Tyrant War God Chapter 2454


Suddenly, the yin and yang patterns on the upper and lower sides of the little Phoenix turned.

And follow the rotation.

A surge of air is coming.

Little Phoenix’s fleshy body also has some spirit strength turned into a little bit of steam.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

Although it seems at this time, this Heavenly Dao Tribulation does not seem to cause much harm.

But every turn of Heavenly Tribulation will erase a part of Phoenix’s body.

If this continues, I am afraid it will not be long before the little Phoenix will completely evaporate.

“old bastard! What did you give it to eat? Are you sure!”

Chen Shaofeng loudly shouted.

“Yeah! If my grandma doesn’t give it the medicine pill, it will become fly ash just once! If it can’t survive the Heavenly Tribulation, then it will hit and die in the air. Forget it!”

Guixu said in angrily while repairing the sky.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was slightly relaxed in his heart.

Since Guixu is so sure, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Over time.

An hour passed in a blink of an eye.

At this time, the feathers on the surface of Little Phoenix’s body have been wiped out.

The rest is the Fleshy body of Little Phoenix.

And seeing this scene, Chen Shaofeng also became a little worried.


Suddenly, there was a slight shock in Phoenix’s body.

Then the colorful flames burst into flames all at once.

Chen Shaofeng’s eyes lit up.

At this time, he can already feel the breath and upgrade of little Phoenix.

With the little Phoenix, he recovered again.

The yin and yang patterns around all around are also ka ka turning around.

Different from just now, the yin and yang patterns at this time are constantly rotating.

But the little Phoenix caught in the middle is nothing short of nothing in this situation.

The colorful rays of light constantly resist the attacks of yin and yang patterns.

Seeing that although the little Phoenix is ​​a bit difficult, it has resisted the attack.

Chen Shaofeng is also secretly nodded.

It really deserves to be Phoenix Race, which is too resistant to high temperatures.

At this time, Guixu finally stopped in pain.

In the repair space this time, he consumes a lot of treasures.

There are a lot of materials in it, all of which can be called top grade.

“Boy, I lost too much this time! If you brat don’t compensate me well, I didn’t play with you!”

The figure of Guixu came to Chen in a flash Shaofeng fiercely said fiercely in front of him.

“Don’t worry, I will repay you well in the future!”

Chen Shaofeng chuckled and said.

Repay you? Isn’t Xiaoye just going to repay you well in the future!

If you strip you off and let you run, there is no better way to repay it!

Naturally, Guixu does not know what Chen Shaofeng is thinking.

But looking at Chen Shaofeng’s weird gaze, he shrank his neck subconsciously.

“How do you feel that this kid has a bad intention?”

Gui Hui’s heart is whispered.

At this time, the yin and yang patterns on Little Phoenix’s body also began to become illusory.

all around The rich Heavenly Might is also gradually fading.

It seems that the Heavenly Tribulation of Little Phoenix has successfully ended.

Chen Shaofeng happily stopped the cultivation technique and looked towards Little Brat.

This time the improvement of little Phoenix looks very impressive.

As for battle strength…

It is estimated that it is not much worse.

At this time, Insights Realm is in the middle of the realm.

And the little Phoenix…it’s not Human Race, I don’t know if Chen Shaofeng should feel it.

But to feel the breath, it should be quite strong.

Not much effort, as the yin and yang patterns on the little Phoenix completely disappeared.


The colorful rays of light on Little Phoenix burst out.

Under the dazzling rays of light, the feathers that had been wiped out on Little Phoenix’s body grew out slowly, visible to the naked eye.

Just a few breaths.

Phoenix’s original crimson feathers have become colorful feathers.

At this time, little Phoenix is ​​fiery-red.

And the more you go to the edge, that look gradually changes.

Especially the few god feathers on the tail, they look very extraordinary.

“So pretty.”

Charlotte nodded whispered.

As the feathers on little Phoenix’s body stretched out again.

Then it flew into the air and fluttered in the air.

“Zhuhuang…I don’t know how Phoenix Race would react to the existence of such a Little Brat…”

Guixu rubbed his chin and smiled.

Chen Shaofeng doesn’t care about shrugged.

No matter what Phoenix Race is, the Little Brat in front of me will not change anyway.

“By the way, old bastard, the ancestral phoenix you said should be Phoenix, right?”

Chen Shaofeng asked suddenly.

The name Zu Huang sounds like quite powerful.

He is really curious about this colorful Phoenix.


Guixu looked back at Chen Shaofeng in amazement.

“Hey…Ignorance is the original sin…I thought you were ready to accept everything, didn’t expect that you still don’t know anything, maybe it will be good for you Just a little bit.”

Gui Xu said slightly hesitated, pursing his lips.


Chen Shaofeng looked towards Guixu in a puzzled way.

What does this mean?

Is there anything hidden in it that I don’t know?

But I didn’t treat Little Brat badly either!

Even if the Phoenix Race doesn’t make sense, it won’t make sense to you, right?

“Old Guy, what do you mean by this? I really didn’t want to do anything bad?”

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

“Boy, do you know the ranks of Phoenix Race?”

This time, after a moment of careful thought, Guixu said again.

“Phoenix Race’s grade? It is Golden Phoenix, three-color Phoenix, and colorful is behind the colorful?” Chen Shaofeng tentatively asked.

Don’t say it, he is really a little uncertain.

He originally thought Little Phoenix was a colorful Phoenix, of course.

This was also what the Senior told him that day in the Demon Locking Tower of the Town Demon Division.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case at this time…

“And then?”

Guixu said with a grin and disgust.

Chen Shaofeng brows tightly knit ,.


“That is Jiucai Phoenix?”

Chen Shaofeng scratched his head in confusion.

“hehe…the unseen boy, Divine Beast that’s all that was raised by Jiucai Phoenix back then was Master.”

Guixu hehe smiled and stroked his goatee. Proudly said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this heart moved.

It seems that the owner of Guixu is really unexpected.

Nine-color Phoenix gatekeeper?

I really don’t know if Guixu is boasting or real.

If it is true, how could such a strong character…

And that place still seems to be attacked by others.

The final result is that the owner of Guixu falls down.

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