Tyrant War God Chapter 2460

This is not too deep into the Demon Race territory.

This place was recorded on the map he brought when he came out of Danfeng City.

This city is called the Dark City of Sitting Stars. The cultivation base of the City Lord is even in the later stage of Immortal Realm. The Insights Realm is unknown, but I think it should be the appearance of Early-Stage at most.

I briefly recalled the information of Star Dark City.

Chen Shaofeng’s direction was slightly deflected and moved towards Star Dark City and flew away.

He went here to find a map.

If he has a map, he can go directly to the territory of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient for him to go anywhere.

After all, he is not really Tianfeng, and he is not familiar with this place.

Because he is already not far from Star City, he didn’t waste much time and came to the front of Star City.

And here, it is relatively safe.

The guards at the door are also very lax, and simply don’t even bother to take a look at the bastards who enter and leave the city.

But when they saw Chen Shaofeng, they hurriedly stood up and saluted respectfully.

Chen Shaofeng is already familiar with the level system in Demon Race.

I went straight into the city without saying a word.

After entering the city, he also hesitated a bit.

He now has two options, either to enter the Auction House in this dark city and buy a map.

Or go directly to the City Lord Mansion to ask for a map from the City Lord in this dark city.

Although going to Auction House to buy a copy can save a lot of things.

But after careful consideration, he decided to go to the City Lord Mansion.

After all, the map of City Lord Mansion is definitely better than the map of Auction House.

According to the intelligence, the City Lord of this star dark city is a Demon Race.

Neither identity nor strength can enter him.

He doesn’t have to worry about anything here.

Now he turned and moved towards City Lord Mansion.

Along the way, he also discovered that this Star Dark City and Youyuan City are really far behind.

There are a lot of various shops in Youyuan City.

High-level repairers can be seen everywhere.

And there are not many in this dark city to Immortal Realm, and Void God Realm has never seen one along the way.

On the contrary, they came along the way, and those ordinary bastards saw him respectfully.

After a quarter of an hour passed, he came to the door of the City Lord Mansion.

“Meet Lord Heavenly Demon!”

The guard in front of the City Lord Mansion saw Chen Shaofeng also hurriedly saluting.

Ordinary bastards like them, when they see the higher races, although they don’t know the name, they want to call an adult.

This is what Junior calls Senior in Cultivation World.

“Let you City Lord come and see me.”

Chen Shaofeng said calmly.

His identity at this time is Heavenly Demon Clan. If he is too kind, he will appear to be a bit false.

If you come, you will be safe.

“Yes! Heavenly demon, please!”

The gatekeeper said respectfully.

Chen Shaofeng nodded also followed into the City Lord Mansion.

In an elegant garden.

Without great effort, a clansman who drove Demon Race hurried over.

“Will Demon Race and Xingyuan to see Master Heavenly Demon!”

After Xingyuan enters the garden, he respectfully salutes.

“Well, I came out to experience this time. I want to go to the border where Human Race and I mix Demon Race. Do you have a map there?”

Chen Shaofeng closed his eyes slightly and took a sip of the tea channel indifferently.

Hearing this Xingyuan for a moment.

Come out for experience?

Heavenly Demon Clan, the Junior who came out to experience this time have gone back?

Why is this guy going instead?

But as a Demon Race, he dare not ask Chen Shaofeng.

After all, this kind of following crimes would kill him in vain!

What’s more, Chen Shaofeng’s breath is obviously much stronger than him.

“Yes! Heavenly demon, wait a minute!”

Xingyuan hurriedly took out a storage jade slip.

This stored jade slip usually records some cultivation techniques, divine ability, knowledge and other things. Of course, the map is also recorded in this under normal circumstances.

Chen Shaofeng reached out to take the jade slip Spiritual Consciousness and then dived into it.

However, to his surprise, this map really only has a map of the border area, and simply does not have a map of the internal area.

“Heavenly demon Lord? Can’t it?”

When Xingyuan saw Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle, he asked carefully.

“Your map doesn’t seem to be complete? It doesn’t contain both the inland map of Demon Race and the inland map of Human Race?”

Some Chen Shaofeng Said displeasedly.

Although this map is only a map of some places where Human Race and Demon Race meet.

However, this map clearly marked some things in the Demon Race area, and it was still usable.

Heearing this Xingyuan was slightly taken aback.

What does this heavenly demon master want an inland map for?

But he didn’t dare to ask more. At the moment, he took out another piece of jade slip and handed it to Chen Shaofeng.

“Master Heavenly Demon, we don’t infiltrate much in the inland area of ​​Human Race, but my map of Heavenly Demon Clan is very complete.”

I wiped the stars. The cold sweat wiping his forehead said respectfully.

Chen Shaofeng took the jade slip and took a look.

The map that gave him the star this time is the map of the interior land of the mixed Demon Race.

Using his Void God Realm’s cultivation base, he simply scanned it with Spiritual Consciousness, and he recorded almost the content on the map.

At the moment, he threw the map to Jiang Xingyuan.

“Trash! Do you think I need my map for Demon Race?”

Chen Shaofeng yelled, and when he was about to throw another jade slip in his hand. On the table.

“Yes! Lord Heavenly Demon! But…I really don’t have a map of the Human Race area!”

Jian Xingyuan said bitterly.

Didn’t you want me to mix the map of Demon Race with the map of Human Race?

Why now I give it to you and you don’t want it?

“That’s all, go back and continue cultivation.”

Chen Shaofeng waved his hand a little impatiently and then stood up.

If he directly asks to mix the map of Demon Race, it seems a bit too deliberate.

At this time, he flicked a shot through the map of the Human Race repairer’s area.

Not only did I get the map I wanted, but I didn’t miss the slightest hint.

“This…Yes! Lord Heavenly Demon, then Xingyuan will be gone.”

He squeezed Xingyuan’s heart and hurriedly withdrew from the garden respectfully.

Chen Shaofeng’s face looks very dissatisfied with him.

He dare not stay here more!

If he provokes a Heavenly Demon Clan clansman with Demon Race, then he probably doesn’t know how he died.

Although he is a City Lord here, his status is quite high.

Compared with the lofty status of Heavenly Demon Clan, it is not worth mentioning.

Seeing that Xingyuan left.

Chen Shaofeng is also slightly relaxed.

After all, he is not a native of Land of Samsara.

I don’t know the style and customs here.

He was really afraid that he would show his feet if he did too much.

But at this time, it seems that the level concept in Demon Race is more deterrent than he thought!

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