Tyrant War God Chapter 2451

slightly hesitated, he feels that he should go to the Old Guy first.

Then Old Guy has a piece of the nine-day stele, so surely there is a second piece.

Suddenly, Chen Shaofeng felt a little hot in his chest.

Now he hurriedly took out the Phoenix egg from his chest.

At this time, the egg shell on the crimson that was originally burning flame became more and more red.

Furthermore, the flame-like lines on it are actually lifelike, as if burning on an eggshell.

While he was looking at Phoenix eggs.

On the sky of this space.

The originally clear sky has been obscured by crimson’s rosy clouds.

And in this space is also a crimson.

“What’s going on!”

In Cave Mansion.

Gui Xu turned over and got off the bed and said in shock.

At this time, the temperature in this space suddenly increased a lot.

Those newly grown flowers and plants have once again turned into withered yellow grasses in this high temperature.

“Three calamities and nine calamities? Has the Phoenix egg entered the growth stage…”

Guixu walked out of Cave Mansion and looked at the sky pondered then said.

At this time, the stone tablet.



The egg formed by the little Phoenix made the sound of ka ka.

After a while, the eggshell shattered.

A little Phoenix with seven colors light soaked up into the sky from the eggshell.

And at the same time as it rises into the sky.

The palm-size body stretched out quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it has turned into several dozen li-long colorful Phoenix.

“Phoenix actually wants Transcending Tribulation?”

Chen Shaofeng touched his chin pondered then said.

He really doesn’t know much about whether Phoenix should Transcending Tribulation or not.

But I think about it, since people have Thunder Tribulation, then Phoenix should naturally have the corresponding Heavenly Tribulation.

But if this space can usher in Thunder Tribulation, why didn’t the breakthrough virtual god come?

Chen Shaofeng brows tightly knit in contemplation.

5 minutes has passed, at this time the clouds in the sky crimson have reflected the entire land as if it were burning in a fire.

Suddenly, a cloud of crimson flame broke through the clouds.

In the blink of an eye, the flame envelops little Phoenix.


Little Phoenix spreading his wings seemed to be a very happy tweet.

Seeing the little Phoenix seems to be quite relaxed, Chen Shaofeng is also slightly relaxed.

However, feeling the unbearable high temperature all around, he jumped up and moved towards the Cave Mansion in the distance to the ruins and galloped away.

If there are other practitioners within the Thunder Tribulation range, it will be enhanced.

But he doesn’t know if he will be enhanced when he appears in Phoenix’s Heavenly Tribulation.

So it’s better to be careful.

I saw Chen Shaofeng moved towards far away galloping away.

Little Phoenix’s eyes are also a little anxious.

It has been following Chen Shaofeng since he was a child. When Chen Shaofeng is going to leave at this time, he also wants to follow Chen Shaofeng.

Phoenix opened his mouth and sucked fiercely.

In an instant, the crimson flame that originally wrapped it was sucked into the mouth by it.

Then little Phoenix burped.

And Chen Shaofeng, who was flying, suddenly felt that the temperature all around had risen again, and hurriedly turned his head and looked towards behind him.

This time around, he has one head and three big heads.

The little Phoenix who carried Jieyun moved towards himself aggressively rushed over.

“Don’t come here! Hello Transcending Tribulation!”

Chen Shaofeng was taken aback and hurriedly shouted.

Although the cultivation base of Phoenix is ​​not high at this time.

But the Heavenly Tribulation of this Phoenix Race is very extraordinary, the lethality may not be so strong, but the hot and unbearable temperature makes Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base feel a little uncomfortable.

If this is really posted to myself, I am afraid that I will be fucked by people!

“Master, don’t you want to leave me?”

Little Phoenix hesitated and asked weakly after hearing Chen Shaofeng’s words.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback, and then he was overjoyed.

Didn’t expect Little Phoenix can actually speak.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you behind. Transcending Tribulation, don’t run around.”

Chen Shaofeng reassured.

“Well, master, stand further, and I will hurry up to Heavenly Tribulation to find you.”

Little Phoenix is ​​nodded.

Chen Shaofeng has several black lines hanging down on his forehead.

Why do I stand farther away? You don’t have to follow along…

But he also hurriedly got up and moved towards the Cave Mansion in the distance and flew away .

At the same time.

In the sky, a ball of orange flame breakthrough, the robbery cloud moved towards Little Phoenix, galloped.

Yeah! ?

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle glanced at the orange flame in the sky.

“This temperature civilization is much higher than before! Isn’t the colorful Phoenix Transcending Tribulation going through seven colors of flames?”

Chen Shaofeng was also muttering in his heart while flying. ,

If this is the case, the 2nd flame is already so hot, what temperature would the seventh flame be?

I am afraid that Heavenly Tribulation can only be passed by Phoenix Race.

If it is a Human Race repairer, I am afraid that it will be dried up directly.

The orange flame is no exception.

Little Phoenix opened his mouth and sucked fiercely, and the orange flame was instantly swallowed by it.


Xu was because the little Phoenix swallowed the flames one after another, which made Heavenly Tribulation feel that he was underestimated.

There was a buzzing sound following in the sky.

The thick cloud layer was once again brought together by a large number of clouds.

It’s not just that.

The mighty Heavenly Might that diffuses between Heaven and Earth is also getting stronger.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

“Is it because of my existence that Heavenly Tribulation has been upgraded?”

whispered of Chen Shaofeng brows tightly knit.

Now his speed is also accelerating a bit.

At this time, the little Phoenix in the sky also dare not look down upon it.

Carefully staring at the robbery cloud in the sky fluttering up.


With a hum.

A thick golden-yellow flame shot out from the robbery cloud.

For a time, the temperature of this entire space has soared several times!

Even Chen Shaofeng, the cultivation base of Void God Realm, feels a bit hot.

At this time, Guixu, who is standing in front of Cave Mansion, browses tightly knit’s looked towards Little Phoenix.

“That’s not right… In the ancient times, I also saw a few colorful Phoenixes. I haven’t seen the Heavenly Tribulation in the growth period. It’s so perverted… What the hell is his grandma’s bauble? “

Guixu stroked his goatee whispered.

This kid is a freak, can’t he be a freak as a pet, right?

I glanced at Chen Shaofeng who was flying over quickly.

The corner of Guixu’s mouth slightly lifted.

“Lao Tzu is very vengeful. You brat wants to escape in Lao Tzu’s Cave Mansion, but Lao Tzu refuses to let you in!”

Guixu laughed and thought about it.

Then he waved his big hand, and a barrier instantly wrapped the entire mountain in it.

After doing all this, Guixu took out a chair and sat in front of Cave Mansion with a smile and looked at Chen Shaofeng in the distance.

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