Tyrant War God Chapter 2458

“I want to call Tyrant Phoenix!”

Little Phoenix stretched out his wings and said proudly.


Chen Shaofeng’s lips trembled wildly.

There was almost no cramp.

Although my name is not very professional, it is still reliable.

This Little Brat simply every spectrum!

You actually returned Tyrant Phoenix, why don’t you Tyrant Tiger?

“Ah…Xiao Cai, you have to be obedient, or I will leave you alone!”

Chen Shaofeng cleared his throat and scared.

Little Phoenix was a little flustered when he heard Chen Shaofeng’s words.

It has been with Chen Shaofeng since it hatched from the egg.

Chen Shaofeng is also very close to it.

It has long regarded Chen Shaofeng as a half-daddy.

At this time, when I heard Chen Shaofeng was going to ignore it, he said with tears: “Little Cai is just Xiao Cai…”

“en! Good! Really obedient! “

Chen Shaofeng touched Xiaocai’s head and said.

“Big brother Feng, are we going to open here? It’s so boring here! There is nothing.”

Xiao Cai said aggrievedly.

It’s obviously not out of the shadow of the name.

“Hehe! I’m leaving! But before I leave, I have to leave a gift for the Old Guy!”

Chen Shaofeng laughed and said in a gloomy tone.

Xiao Cai shivered when she saw Chen Shaofeng’s appearance.

The eyeballs turned.

Chen Shaofeng took out a bunch of things from his arms.

These things are not good things.

But these things are some rune and simple Formation.

Although the lethality is nothing to his current level.

But it is still possible to open the mountain and crack the rock.

Now he stuffed these things into Cave Mansion.

“Big brother Feng, what are you doing?”

Xiao Cai asked in a puzzled way.

“Why are we leaving here and keeping it here! Of course it was blown up!”

Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

“Feng big brother! You are so cruel!”

Xiao Cai said with contempt.

The cave mansion was blown up before I left. Is this someone driven out?

“Who told him to punish me several times! This is all light Sooner or later, I will let him take off Guo Ben! I have to go around Guo Ben 1 in Cultivation World”

Chen Shaofeng said fiercely.

Xiao Cai shivered hearing this.

What a grievance this is!

Simply talk about the layout in Cave Mansion.

Chen Shaofeng turned around and walked out of his Cave Mansion.

At this time, in the lobby outside Cave Mansion.

Guixu is tasting unperturbed tea.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the aura overflowing in the tea.

My heart is suddenly upset!

What do you bring out when I drink tea? !

Now, why have you never drank this young man! ?

“Yo, you are out.”

Guixu saw Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

Chen Shaofeng stepped forward in three or two steps.

At this time, there is a wooden box on the table.

There is a good tea from Guixu’s collection.

But there is a lesson from the last time.

This time Chen Shaofeng hasn’t reached the table yet.

Guixu waved his hand.

She even put away the table with her.

“Old Guy! You! Really, his grandma is stingy and okay!”

Chen Shaofeng twitched his lips.

“Don’t be bullshit with Lao Tzu! You return me the Spirit Valley tea set that day, and I will give you this tea!”

Guixu heard it suddenly and aggressively Roared.

The tea set is very cherished even by the gods back then.

It’s definitely a good thing! Top grade in top grade!

He normally looks at it as a baby and holds it every day.

It’s fine now! In a blink of an eye, Kung Fu changed people!

Chen Shaofeng’s disdainful curl one’s lip.

Isn’t it just a tea set?

Who is so rare!

“We are leaving, Old Guy will send us back quickly!”

Chen Shaofeng’s carefree wave of instructed.

“The good boy dare to order me now! I just won’t send you back!”

Guixu said fiercely and bitterly.

Chen Shaofeng doesn’t care about shrugged.

“This bed seems to be good, even I can’t wear it. I guess I lie on it, I am afraid it will improve faster than cultivation.”

Chen Shaofeng while speaking turned and moved Towards the bed on the side walked over.

Guixu looked at Chen Shaofeng and even stared at his bed.

There is a burst of response in my heart right now!

Ma Dan! This is not a person!

Lao Tzu is not dead yet, this is even the bottom of my coffin.

“Get out!”

Guixu waved his hand.

Suddenly, a powerful aura bound Chen Shaofeng.

And then the aura engulfed Chen Shaofeng in a 360-degree rotation in multiple directions without dead angles in the air.

Even Chen Shaofeng almost vomited.

“old bastard! You dare to fool me!”

Chen Shaofeng cursed hard.

“hehe! This is normal, this will send you away.”

Guixu laughed and then a dark crack opened.

Chen Shaofeng was so spinning and thrown away in Space Crack.

“old bastard! You are ruthless! But I don’t want to eat dry food!”

The moment when the dark cracks are about to be sewn.

Chen Shaofeng said gloomily.

At this time, the little Phoenix, who was held in Chen Shaofeng’s arms, couldn’t wait to burn the whole mountain directly!

Chen Shaofeng turned black before his eyes, and Xiao Cai was not much better. For a while, even Xiao Cai hated this Old Guy.

“What? You don’t eat dry rice? is it possible that you eat soft rice?”

Guixu scolded his lips in disdain.

Immediately after he took out the table and stool, he was ready to drink tea again.

However, he was caught off guard.


With a loud noise!

In the consternation and sluggishness of Guixu’s face.

The dust from the sky and the falling boulders instantly drowned him!

With his cultivation base, he would naturally not be killed by such a small explosion!

But his Cave Mansion was completely destroyed.

“Little thief! Sooner or later, I will let you know what it means to stop!”

An angry roar spread throughout this unmanned space.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng was once again caught in the sense of timelessness.

In this space, Spiritual Consciousness simply cannot detect anything.

There is also pitch black in front of me, and I can’t even distinguish between up and down, left and right.

I don’t know how long it has passed.


On the forbidden land of Samsara.

A figure was suddenly thrown out from a dark crack in the sky.

Chen Shaofeng hurriedly stabilized his figure.

“This is…the Forbidden Land of Reincarnation?”

Chen Shaofeng carefully moved towards all around and took a look.

But at this time, there is not even one person in all around.

“That’s not right! This reincarnation forbidden area should be said that there are a lot of people, right? But it seems to be the same. I have been in this time for more than a year in this space. It is estimated that the Secret Realm has already ended. But the problem is that Tian Kuang three people don’t think I’m dead, right?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle pondered then said.

Sigh helplessly.

Now he took out the Cloud Demon Orb.

After a while, Chen Shaofeng once again turned into the appearance of Tianfeng.

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