Tyrant War God Chapter 2457

“Nirvana again?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

This Nirvana flame is extremely precious to the clansman of Phoenix Race!

Even the little Phoenix can give birth to the sacred flame of Nirvana in the future.

I’m afraid it can’t be used unscrupulously.

He doesn’t want to promise something for little Phoenix.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let this Little Brat consume too much…”

Reluctantly rolled the eyes.

“No! I can’t promise you about this.”

Chen Shaofeng said simply.

He never treats little Phoenix as his own pet,

So for this kind of thing, he has to respect little Phoenix’s own ideas.

“Master! Just promise him, but this matter will not be possible until I wake up Bloodline Strength.”

In the chat room between the two, there is a little Phoenix in the distance. Spiritual Consciousness is passed on.

This Spiritual Consciousness sound transmission is much faster than flying over!

At this time, the little Phoenix Heavenly Tribulation has ended.

It’s already moved towards here and flew over.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle pondered.

This matter is not really necessary.

He didn’t have to sneak into Demon Race either.

“You must sneak into the Demon Race!”

Guixu said suddenly.

“I take the test! You are really the roundworm in my stomach! How do you know what I am thinking?”

Chen Shaofeng said with wide-eyed eyes and surprised face.

“get lost! I just want to say, the Demon Race collected three pieces of the nine-day monument here, you just don’t want to go!”

Said angrily.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this eyebrows slightly frowned.

This is still a big trouble!

didn’t expect Demon Race actually collected three pieces of nine-day monument.

If he wants to enter that mysterious space in real form, he must collect a complete nine-day monument!

Don’t say three yuan less! I’m afraid it won’t work if one piece is missing!

“Okay! I can promise you, but I must wait for the little Phoenix Bloodline to wake up.”

Chen Shaofeng thought for a moment before he said solemnly.

It seems that Guixu is not surprised by this retreat.

With his cultivation base, the Spirit Stone sound transmission of Little Phoenix was naturally impossible to escape his exploration.

At the moment he chuckled and said: “No problem! I’m not in a hurry anyway!”

Chen Shaofeng was helplessly nodded.

Not much effort.

Little Phoenix finally rushed back.

At this time, the gorgeous color of the little Phoenix is ​​noble!

Especially the illusory shadow with a crown on top of the head is even more wonderful.

The most surprised Chen Shaofeng is that the dull hair on Little Phoenix’s head has also become nine.

“Hehe! Little Brat, I advise you to keep a low profile, otherwise I’m afraid you won’t live long.”

Laughed moved towards Xiao Phoenix is ​​huge.

“Smelly old man! I dare to play tricks on my master! Today I have to teach you a lesson!”

Seeing Guixu dare to say about himself, how can the little Phoenix’s haughty temperament be possible? Will listen to him.

The flame of purple rose instantly.

“Although this old bastard’s mouth is quite stinky, it is still correct. You should pretend to be the same as before, lest you are really targeted by someone with a heart. If it is really like that Trouble.”

Chen Shaofeng said little Phoenix slightly smiled moved towards in the sky.

“Oh… well…”

Little Phoenix complied reluctantly, and then his figure gradually shrank.

It turned into a palm-size bird in the blink of an eye.

Flapping wings came to Chen Shaofeng’s shoulder.

Guixu’s lips shuddered slightly when he watched this scene.

The ancestral phoenix of Megatron was not his master’s opponent.

But between Heaven and Earth is invincible!

That arrogance, even his master, was not about to succumb.

And this Little Brat in front of him is so willing to be so obedient…

He now has some doubts whether Chen Shaofeng has a bloodline relationship with this Little Brat.

“Take out your cloud magic beads.”

Guixu stroked his beard and said carefree.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was slightly taken aback.

Then the pitch-black beads in his hand were thrown out.

Guixu took the beads and didn’t say much, just a claw.

All around the endless aura was instantly caught by him.

And the originally dark Cloud Demon Orb also became darker and darker.

With the infusion of aura, countless Dao Marks are constantly engraved down.

The originally extraordinary Cloud Demon Orb, at this time it turned out that even Chen Shaofeng could not see through it.

After a while.

“Here you are, rest assured, after I improve, no one in this Land of Samsara can see your identity!”

Guixu said confidently.

“Hope! Otherwise, the young master will skin you alive sooner or later!”

Chen Shaofeng somewhat unsurely took the Whispered Cloud Demon Bead in his heart.

Guixu gave Chen Shaofeng an angry look.

I seem to have done such a serious thing in my life!

People still don’t believe it!

It seems that this good thing cannot be done! Do bad things in the future!

And with the breakthrough of Xiao Phoenix and Chen Shaofeng.

In the next month, one person and one bird also began to stabilize the cultivation base.

Especially at this time Chen Shaofeng cultivation base has reached Void God Realm.

Even with Insights Realm, it has reached the late stage of the human world!

Battle strength is already in the middle and upper class of this Land of Samsara.

One month is fleeting.

Chen Shaofeng, who has been vomiting cross-legged for a month, also slowly opened his eyes at this time.

“It’s really a freak. It’s only been a month since the cultivation base has been consolidated, and it seems to be a lot more proficient in the application of the cultivation technique. Is this Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body really good? Child of Destiny?”

Guixu whispered.

And with Chen Shaofeng regaining consciousness.

The little Phoenix who was lying on the side also woke up.

“Master, are we leaving here?”

Little Phoenix hi zi zi said.

“Well…you still don’t call my master in the future, it sounds weird.”

Chen Shaofeng helplessly said.

It sounds awkward to call him.

“Then I will call you father!”

Little Phoenix said happily.

Chen Shaofeng, who was pondering, staggered and almost fell to the ground.

This is even more outrageous!

Those who don’t know think they have any quirks!

This can’t work!

“Oh…you just call my name…”

Chen Shaofeng helplessly said.

“Oh! Good wind big brother!”

Little Phoenix flapped his wings happily and said.

Little Phoenix cannot be transformed into a human form at this time.

It must reach maturity to be incarnation humanoid.

It has grown up for a long time, and it can only speak at this time.

“By the way, what is your name?”

Chen Shaofeng asked with a pat on his forehead.

“I…I don’t know…”

Little Phoenix said in a daze.

“Well…then I will call you Xiaocai from now on.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly hesitated and said with a smile.

“Little Cai? Doesn’t sound good! I don’t want 1”

Little Phoenix said spoiledly.

“Then what do you want to be called?”

Chen Shaofeng asked casually.

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