Tyrant War God Chapter 2446

“Fellow Daoist, I know that a place may be able to go out, but with my own strength, I can’t break through any barriers. It’s better for you and me to break the Formation and get out of this space. ?”

The old man said again as he rolled his eyes.

“Hehe, no hurry, you have been here for one hundred thousand years, but I just arrived, wouldn’t it be a shame if I can’t see this space?”

Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

Hearing Chen Shaofeng’s words, the old man was completely dumbfounded.

See a fart!

This ghost place is full of gloom and rundown.

There is not even a green grass, you have seen a hammer!

Thinking of this, the old man looked at a group of graves getting closer and closer in the distance.

A trace of murderous intention flashed past his pupils.

However, this murderous intention was instantly hidden by him.

“I’m afraid this kid has already been approved by the master. This grandma’s is the internal successor of the master. If I kill him, wouldn’t he wean off the master’s incense? But I can’t do it with his grandma. Look at him to dig the master’s cloak…”

The old man was also in trouble for a while.

You can’t kill, but he can’t watch his master’s cloak being dug up…

This is disrespectful! What is his master and the others!

He can’t tolerate others being disrespectful to his master.

He originally meant to look at this guy who is likely to have been approved by his master.

I also wanted to tease Chen Shaofeng.

But Chen Shaofeng, who played a trick on this, took the trick.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng is that neither water nor fire can approach.

He can’t reach out even though he has ten thousand methods.

“Fellow Daoist, what the hell are you here for?”

The old man has no choice but to roll the eyes fiercely.

“Why did I come? Didn’t you let me come?”

Chen Shaofeng’s moving body suddenly stopped meant something.

The murderous intention of the old man just now is very subtle.

But Chen Shaofeng, who has been on guard, is still keenly aware.

In his opinion, as long as he really dared to dig the grave in the distance, I’m afraid this old man most likely will do it.

So in fact, now he no longer has the mind to dig those graves.

This is just to fill in some chips for yourself.


When the old man heard this, it was obviously complexion stiffened.

“How did this kid know? Yes! He must have been told by the Remnant Soul within the body! His grandmother! I had already killed the Remnant Soul directly, and it broke Lao Tzu. major event!”

The old man was whispered in his heart.

At this time, Old Ancestor, who was suppressed in Chen Shaofeng within the body, felt his Remnant Soul cold.

“Old man, are you called Guixu?”

Chen Shaofeng laughed suddenly.


The complexion stiffened of Guixu, who was pondering, then looked towards Chen Shaofeng in astonishment.

“How did you know?”

The last person who entered here has been dead for almost ten thousand years, right?

And he shouldn’t be talking about this kind of thing, right?

Guixu stroked his goatee pondered then said.

“I have a dream, do you know?”

Chen Shaofeng corner of the mouth slightly raise.

“What dream?”

Guixu glanced up and down Chen Shaofeng puzzled.

The only thing he feels right now is that this kid in front of him is really his grandma’s evil door!

I can’t figure out the context at all, let’s not say, the return of his grandma is completely out of routine.

I don’t know what I am thinking of.

“My dream is tomb robbery! But the ancestral graves in those sects are really difficult to start, and here is different. Anyway, there is no one, just to complete my dream, you say I am willing Just leave like this?”

Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

What! ?

Guixu heard this for a moment, and almost didn’t pull off his beard.

Isn’t Lao Tzu a human co-author? What does it mean that nobody is there anyway?

“Ah…Fellow Daoist, all the former seniors are buried here, they…” Guixu explained patiently.

“Wait until I complete my dream and listen to their glorious history. Wait a minute.”

Before Guixu finished speaking, Chen Shaofeng interrupted directly and continued immediately. moved towards the tomb in the distance flew out.

As for Guixu, his face was dull and unbelievably stunned.

“What is this kid! Can’t you wait for my grandmother to finish talking?”

But that’s what I said, Guixu still hurriedly followed along.

Since this makes sense, you don’t listen, then I’ll give you treasure, do you want it?

There was a pain in Guixu’s face! But he really didn’t recruit.

“Hey, Fellow Daoist, I have put away all the treasures here. Actually, there is no treasure. Why don’t you go to my place? You can choose what treasure you want!”

Said with a smile.


Chen Shaofeng was suddenly stopped and said seriously.

“Of course! I’m old…so I speak so seriously!”

Guixu carefreely said.

“hehe, since Fellow Daoist is so humble, then okay…”

Chen Shaofeng said with regret and looked at the graves in the distance.

When Guixu heard Chen Shaofeng’s words, he finally felt relaxed in his heart.

He was taken aback for a moment.

“Who is this grandma’s playing tricks on? Why does Laozi look like a grandson?”

Thinking of this, he glanced at Chen Shaofeng uncomfortably. .

If an ordinary cultivator dared to act like this, he would have killed it long ago.

But Chen Shaofeng can’t kill him.

speaking from a certain perspective, if Chen Shaofeng is really the person chosen by his master.

Then equivalent to is his half master.

If he shot Chen Shaofeng, wouldn’t that mean he would eat the master?

He who respects his master so much, he can’t do such a thing.

“hehe, Fellow Daoist, please come with me.”

Guixu hehe said with a smile.

Then he turned and moved towards a hill in the distance and flew away.

There is almost a flat bottom in this space, and the small mountain is already a rare mountain range.

Although it is not very high, it is a mountain that is not low for cultivators and for mortals.

Without much effort, Chen Shaofeng was led by Guixu to the side of the mountain.

With a wave of Guixu.

Suddenly a Cave Mansion under the steep cliff that was still rocky slowly opened the door.

“Yeah, you live in a nice place.”

Young Master Chen Fen jokingly said.

Guixu’s silently rolled the eyes.

This is also good?

Who can live in a cave with his grandmother?

He entered the cave in a flash.

However, after entering the cave, he collected all the treasures in it with a big wave of his hand, leaving only a few dilapidated magic treasures piled in a corner like a pile of garbage.

After doing all this, Chen Shaofeng’s figure also came slowly.

“Fellow Daoist, look at these treasures, they are all good things!”

Guixu smiled and pointed to the pile of garbage in the corner and said.

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