Tyrant War God Chapter 2452

The third group of flames, even the little Phoenix didn’t dare to swallow it directly.

The temperature of this flame, even the little Phoenix, feels a little hot all over.

Finally, the flame lasted for one hour before it finally extinguished gradually.

And with the end of the 3rd flame.

Little Phoenix is ​​also slightly exhausted.

But I looked at Chen Shaofeng who was still flying in the distance.

Its eyes became firm again.


Little Phoenix unyielding’s moved towards in the sky tweets.


A dark green flame rushed out of the robbery cloud.

The temperature between Heaven and Earth suddenly rose a lot again.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng finally returned to the Cave Mansion mountain range where Guixu was located.


However, just when he wanted to enter the foot of the mountain.

He bumped his head against an invisible barrier.

“old bastard! You wicked old thief!”

Chen Shaofeng knew it instantly.

The old thief of Guixu will never let go of any chance to repair himself.

This is definitely the black hand of Guixu!

But Guixu, who was half lying in front of Cave Mansion, closed his eyes slightly as if he was asleep.

Chen Shaofeng hates the itch of his teeth.

At this time, he can’t wait to skin and cramp the Old Guy of Guixu.

But his cultivation base is not as good as humans!

After the curse, he didn’t continue to curse.

Because Guixu obviously wants to punish him, he just broke his voice, and Guixu won’t let him in.

Now he sits cross-legged directly at the foot of the mountain.

The cultivation technique learned from the Jiutian Monument for a while is also in operation.

This cultivation technique is called “Nine Spirits Imperial Palace”.

It is the eternal existence when the world first opened!

And the nine-day monument has existed since the birth of heaven and earth!

And this Nine Spirit Imperial Heaven Classic is exactly the cultivation technique imprinted on the stone tablet.

No one knows where it came from, and no one knows what rank it belongs to.

But every practitioner who has obtained this cultivation technique, undoubtedly, has become a universal respect!

And now he runs the cultivation technique with him.

For a while, the unbearable heat gradually subsided.


Guixu looked at Chen Shaofeng in surprise.

He thought that even if Chen Shaofeng has studied for a year, he should not be able to run smoothly.

But at this time, it seemed that it was really beyond his expectations.

As Chen Shaofeng runs the cultivation technique, his body surface is like a thin barrier.

As long as he inhales the aura within the body, it is the purest aura.

And those magazines are automatically filtered out of the body.

The restlessness in the air at this time, after touching his body surface, Dangshi was bounced away.

“hmph! This stone thing! I serve you delicious and delicious food every day, but you didn’t even pass a scripture to me!”

Guixu looked enviously Chen Shaofeng was also extremely thinking.

“No! You brat really makes Lao Tzu jealous! It seems that you have to suffer a little bit!”

Guixu stroked the goatee thief and smiled whispered.

At this time, the little Phoenix in the sky was constantly resisting, and the dark green flame finally calmed down slowly.

And as the flame died down.

Chen Shaofeng also took a look at the little Phoenix moved towards the distance.

After this glance, he was really worried.

This is only the 4th.

If you look at the colorful colors, there are still three flames.

But at this time, the feathers on Little Phoenix’s body were already scorched.

If you want to press this way, I am afraid that the Transcending Tribulation is not over, and the little Phoenix will be made into a roast chicken.

5 minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

The fifth group of flames also shot from the robbery cloud.


Little Phoenix screamed unwillingly, and moved towards the flame rushed over.

This is Heavenly Tribulation! There is no escape, it can only rise to the challenge!

However, this flame was only the first contact, and the little Phoenix suddenly let out a painful cry.

Chen Shaofeng feels cold.

This flame is really terrifying!

Is Phoenix Race just such a defense?

Phoenix Race’s clansman is too abnormal, right?

This kind of Heavenly Tribulation is really someone.. Can I get through with Phoenix?

He glanced at it while he was still pretending to sleep, but secretly glanced at Guixu in the distance.

With the fifth flame dissipated.

Little Phoenix’s figure is also very sluggish.

He looked at Little Phoenix distressedly.

Chen Shaofeng fiercely clenched the teeth!

“old thief! I know that you use Heavenspan, you help it now, you and me will be wiped out!” Chen Shaofeng yelled unwillingly.

Although he hates returning to the market to death in his heart, he can’t wait for skin cramps! Whip the corpse on the spot!

But the status of little Phoenix in his heart is obviously higher.

With such a Little Brat who haunts him every day, how could he bear to watch and die under Heavenly Tribulation!

And when these words were exported, it seemed that even Guixu was a little surprised.

At the moment, his eyelids lifted slightly and glanced at Chen Shaofeng.

In a moment, when Chen Shaofeng was about to speak.

“hmph! It is the ancestral phoenix! If it can’t survive this tribulation, even if I take action, it will be destroyed afterwards! How can you understand the dignity of the ancestral phoenix!”

Guixu said seriously.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Zhou Huang? What new term is this again? Is the colorful Phoenix called Zu Huang in the age of Old Guy?

Um…it seems possible too.

But this is not the point.

The point is the little Phoenix, who seems to be unable to defend himself at this time.

Chen Shaofeng lifts the head looked towards the sky.

Little Phoenix normally sticks to him, but he also knows the arrogance in the heart of Little Phoenix.

At this time, even Guixu rescued the little Phoenix.

I’m afraid that the little Phoenix will be depressed and will eventually die out.

Can you just stand on the sidelines like this?

Chen Shaofeng looked at the little Phoenix in the sky screaming with distress.

The Six Paths flame did not last too long.

As the Six Paths flame ends, little Phoenix heads to the ground.

Chen Shaofeng is very anxious, now he wants to charge ahead.

“Why do you think its Heavenly Tribulation is so strong? Are you afraid that it will die too slowly?”

Just when Chen Shaofeng was about to leave.

Guixu rolled the eyes and said silently.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this feels cold.

After all, there are some reasons for co-authoring.

That’s not right!

If you have influenced Little Phoenix’s Heavenly Tribulation, then you should also be the one who should be robbed?

Why don’t you have Transcending Tribulation?

It seems…there is no Transcending Tribulation when I break through.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle’s pondered then said.

At the same time, a cloud of purple light flashed in the sky and passed away.

The unsuspecting Chen Shaofeng felt that he was almost cooked through at this moment.

Immediately he hurriedly ran the Nine Spirits Imperial Heaven Classic to resist.

Little Phoenix’s cultivation base at this time is just equivalent to Immortal Realm Early-Stage.

However, the Heavenly Tribulation of Immortal Realm Early-Stage made him even a Void God Realm repairer feel so intolerable.

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