Tyrant War God Chapter 2448

He knows this kind of thing simply by thinking about it.

I’m afraid this old man is scared.

Even if there is good tea, I won’t take it out.

Don’t let yourself take advantage of a crisis for personal gain again.

“Senior, I think the water in your pool seems extraordinary.”

Chen Shaofeng turned his head and moved towards the pool.

His Spiritual Consciousness has been probed long ago.

The water in this pool is transformed into the essence of spiritual energy!

Make tea with this water! That’s a luxury!

I saw Chen Shaofeng walking towards the pool.

Guixu almost screamed out of shock.

I saw him wave a big hand, and the pool was instantly in his pocket.

Chen Shaofeng looked back towards Guixu in amazement.

Shall I come and have a look?

Are you as for! ?

Guixu smiled.

His grandma’s, in the past, I used to cheat others, but today I was scared by such a bauble! What a shame!

But he still used the spiritual water in the pond to pour it into the teapot.

“By the way, is there no place to hide treasure in this big place?”

Chen Shaofeng asked casually after sitting down.

“No! No more!”

Guixu’s vigilant lifts the head looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

A guy who even needs to hold a stool and chair.

If this guy is in the past, wouldn’t it be as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves?

I don’t even dare to tell if there is!

“By the way, are there any good treasures in those graves?”

Chen Shaofeng asked in a low voice.

Looking at Chen Shaofeng looking like a thief about to steal something.

Guixu’s hand shook.

“My grandma has served you! Can you stop it?”

Guixusheng has no love.

Chen Shaofeng spread his hands innocently.

Don’t you just ask casually, are you so excited?

“By the way, why do I always feel that you are familiar?”

Guixu’s ability to pour tea suddenly lifts the head in astonishment.

Chen Shaofeng’s heart moved. ,

It turns out that this old boy hasn’t recognized himself yet.

hehe! Then your old boy is in big trouble!

The little master has already said that he will dig your grave.

Now even if you are not dead, the little master will make you bleeding!

I have to pay the price!

“Are you not familiar? I have helped you so much, and you have given me so many babies. Don’t we know each other?”

Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

Hearing this, Guixu’s lips trembled twice.

Those tables and chairs don’t matter.

The main reason is that tea set made him feel sore!

As soon as he broke the subject, he forgot what he had just said.

“Are you recognized?”

Pour tea into the cups in front of both of them.

Guixu curiously asked.

“Recognition? What recognition?”

Chen Shaofeng heard this for a moment.

He couldn’t understand what he said.

And this is really not understood.

“You don’t know? Then how did you feel that the pieces of the nine-day monument are in the small wood house?”

Guixu took a look at Chen Shaofeng and wondered.

Nine-day monument! ?

Chen Shaofeng narrowed his eyes.

The fragments of the nine-day monument in the small wood house were actually put on purpose by the old man.

I was puzzled at the time.

How could there be a fragment in this unremarkable little wood house.

And it’s still piled up in the corner like garbage.

At this time, it seems that it is really this old stuff.

“Oh! You said that piece of space! Yes, I entered that piece of space, and I saw a kindhearted Great Grandpa.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe 1 said with a smile.

“You! You saw…you saw it!”

Guixu stood up excitedly and said.

Chen Shaofeng’s disdainful curl one’s lip.

Didn’t expect This is actually an intellectual old man.

“Lord…Is my master okay?”

Guixu asked in a trembling voice.

“Very good, let me look for the Jiutian Monument when the time comes and let me go and play with him.”

Chen Shaofeng nodded.

Listening to Chen Shaofeng’s disagreement, Guixu felt cold.

He really can’t figure out how many things Chen Shaofeng has now.

But what is certain is that Chen Shaofeng is definitely Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body!

Because only Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body can be drawn into there through these nine-day monuments!

Thinking of the master, Guixu suddenly became a little lost.

“Let’s take a look at those high tombstone places. If it is good luck, maybe you can get some chance.”

After a long while, Guixu sighed sadly.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Guixu in surprise.

This is really something he didn’t expect.

For a while, he really felt a little guilty for Guixu.

At least this time when I came in, people haven’t teased me yet.

Now he drank all the tea in the cup.

“Then more Senior.”

He haha ​​smiled and then turned and left.

However, he mobilized spirit strength with him.

He was surprised to find.

My spirit strength within the body can’t work anymore!

Only an instant, he wakes up.

“old man! You and me!”

Chen Shaofeng said in disbelief.

“hehe! Boy! Do you think Lao Tzu’s things are easy to take? This medicine can seal your cultivation base! But there is a saying that Lao Tzu didn’t lie to you. Go to those main screens, If you can get the chance, the seal will naturally be broken, but if you don’t have the chance, you will slowly die here! Hehe! Quack! jié jié ~”

The Guixu is gone just now Said sadly, proudly.


Chen Shaofeng’s eyes widened and stared at Guixu in disbelief.

What a joke!

That distance means flying past it takes some time!

Go over on your own two legs! ?

Do you imagine let Xiaoye go until the end of time?

“old man! Don’t go too far!”

Chen Shaofeng complexion is gloomy said.

“Excessive? Your grandmother took Lao Tzu’s Tianxiang Spirit Valley tea set and you still say that Lao Tzu is too much? Get off you!”

The curl one’s lip that Guixu disdainful and then he big hands With a wave.

A blast of air swept in.

Chen Shaofeng was swept by the airflow and flew out of the cave in an instant.

At this time, his spirit strength cannot be called.

In this airflow.

He was swayed upside down for a long time.

He almost didn’t vomit for a while.

Not much effort.


Dissipate with the airflow.

Chen Shaofeng fell to the ground.

Shaking his head and standing up.

That’s a hate in Chen Shaofeng’s heart!

With Guixu’s cultivation base, I want to seal his cultivation base, that’s simply have the words at hand.

But Guixu has to prescribe medicine!

This fuck who!

The angry Chen Shaofeng doesn’t matter whether he can hear it or not.

Immediately stood in place and greeted the eighteen generations of the ancestors of Guixu. ,

But nothing happened after a while.

He can only helplessly moved towards several tombstones in the distance.

There is no spirit strength at this time, he can only rely on the strength of the fleshy body to move.

That speed is naturally much slower than flying!

I am afraid that this trip has been less than a month or two in the past.

“Made! This unscrupulous old fart!”

Chen Shaofeng cursed secretly, and now he had to move towards where he ran quickly.

“hehe! You dare to scold me! It seems that you have to make you more difficult!”

In Cave Mansion.

Guixu laughed and took a sip of tea.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

He has been running here for three days now.

Even his cultivation base to Immortal Realm Peak feels a little tired at this time.

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