Tyrant War God Chapter 2455

“hmph! Don’t believe me. Back then, my master heard that Phoenix Race gave birth to two nine-color twin Phoenix, so he went to Phoenix Race to ask for the two Phoenix eggs. In the past, after tens of thousands of years of training, the strength of the two Little Brats is quite good. Even the seven servants under the is Master can only draw a tie.”

Said with his head held up.

Chen Shaofeng stared wide-eyed with an incredible face.

Nine-color Phoenix?

That is almost like a legend!

Those seven servants of the gods can everyone get a tie with a nine-color Phoenix at the peak period?

So how vigorous are these god servants?

Seeing Chen Shaofeng’s shocked gaze.

Guixu’s heart is also very satisfied.

Since the kid came in, he had an expression of ignoring and caring nothing.

Didn’t expect Lao Tzu’s casual remarks made him so shocked.

Guixu stroked his beard triumphantly.

“Old Guy, you just keep talking!”

Chen Shaofeng looked at the triumphant return to the market speechless saying.

Don’t you just say something about it? As for being so proud?

I don’t know whether it’s true or not.

“hehe, let’s continue talking about this nine-color Phoenix. In fact, the nine-color Phoenix is ​​not the most noble existence in the Phoenix Race bloodline. Like Ancestral Dragon, Phoenix Race also has the existence of ancestral phoenix and ancestral phoenix. Zufeng! From the time it was born, it represented his absolute king status.

In countless years, the ancestral phoenix I have heard of was born only once, and I was still Not born to follow the master, the master was challenged by an ancestral phoenix, and the master thought that his cultivation is not easy to be a rare bloodline in the world. In the end, he just gave him some guidance and let him go.”

Go Casually said.

Chen Shaofeng brows tightly frowns weird looked towards Guixu.

What the hell is this?

Jucai Phoenix is ​​already tyrannical and boundless.

Your master not only caught Jiucai Phoenix as a pet.

Another ancestral phoenix of Myth level seems to be completely not your master’s opponent, but he was pointed out and let him go after thinking that his cultivation base is not easy?

gu lu …

Chen Shaofeng swallowed in disbelief.

The owner of Guixu is also Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body!

If I want to come, I will cultivation to that realm sooner or later!

“Boy, you are not thinking that you can cultivate to that realm sooner or later, right?”

The corner of the mouth slightly raise faint smile looked towards Chen Shaofeng.


“Is it…isn’t it?”

asked Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

The old man in the great hall told himself about causality.

It seems to be saying that some things are already destined.

But the old man seemed unwilling to say more.

Maybe you can get some answers from Guixu at this time, but it’s not necessarily.

“Hehe! Boy, don’t think about the words of Laozi, some things can tell you, some things can’t tell you, I can only tell you, if you don’t have the inheritance of the master, you can cultivate to the probability of that realm Infinitely close to 0!”

Guixu laughed profound mystery said.

Chen Shaofeng silently rolled the eyes.

My thoughts were actually seen through, Guixu, this one wouldn’t be the roundworm in my stomach!

But what Guixu said that without his master’s inheritance, the probability of his cultivation base reaching that realm is almost zero, which still makes him a little bit disdainful.

I know that my own cultivation base is also the Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body, so why can’t I do it by myself?

“Boy, don’t believe it! The nine-day monument is exclusive to Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body, an eternal cultivation technique! If you don’t have this cultivation technique, when your cultivation base reaches a certain height, You can’t continue the cultivation, just this alone is enough to stop you forever!”

Guixu said proudly with his beard.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

He is really unheard-of at this point.

However, the cultivation of the Nine Spirits Imperial Sutra really feels as if it is tailor-made for oneself.

Although he doesn’t know what Guixu said has several points of true and false, but it shouldn’t be the difference.

“According to what you said, Zufeng doesn’t seem to be at the worst?”

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

I was rubbed on the ground by the owner of Guixu, and I even gave some pointers.

Who can be a great guy at this level?

“Zufeng has nothing to do at worst? Hehe, bauble, I tell you, if the cultivation base reaches the peak period, Zufeng can evaporate a universe as long as he flaps his wings!”


Gui Xu said with a serious expression on his face.

Chen Shaofeng was surprised at hearing this.

Can even evaporate a universe?

If it looks like this, I’m afraid this Zufeng is really extraordinary.

Isn’t the ancestor Phoenix also going against the sky in the future! ?

“Even if Ancestral Phoenix is ​​in Phoenix Race, it belongs only to the legendary bloodline! Because Ancestral Phoenix has never been born!”

Guixu said seriously.

After that, he gave a meaningful glance at Little Phoenix.

“Oh? Is Zuhuang’s bloodline more noble than Zufeng?”

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

“That’s not, hehe, it’s just that Zufeng is the limit of Phoenix Race battle strength, and although Zuhuang’s battle strength is slightly worse than Zufeng’s, Zuhuang can bring Phoenix Race Come absolutely prosperous!”

Guixu said seriously looking towards Chen Shaofeng.

“Do you mean that Zuhuang can change or improve something?”

Chen Shaofeng asked slightly hesitated.

“Yes! If Phoenix Race has an ancestor phoenix, then as long as the ancestral phoenix displays the divine ability, the clansman of Phoenix Race can get great benefits! And those Phoenix may even undergo qualitative changes, and Jinfeng transformed Into three-color Phoenix, three-color Phoenix transformed into multicolored Phoenix, and the most terrifying thing is that the Nirvana Holy Fire on the Ancestral Phoenix will continue to transform, even if the Ancestral Phoenix loses all the Nirvana Holy Fire, it will not be long before that Nirvana is lost. The holy fire is restored!”

Guixu said seriously.


Chen Shaofeng sucked in a cold breath.

From what Tianxiu said during the interruption of the lock demon tower.

This Nirvana flame is also extremely important to Phoenix Race!

It is a treasure that must not flow into Cultivation World!

And even if it is something that is extremely cherished for Phoenix Race, the little Phoenix can continue to be produced.

This is simply an incredible treasure house!

Once the ordinary Phoenix succeeds in Nirvana, the sacred flame of Nirvana within the body will disappear.

And this Nirvana sacred fire is almost a one-off.

Although Phoenix with more than seven colors can recover slowly.

But that slowly…is really slow! It’s a hundred thousand years to start at every turn! And that needs some Spirit Fruit assistance.

For the ordinary Phoenix Race clansman, it has only one chance of Nirvana.

Regardless of success or failure, he has no second chance.

Because he did not have enough Nirvana to drive.

But if Phoenix Race has Zuhuang.

Ancestral Phoenix continuously produces the sacred fire of Nirvana.

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