Tyrant War God Chapter 2456

Only Phoenix Race’s use of the sacred flame of Nirvana.

That can almost mean that Phoenix Race will enter an age of immortality.

In addition, the little Phoenix continues to improve the foundation of those Phoenix Race clansman.

When the time comes, maybe Phoenix Race will even completely crush all other races, right?

“hehe! It seems that you have already understood what Lao Tzu means. If it is an ancestral phoenix, it’s all! But it is an ancestral phoenix… Lao Tzu advises you to kill it earlier. , Otherwise, sooner or later, I will bring disasters to you.”

Guixu laughed gloomily.

Chen Shaofeng frowned gave an unpleasant glance at Guixu.

This Old Guy actually let himself kill the little Phoenix, which is too unconscionable!

“Why? I can’t do it? As long as you want, I can kill this Ancestral Phoenix for you. No third person will know about it.”

Guixu corner of the mouth slightly raise confidently said.

“It seems that I have to thank you?”

Chen Shaofeng trembles twice said with displeasure.

“No thanks, this is what I should do.”

Guixu waved his hand indifferently.

“old fart things, if you dare to deal with it, be careful I will thwart you sooner or later!” Chen Shaofeng warned with a solemn expression.

He has no interest in what Phoenix Race will do in the future.

But at least for now, he will not let Guixu kill Little Phoenix.

“Don’t you think so now? Hehe, tell you the truth, if it weren’t for your Primal Chaos Dao Body, this Little Brat would have died! As a Human Race, I can’t let such a threat exist. , But at this time, it seems that maybe it will bring you some wonderful variables instead.”

Guixu laughed and didn’t care.

Hearing this, Chen Shaofeng is slightly relaxed.

He was really afraid of going back to the market and desperately attacking little Phoenix.

With his strength at this time, I am afraid that Guixu can blow him to death in one breath.

If he is really murderous, he really can’t stop it.

“old bastard, you are so powerful, why don’t you go out and help Human Race? And why I feel that your cultivation base is even higher than those of Paragon or something? That day I was there The Paragon Zuo Tao seen in Danfeng City seems to be not as strong as you.”

Chen Shaofeng asked casually.

“Paragon? I pooh! Even this rubbish is also called Paragon? Well frog doesn’t know how big the sky is!”

Guixu said with disdain.

Chen Shaofeng took a weird look at Guixu.

At least this sentence he felt that Guixu did not lie.

Zuo Tao should indeed not be the opponent of Guixu.

I just don’t know why the powerhouse like Guixu is in such a ghost place!

“Since you are so good, you should know the outside world? Then why don’t you go out and help Human Race?”

Chen Shaofeng curiously asked.


Guixu seemed to have something to say, but he glanced at Chen Shaofeng suddenly.

“I promised my master to guard the soul of the nine-day monument here, so I can’t leave.”

“I think you can’t leave this space, right?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled self-channel.

Hearing this, it belongs to the slightly smiled of the indifferent expression.

“Without me, this Land of Samsara’s Human Race repairer would have been extinct.”

Guixu indifferently said.

But these words sounded like a bolt from the blue to Chen Shaofeng.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Guixu in disbelief.

He had doubted before.

Even ordinary bastards are better than Human Race repairers.

What’s more, there is a Demon Race on top of the ordinary demon, and there is Heavenly Demon Clan on top!

And above Heavenly Demon Clan, there is Saint Demon Race!

If you really want to take turns and mix in Demon Race, as long as there is a mix in the same rank as Zuo Tao, you can slap Zuo Tao at will.

But why did the Demon Race keep maintaining such a posture that never killed the Human Race?

At this time, he finally seemed to understand something in his heart.

The Old Guy of Guixu may not really know the outside world.

“By the way, I think you pretended to be Heavenly Demon Clan and mixed up with a few Heavenly Demon Clan. What do you want to do?”

Guixu suddenly asked Tao.

Chen Shaofeng squinted his eyes and glanced at Guixu.

“Don’t mix the cultivation resources of Demon Race for nothing, it’s just whitewashing anyway.”

Chen Shaofeng didn’t care.

“Hehe, you brat is really not a good thing, but in the disguise of your cloud magic beads, sooner or later, you will be seen through.”

Guixu chuckled and said.

“It doesn’t matter, I will give up my identity once I see it through.”

Chen Shaofeng didn’t care.

He has already prepared himself to be seen through.

But it doesn’t matter, Tianfeng is just an identity that’s all, even if it’s found out, it’s just like the cultivation of Human Race.

He borrowed the identity of Tianfeng just for convenience.

After all, I have to complete the task.

“hehe! Do you want me to help you? I can give you a cloud magic orb! In this space, absolutely no one can see through your disguise!”

Go Hui’s eyes turned and chuckled.

Chen Shaofeng looked back towards Guixu in amazement.

This old man is not making any ideas, right?

is it possible that he wants Xiaoye to be chased by Heavenly Demon Clan at a critical time?

It’s really possible. It’s really possible that this old boy’s tricks are like this!

Looking at Chen Shaofeng’s contemptuous gaze, Guixu felt a bit wronged for a while.

I am so untrustworthy! ?

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to play tricks on you this time, but to negotiate a deal with you!” Guixu stretched out his hand on the shoulder of Patted Chen Shaofeng and said.

“Oh old fogey, you are so bad! You thought Xiaoye would be fooled by you!”

Chen Shaofeng pursed his mouth in disdain.

For a while, Guixu’s heart wanted to cry without tears!

Since knowing that little Phoenix is ​​Zuhuang, his heart has been moved.

However, it has not been stated clearly.

At this time, he also asked for it.

But didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng to believe him anymore.

“This time I swear I am definitely not trying to fool you!”

Guixu said with a bitter smile.

“Why don’t you swear first?”

Chen Shaofeng asked a little uncertainly.

He doesn’t believe this Old Guy would be so kind!

The current Guixu without the slightest hesitation made an oath to Heavenly Dao.

This time, he really didn’t want to trick Chen Shaofeng, so this oath is also extremely simple and neat.

I heard that Guixu took an oath.

Chen Shaofeng was secretly nodded in his heart.

It seems that Old Guy this time is really not playing tricks.

“Tell me!”

Chen Shaofeng touched his chin and said.

“hehe! My condition is that when this Little Brat cultivation base has reached a certain realm within the body, when the Nirvana flame can derive on its own, you let it help me do things!”

Guixu said with a smile.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle looked towards 小Phoenix.

“No! The ghost knows what your old fellow is doing! The ghost knows what your old fellow is plotting!”

Chen Shaofeng simply said.

Guixu hearing this for a moment.

“I don’t need it for anything, as long as it uses the sacred fire of Nirvana to help me Nirvana Rebirth.”

Guixu said with a bitter smile.

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