Tyrant War God Chapter 2450

Although he didn’t know where the chance was.

But he instinctively felt that this opportunity should be on the middle stone tablet.

Guixu called the old man to be the master.

And the man is in the innermost palace.

After countless years, the Fleshy body can leave a trace of its mark.

Such a cultivation base is simply against the sky!

Only the huge tombstone in the middle is worthy of the old man’s cultivation base status, right?

But let him look for it.

He can’t see the slightest strangeness on this tombstone.

Yeah! ?


He raised his brow.

Because one corner of this huge tombstone made him look familiar.

“This word looks familiar! I definitely saw it somewhere!”

Chen Shaofeng brows tightly knit pondered.

Although he doesn’t know what the words are.

But as a cultivator, he instinctively felt some familiar feelings.

“Got it! Nine-day monument!”

After a long while, his eyes shined and said joyfully.

However, just when he wanted to take out the pieces of the nine-day monument, he found that he had no aura and simply couldn’t take it out.

“old thief! At least let me take out the pieces of the nine-day monument! Or I will find your grandma’s chance!”

Chen Shaofeng shouted.

In the Cave Mansion at this time.

Guixu patted his forehead.

“It’s broken, it’s broken! How can I forget about this…but this kid dares to scold Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu doesn’t care about you!”

Dao Xu muttered dissatisfiedly.

After a while, there was no movement.

Chen Shaofeng gave a bitter smile.

He then extended the hand and gently placed it on the stone tablet.

For a time, a feeling of bloodline connection poured into his mind.

“This is…”


With a buzzing sound.

The huge stone tablet that was originally like a stone burst into ten thousand zhang Xiaguang!

The most unbelievable thing is that with the rays of sunlight coming out.

All around for a while, the originally gloomy sky turned out to be like a dark cloud, revealing the sun again.

And all kinds of flowers and plants grew on the ground of the original barren.

“The soul of the stele! Actually! I woke up!”

In the Cave Mansion.

Guixu whispered in disbelief.

“It seems that the master has not only recognized him! I am afraid he has already branded his inheritance!”

As this space gradually returned to normal.

Charlot opened her eyes and looked at the changes in all around in astonishment.

Where can I see the slightest run-down at this time.

This is simply a colorful Human World Immortal Realm!

The only downside is that there are tombstones everywhere in the Human World Immortal Realm…


Revived with all around.

The huge stone tablet shook slightly, and instantly turned into a stone tablet as tall as a person.

At this time, some mysterious and obscure sounds came out from the activated stone tablet.

Chen Shaofeng frowned and listened carefully.

And with listening.

I don’t know when he started to hear the meaning of these words faintly.

This voice is teaching him a cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique is extremely profound.

Even if he could hear that meaning, it was difficult to understand the meaning.

But he also woke up at this time.

This should be what Guixu said, right?

Now he sat cross-legged and felt it.

At this time, the Guixu in Cave Mansion is completely dumbfounded!

He thought it would take Chen Shaofeng at least a hundred and eighty years to discover this secret.

Sentiment is still a thousand or eight hundred years!

But at this time, the soul of the nine-day monument took the initiative to explain it to him.

“Grandma’s! I’m so angry! Back then, I asked you to pass on some of my formulas without saying a word that you buckled and buckled. Now you actually take care of an outsider like this! His grandma’s! Annoyed! I’m angry! I’m so angry!”

Gui Xu threw the cup in his hand on the ground, and then lifted the table.

Then he slammed his head against the bed.

As time goes by.

In a blink of an eye, half a year passed.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng is not only able to understand the meaning of the voice.

And after his constant exploration.

He can already use some of his own aura.

However, after aura is operated in accordance with the circulation method of this cultivation technique, although its power is greatly enhanced.

But it is very difficult to control.

He even exploded within the body several times.

If it weren’t for medicine pill body protection, he would be dead at this time.

And most importantly, faintly, he felt that the trace of breath that poured into him had played a big role.

Because of the presence of those breaths, I can slightly understand the meaning of this voice.

Otherwise, let alone running the cultivation technique.

He couldn’t even understand it.

Although he also suspected that it was the result of the old fart’s help.

But he is very convinced! You can get the same result without being so painful.

He swears that one day he will strip off the old fart and let him run!

Although he has a very superficial understanding of this cultivation technique at this time.

But I have already seen the mysterious and mysterious place in this cultivation technique.

This cultivation technique is simply tailor-made for his Primal Chaos Dao Body!

And not only that, this cultivation technique is mysterious and unimaginable.

If he can fully penetrate this cultivation technique, I am afraid it is possible to break fate!

Next, Chen Shaofeng entered the cultivation.

Within the body, that trace of aura is constantly tried by him.

One year passed in a blink of an eye.


He was shocked.

The dust on his body was shaken and scattered.

At the same time, he slowly opened his eyes.

For a time, he within both eyes flickered like Owner’s stars in the universe.

One year of hard work!

He finally successfully completed a weekly cultivation technique operation.

At the same time, his cultivation base that was sealed also cracked the seal instantly.

I felt the strength of my own cultivation base.


Chen Shaofeng was surprised.

He was already at Immortal Realm Peak.

The difference is just an opportunity.

At this moment, he unexpectedly broke through until Immortal Realm entered Void God Realm.

I feel a lot of strength as a substitute.

He is slightly smiled, although this time has been very hard!

Especially the matter of Guo Ben who was chased by the bones.

But at this time, it is also good that the cultivation base can break through.

He didn’t know for a while whether he should thank the old fart or hate him.

But one day he believed in his heart.

Sooner or later one day!

Let the old fart go naked, Guo Ben!

Otherwise, how can you be worthy of this encounter!

“You have already started, but you can only get the complete cultivation technique if the Jiutian Monument and the soul of the monument are integrated. Go and find the Jiutian Monument.”

Feeling your own strength in Chen Shaofeng Kung Fu.

An old voice remembered.

The stone tablet in front of him shook slightly and quickly expanded.

It has become a huge stone tablet again.

Chen Shaofeng’s eyes widened in surprise

That’s it, isn’t it a complete cultivation technique?

How unbelievable is this complete cultivation technique!

For a while, his heart is hot!

This cultivation technique is definitely his biggest opportunity in history!

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