Tyrant War God Chapter 2459

And this time turned into a sky breeze.

Even Chen Shaofeng himself was a little surprised.

Because that breath is so real!

Even he himself suspects that he is Heavenly Demon Clan!

Although the previous cloud magic beads can also be disguised.

But that disguise is more of a physical appearance.

He has never dared to really use spirit strength in Youyuan City.

Otherwise, the identity will be found out all at once.

And now it’s different.

Although his spirit strength has not changed in essence, it has gone through the disguise of Cloud Demon Orb.

It has become the spirit strength breath of Heavenly Demon Clan.

This also means that now he uses his strength casually!

No one doubts that he is not Tianfeng!

“hehe! This sale is really a bargain, the old bastard is pretty reliable this time.”

Chen Shaofeng laughed, and then moved towards the direction of Youyuan City. Flew away quickly.

His cultivation base has been greatly improved this time!

This speed is naturally much faster!

Just three or two days.

Chen Shaofeng returned to Youyuan City.

However, following him into the City Lord Palace.

He was surprised to find out.

There is simply no sky mad and the others in the City Lord’s palace.

You can’t even see a Heavenly Demon Clan.

What’s the matter?

Chen Shaofeng said in amazement.

slightly hesitated,

He decided to ask the new City Lord Tianteng.

“Tianfeng asks to see Sir City Lord.”

Few wind said respectfully in front of the City Lord’s hall.

“Heavenly Wind!?”

In the City Lord’s hall, an incredible voice cry out in surprise.

And next moment.

Tianteng’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Chen Shaofeng.

“You are not dead!?”

Tian Teng said in disbelief.

According to the intelligence of Tian Kuang and the others and some other gangsters.

Tianfeng must be dead!

How could you suddenly come back after two years?

Thinking of this, he cast a gloomy look at Chen Shaofeng.

I’m afraid this is not the spy of Human Race! ?

“Dead? Why should I die? Not only did I not die, but I also got a lot of opportunities.”

Chen Shaofeng rolled the eyes speechlessly.

Why does this man always want to die?

Although I am indeed…

“hmph! Don’t lie to me! You are a spy sent by Human Race! Let’s talk! What is your purpose here! “

Tanteng icily said.

According to Tian Kuang’s information, even Deity Realm repairers that day.

Many have fallen into it!

He doesn’t believe that Tianfeng can escape a catastrophe!

Chen Shaofeng narrowed his eyes and a cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Fortunately, Yun Devil Orb has been improved by Guixu.

Otherwise, today I will really be seen through on the spot!

But now he is not afraid of being seen through!

Because it is not that he underestimated Tianteng, Tianteng really did not see through his ability!

“Sir City Lord! Don’t go too far! Even though I know you want me to die! But you are not so mad!?”

Chen Shaofeng coldly said .

When he heard this, Tianteng raised his brows.

What’s the matter?

Is this kid actually coming out alive?

He glanced up and down at this moment.

“Show your aura!”

Coldly said that Tianteng complexion is gloomy.

The auras of the Demon Race and Human Race repairers are different.

Although it is usually completely converged, it is generally not noticed.

But once it is released, the gap will be obvious!

“hmph! Then I will let you take a look!”

Chen Shaofeng imposing manner burst out in an instant.

For a time, the complexion of Tianteng that belongs to Void God Realm greatly changed.

Although the level of the cultivation base is not the key to determining the level of battle strength!

But the level of the cultivation base is a measure of the upper limit of a practitioner’s Insights Realm!

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base is Void God Realm. Even if his Insights Realm is only in the mid-life, he can easily defeat him!

“Really strong breath! This kid really got a great opportunity there! Grandma! I knew I should go there too! This time I really lost a lot!”

Tian Teng felt a little whispered in his heart.

Originally, the battle strength was not as good as his own Tianfeng, but at this time he actually started to scramble. ,

What a chance this is, it’s only two years.

In the future, I am afraid that Tianfeng’s cultivation base will be difficult to guess, and it may be another incredible guy.

Forget it…it seems a bit worthless to provoke this guy for Tianyu!

“en! didn’t expect that you really got such a chance there! Not to mention! You return to the clan to participate in the martial arts competition! You should be able to catch up when you go back.”

Tianteng’s face said in a tranquil voice.


Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

He doesn’t know how to compete.

After all, he has no memory of Tianfeng.

“You brat won’t even forget about the competition! It’s only two years, but it’s not over yet!”

Tianteng curl one’s lip said with displeasure.

“Two years!? Wrong! Shouldn’t it be about one and a half years?”

Chen Shaofeng was hearing this for a moment.

He should have been in that space for about a year and a half. How could it have been two years?

Tianteng browses slightly wrinkle and glances at Chen Shaofeng.

At least looking at the shock on Chen Shaofeng’s expression, it shouldn’t seem to be lying.

Isn’t this kid in this space?

But it is also completely possible!

After all, there is…

This kid did not expect Good Fortune! What a wicked one!

“This jade token is here for you. I didn’t report your name this time. If you go back late, I am afraid it will be useless to go back.”

Tianteng envied one piece. The jade token was thrown to Chen Shaofeng, then he turned around and went to the City Lord Hall.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Is he going or not?

Not going? This also seems to be a good opportunity!

A good opportunity to break into Heavenly Demon Clan!

Once he can penetrate into Heavenly Demon Clan, he will have a chance to get the three pieces of nine-day monument sooner or later.

But if I lose it…

With my own cultivation base at this time, I really feel a little guilty!

According to the old fart of Guixu.

There is definitely a powerhouse in Heavenly Demon Clan! The powerhouse that can sweep Zuo Tao!

After thinking about it for a while.

He fiercely clenched the teeth!

if one doesn’t enter the tiger’s cave, how will one catch a tiger cub!

Spell it! This nine-day monument must never be let go!

Now he jumped up and moved towards the hinterland of Demon Race and rushed out.

He is Human Race after all! With his cultivation base alone, he entered the territory of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Once an accident happens, there is really no way to go!

However, risk and return are also directly proportional.

Three pieces of the nine-day monument, it’s worth the adventure.

However, he is helpless because he is not familiar with the territory of the Demon Race.

He doesn’t even know where Heavenly Demon Clan is located…

This is the most embarrassing thing!

He must not ask Tianteng!

If this is asked, it would be too fake!

In desperation, he can only move towards the hinterland of the area where the demon is constantly flying away.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

At this moment, the heavenly secret ends in the distance.

A large city is also shown before his eyes.

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