofeng stroked his chin.

He didn’t suffer any less in the Old Ghost hall of the mountainside of the Town Demon Division.

Although I am not sure that the old man in front of me is the what the hell guy.

But I guess it is pretty close.

For this old fogey, he is one hundred and twenty vigilant.

“I don’t know.”

Chen Shaofeng said simply.

“This is…”

Old fogey smiled slightly and shook his head to explain. ,

However, he was stunned to find that Chen Shaofeng simply didn’t mean to listen, and let him go directly.

“What’s wrong with this kid? He has no curiosity?”

The old man trembled twice angrily.

But the more so, the less he dared to let Chen Shaofeng pass.

In case Chen Shaofeng really dug those graves, it would be troublesome.

He shook his body right now.

When his figure appeared again, he had already come to the galloping Chen Shaofeng’s side.

“This Fellow Daoist, the old man has been here for 100,000 years, and this space can’t get out!”

The old man sighed.

Chen Shaofeng’s disdainful curl one’s lip.

Nawu Era Record is all ten thousand years ago.

Based on that person’s cultivation base at the time, I don’t know how many years he spent in this space.

This old man actually said that he has only stayed here for 100,000 years.

It’s obviously a lie.

If he hadn’t seen my Era Record before, maybe he would have listened to it.

But at this time he has no interest at all.

“old man, where is your tomb?”

In the middle of the old man’s remarks, Chen Shaofeng tilted his head and said suddenly.


The old man’s expression is obviously stagnant.

Why do these words sound familiar?

The old man also forgot to tell Chen Shaofeng for a while, and he brows slightly wrinkle in thought.

However, as you get closer and closer to those tombs.

Old man also browses slightly wrinkle up.

Why doesn’t this kid get in?

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