Tyrant War God Chapter 2453


With that purple rays of light flashed away.

Little Phoenix groaned sternly.

At the same time.

Little Phoenix’s body is like a fire-free nature.

Mysterious purple flames continue to burn on it.

Little Phoenix also curled up on the ground in pain.

Chen Shaofeng closed his eyes distressedly and did not dare to look any further.

“This is not necessarily a bad thing for it, if it can survive this time of Heavenly Tribulation…hehe…hehe…”

Guixu corner of the mouth slightly raise hehe blame said with a smile.

5 minutes passed in a blink of an eye.

At this time, the little Phoenix has not moved at all.

Only the flame that renders the entire space as purple continues to burn.

The breath…

No more…

Chen Shaofeng looked at the little Phoenix in the distance and whispered in disbelief.

At this time, the little Phoenix has lost the slightest breath.

According to the normal situation of the repairer.

This is already the soul flew away and scattered…

“What about Heavenly Tribulation! I will destroy you sooner or later!”

In Chen Shaofeng’s heart Furious, rose into the air.

Originally, Guixu who was watching the show narrowed his eyes and gave Chen Shaofeng a meaningful glance.

At this time, there was only a look of uncertainty on his face.

And when he watched Chen Shaofeng rushed out.

After a long time.

He sighed helplessly.

“Maybe…the master doesn’t want to see you like this…”

Guixu muttered with recollection.

Then his eyes must be so painful that he took out a dark medicine pill.

“His grandma! How many years I have left! I didn’t expect to eat it! My grandma’s bad luck is so great!”

He shivered and threw the medicine pill out.

The dark rays of light are amazingly fast!

Charlotte, who had already flown out for some distance, didn’t even see what it was.

I saw a dark rays of light flash past.

Chen Shaofeng turned his head in amazement and looked towards the mountain where Guixu was located.

“What are you looking at grandma! Get out of me! Do you know how much blood I had!” Guixu roared angrily.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

Then he looked embarrassedly at the lifeless little Phoenix in the distance.

Forget it…the old boy is worried.

With his stingy temperament, it is estimated that he really lost his money…

At the moment, he just turned around and left.

He is also very afraid of those purple flames.

The little Phoenix who is a Phoenix Race colorful Phoenix can’t hold it.

Not to mention him.

He doesn’t think his resistance to flames is too small compared to Phoenix.

After all, everyone has their own field of specialisation…

and left with him.

It’s just a few breaths.

The thick billowing clouds that were about to dissipate in the sky condense again in an instant.


An amazing deep purple thunder burst into the void.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the sky in amazement.

Is this seventh flame not enough! ? Come again! ?

What the hell is this?

But at this time, the hot feeling between Heaven and Earth made him feel vaguely as if he was about to be ignited.

At the moment, he didn’t dare to have the slightest delay and quickly moved towards the Cave Mansion where Guixu was located and flew out.

He doesn’t know what will happen next.

But looking at Heavenly Might can also guess.

Heavenly Tribulation is probably the most terrifying.

Not much effort.

Chen Shaofeng has just returned to the foot of the mountain.


Between Heaven and Earth, there was a humming sound.

For a time, this piece of dry and cracked ground that had already been baked in the space was instantly cracked by countless cracking winds.

One after another in the sky, the pitch-black hole was torn open.

“Broken! The barrier is torn! His grandma’s! I have lost a lot! I lost a medicine pill and I have to lose treasure to repair the space! What evil did I make! How can I do this? Bauble pulled in! It’s eight lifetime’s bloody bad luck!”

Guixu foul-mouthed angrily looking at in the sky one after another.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Guixu’s painful face and shivering, and he was so refreshing in his heart for a while!

“Wait! Young master will let you hate the sky sooner or later!”

Chen Shaofeng curl one’s lip gloomy whispered.

And with the heat between Heaven and Earth reached a limit.

Suddenly, the robbery cloud in the sky shrank quickly.

Jieyun, who couldn’t see the edge just now, was just a few breaths.

It has been transformed into a cloud layer with only more than ten miles of square yuan.

However, the feeling of Chen Shaofeng in the clouds is as if he could tear up this world.

At the same time.

Black and white flames slowly descended from the robbery cloud.

And the target is the little Phoenix who is lying on the ground without the slightest vitality.

Chen Shaofeng tried to use his Spiritual Consciousness moved towards where he approached the past.

However, his Spiritual Consciousness has not yet gone far.

With a burst of heart-wrenching pain.


Chen Shaofeng groaned, and then the Spiritual Consciousness shrank back instantly.

The temperature outside is too high for him to bear!

If it’s not the mysterious of the Nine Spirits Imperial Scripture! By this time he had already done it as an adult.

“Such a terrifying temperature, if it drops, won’t the little Phoenix turn to fly ash?”

Chen Shaofeng looked pale and muttered.

“You bauble! Do you know how much money Lao Tzu has made? You have time to care about whether that little thing turns into fly ash, you still think about how to compensate Lao Tzu’s loss!”


The cultivation base of Guixu is a short distance away.

But I can hear Chen Shaofeng’s murmur.

Now he roared in anger.

At this time, I saw countless various ores, spiritual liquid and other things in his space ring constantly moving towards in the sky.

And those torn holes in the sky are constantly recovering after the infusion of these things.

But in the sky, the cloud of robbery is still constantly tearing Space.

This also led to Guixu’s constant throwing away countless materials.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the stunned face and his face was trembling, and he was about to cramp back to the ruins.

At this time, you can see that Guixu is really bleeding!

I am afraid that I will not pull people in for at least tens of millions of years after leaving the market.

In the distance, as the robbery cloud gradually turned into black and white flames and fell.

Spirit strength rays of light volatilized continuously on the fleshy body of Little Phoenix.

It looks as if the fleshy body of the little Phoenix is ​​being continuously broken down into the most original aura.

Chen Shaofeng is extremely worried.

He doesn’t know what Guixu did for Little Phoenix!

But this kind of horrible flame, no matter what it is, can it hold it?

But at this moment.

With the black and white flames coming down completely.

A fierce air wave swept out.

Chen Shaofeng hurriedly subconsciously extended the hand arm in front of his face.


Suddenly there was a crisp sound.

Heavenly Might between Heaven and Earth suddenly disappeared.

After a short while, Heavenly Might spread again.

Feel the change.

Chen Shaofeng hurriedly lifts the head to see.

At this time, there is a Tai Chi group on Little Phoenix’s body and under his body.

The two Yin-Yang Symbol cases are static.

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