Tyrant War God Chapter 2447

“old man! You have no integrity!”

Chen Shaofeng stared fiercely at Guixu and said.

“Ah…Fellow Daoist, these treasures are all good things! Looking at the magic weapon Flying Sword, it used to be a Heavenly Grade top grade magic weapon! Although now…but its power is also Not inferior to Heaven Middle Grade!”

Guixu said with a serious look on his face, grabbing a long sword.

Chen Shaofeng complexion is gloomy moved towards all around and glanced at it.


Suddenly Chen Shaofeng discovered that,

Although the pile of garbage is really not good. ,

But other things in this Cave Mansion are very extraordinary.

Especially a teapot and five cups on that table.

It has a strong and regular atmosphere circulating on it.

Even he can’t see the depth.

And some other things, such as stools, chairs, beds, and so on, are not ordinary products, and the drips of regularity on them are very strong.


I was slightly taken aback when introducing a pile of rubbish to the market.

Immediately, there was no one around him, when he looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

Suddenly the unlovable color appeared in his eyes.

“Fellow Daoist! This is rubbish, you don’t need…”

Guixu, who was so painful that he almost cried out, hurriedly rushed to say.

However, he is fast, and Chen Shaofeng is not slow.

He hasn’t snatched things back from Chen Shaofeng’s hands.

Chen Shaofeng already put the teapot and five cups into the space ring with a big wave of his hand.

Guixu’s distressed lips trembled again and again.

“Oh! Senior treasure Junior is really unbearable, just accept this rubbish Junior.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe smiled sincerely.

It’s a heartache in Guixu’s heart!

This set of tea sets was given to the owner of the Fifth God Palace by his master back then.

Just pour in a cup of boiled water and you can taste the taste of fairy tea.

Moreover, using it to make tea can also enhance your perception.

“Okay…Okay…Fellow Daoist…but really for the sake of the old man.”

Gui Hui’s distressed polite way.

But he roared in his heart.

Why didn’t you call Senior before? Now take advantage of you brat his grandma’s Senior Senior’s seal of Laozi’s mouth!

“Oh! By the way, Senior, these stools and chairs are too rudimentary to me, and they don’t fit Senior’s status! Junior gave these garbage things to Senior. Throw it away.”

while speaking Chen Shaofeng waved his hand.

He has all the stools and chairs in front of him.

Guixu almost fainted with his eyes turned.

But thanks to his cultivation base profound, he hurriedly reached out and pinched himself.

This is a relief.

“Senior? Are you okay?”

Chen Shaofeng came over to help Guixu in surprise.

“No…it’s okay…Do I have to thank Fellow Daoist for throwing me away! Where’s the rubbish?” Guixu gasped.

He can’t wait to shoot Chen Shaofeng on the spot, but he can’t…

Now he regrets it! I’m fed up!

Why did you get such a bauble in?

“Yi! Senior, I think this belt on your waist looks pretty good. I helped Senior throw out the trash. How about Senior giving me this belt as a gift?”

Although Chen Shaofeng is asking.

But his men are already doing it.

Although he does not know why.

But after some temptation just now.

What he can be sure of is that this old fogey should be unable to or may not dare to kill himself for some reason.

This also made him feel confident.

Since this is the case, he will naturally not be polite.

On the mountainside of the Town Demon Division, he was quite teased by the Old Guy.

If you don’t take revenge now, when will you wait?

Guixu’s expression froze, and he hasn’t waited for him to stop.

He felt his waist loose.

The belt has been taken away by Charlotte.


Guixu looked at Chen Shaofeng beside him in disbelief.

However, he hasn’t waited for him to speak yet.

“Senior, not equal to me, help you throw more trash! Then you can give me two more treasures, or I’m afraid Senior has treasures, so I’m sorry to give it to me for nothing.”

While speaking, Charlotte has already taken a fancy to a pool in Cave Mansion and a bed by the wall.


Fiercely’s sucked in a cold breath.

He can’t wait to smash his head to the ground now.

This can really lead a wolf into the room!

He didn’t know how many cultivators he had played with in this space for countless years.

But today is finally coming back!

“Tao! Fellow Daoist! No! You are welcome! You sit down!”

Guixu grabbed Chen Shaofeng and pleaded.

After sensing, Chen Shaofeng, who was about to take away the pool, turned around and looked towards Guixu in shock.

Don’t you just take you a few things?

But feeling the hands holding me tremble.

Chen Shaofeng touched his nose with one hand.

Forget it…

This old man is too picky. If I really do it too hard, the ghost knows if this old man will really shoot him to death.

Now I have taken enough advantage. This kind of thing can’t be done overnight. If it doesn’t work, take your time. After a while, I will try to get all these things in my hands.

Thinking of this, he glanced at the pool in front of him earnestly.

Seeing that Charlotte is still looking at the pool, Guixu has no love for a while.

He patronized and put away those spiritual magic weapons.

He really didn’t notice these treasures such as furniture decoration.

Who knows that this kid is going to be served in a pot!

“Oh…whatever, Senior is so polite. If so, let Senior take care of this rubbish.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe smiled and waved his hands casually. Tao.

When Guixu heard this, he was heart relaxed, and immediately wished to thank Chen Shaofeng’s ancestors.

“That’s right! There is no stool anymore, what do you want me to do?”

Chen Shaofeng said with a red face and a heartbeat.

It’s as if he wasn’t the one who put away the set of tables and chairs just now.

Guixu almost died in darkness before his eyes.

You took away my chair and stool, and you asked me where I sit?

I have never seen such a shameless person!

At the moment, he waved his hand helplessly, and suddenly a set of furniture appeared on the spot.

But the furniture he took out this time is relatively ordinary.

Even Chen Shaofeng is something to look down upon.

He didn’t dare to take good things out.

He is afraid that he cannot fill the bottomless pit of Chen Shaofeng with many things.

“By the way, can Senior have any good tea?”

Chen Shaofeng looked at the empty desktop hehe said with a smile.

Guixusheng glanced at Chen Shaofeng without love, and then took out a set of tea sets.

These tea sets, like these tables, are ordinary goods.

He then took out another jar.

Chen Shaofeng curiously used Spiritual Consciousness to probe.

However, he was stunned to find that these teas were just made by ordinary Spirit Fruit after drying.

These Spirit Fruits are not good things in themselves.

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