Tyrant War God Chapter 2449

“Forget it! Take a break! This distance is not one or two days to reach.”

Now he sat down beside a tombstone. Come down.

Without spirit strength at this time, he can’t even use the space ring.

There is no way to eat a Spirit Fruit.

Fortunately, his fleshy body has not changed, otherwise he would starve to death.

Yeah! ?

Suddenly he felt that something behind him was scratching himself.

Hurrying back moved towards and looked behind him.

“Come back!”

Chen Shaofeng was loudly roared in anger.

In the graves behind him.

The bones are crawling out.

At the moment, he dared not delay, he got up and fled out.

And move with him.

Wherever he went, all the bones crawled out of the grave.

I looked at the countless bones behind me.

Chen Shaofeng was a little bit crying for a while.

The speed of those bones is not that fast.

But the bones don’t know how tired, but he knows!

The more he ran forward, the more bones he got.

The more bones, the less he dared to stop.

This is simply a vicious circle!

If this stops, he guesses he can be rubbed vigorously by those bones on the ground!

“Return to the market old thief! You unscrupulous old thief! You wait! When the young master finds revenge on you!”

Chen Shaofeng ran and cursed loudly Tao.

In a blink of an eye, half a month passed.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s clothes are already in tatters.

And the hair is also scattered.

In this half a month, he slowed down a few times because he couldn’t handle it.

As a result, after the bones caught up, they really rubbed him on the ground.

Not only that, because there are too many skeletons, everyone wants to rub.

I tore his clothes, and his hair was torn apart.

At this time, half a month is running madly.

Even he felt like the sky was spinning.

If there is a cultivation base, he can get there with just one hour of effort.

But at this time there is no half a month of the cultivation base, and even half of it hasn’t even arrived yet.


Chen Shaofeng gasped and paused.

“Oh? What else does this kid want to do? Is there anything else that can’t be done?”

In the Cave Mansion, Guixu comfortably released the Spiritual Consciousness to explore.

However, he was dumbfounded in the next scene.

I saw Charlotte lie directly on the ground.

I even swayed a few times and seemed to have chosen a comfortable posture.

What is this for?

The whispered dumbfounded.

After a while.

As the army of bones swarmed.

The bone army pressed Chen Shaofeng and started rubbing.

But this time it was okay.

Chen Shaofeng realized that he tore a piece of cloth from his clothes and put it under his face.

Although it is also friction friction, at least this is not too damaging to self-esteem!



The homecoming in Cave Mansion is laughing heartily up.

“Boy, do you think you can hide from it so easily?”

Mumbled softly.

Immediately both of his hands pinched and decided.

The bones over there paused for a while.

The bones immediately tore off Chen Shaofeng’s clothes.

Not only that, but also tore out the rags used to cushion Chen Shaofeng’s face.

“Old…old thief! You…you count you very much!”

Chen Shaofeng who was pressed to the ground shouted loudly.

“haha haha…”

Seeing Chen Shaofeng’s desire to cry without tears, Guixu haha ​​smiled and felt happy.

It hurts self-esteem to be stripped and rubbed like this.

At the moment, Chen Shaofeng dumped the skeletons all around.

Raised the leg again moved towards the distance and fled away.

Guo Ben!

This is true fruit run!

On the gloomy ground in between, a young man is in Guoben, and behind him there are many bones chasing after him.

One month passed in a blink of an eye.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng only felt that his legs were no longer his own.

Since the beginning of Taoism, he has never felt tired like this.

But the white bones behind him simply haven’t stopped for a moment.

He didn’t want to be rubbed against the ground either.

At the moment, he forcibly lifted his spirit and moved towards a tombstone in the distance and ran away.

It looks like it will be there in half a month.

In the Cave Mansion at this time.

Hu hu, who was lying on the bed without an image, fell asleep.

Time flies.

Five days have passed.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s physical exhaustion has reached its limit.

He can’t wait to faint now.

I fainted anyway, I don’t know anything.

Just do whatever you want to humiliate you!

But he is not reconciled!

Even if he faints, he shouldn’t be rubbed on the ground without such dignity.

Patted face hard.

He moved faster.

At this moment.

A small warm breath from his dantian poured into his limbs and veins.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Since I reached the limit earlier.

Whenever you reach your limit.

There will be a breath of unfathomable mystery flowing into meridian in this dantian.

And after the inflow of this breath.

He also obviously feels that Fleshy body seems to be stronger.

And this strong is not flesh and blood.

It is something more mysterious and unclear.

But in any case, this thing can at least make yourself go back and run.

Now he strode forward and ran forward.

Ten days passed in a blink of an eye.

Chen Shaofeng finally came to the huge tombstones in despair.

The size of these tombstones is beyond his imagination. They are ten zhang high!

Moreover, there are some words written on it that even he can’t understand.

And the bone army is no longer close when they are hundreds of miles away from these stone tablets.

This also makes him greatly relaxed.

At this time, when he arrived at his destination, he no longer cared about lying on the ground and gasping for breath.

In the rest, he also fell asleep groggy.

When he woke up again, he didn’t know how long it had passed.

He got up and moved his body.

There is no soreness.

There are a total of six tombstones here.

One of them is in the middle, and the other five are all around.

“The old thief asked me to find a chance, I am looking for your uncle! What happened to me without anything here?”

Chen Shaofeng wandered around among the six tombstones , Shouted angrily.

“Does the old fart want me to dig this grave to get the chance inside?”

Chen Shaofeng touched the chin whispered.

And he said this.

In the Cave Mansion in the distance.

The sleeping Guixu opened his eyes instantly.

“That kid wouldn’t dare to dig the master’s grave, right?”

Then his Spiritual Consciousness swept out.

However, seeing Chen Shaofeng meditating, he only relaxed slightly.

But the next sentence made him angry with Seven Souls and ascended to heaven.

“It seems that I have to leave a place here, and someday I will bury the old fart here.”

whispered by Chen Shaofeng happily.

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