Tyrant War God Chapter 2461

After finishing the map, he also hurriedly set off to fly towards the territory of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Heavenly Demon Clan’s territory is not close to the Star City where he is located!

If you only rely on him to fly there, I am afraid that no one in three to five years may not be able to arrive!

This Land of Samsara is just a prototype of the world that has not yet fully formed.

But its vastness is already reflected.

Fortunately, there are many Transmission Arrays in the territory of Demon Race.

But those Transmission Arrays are all in some relatively large cities.

Small cities like Star City are not qualified to own them.

At the moment, he recalled the map, and turned and moved towards a city galloping away.

In a blink of an eye, more than two months passed.

At the end of the Land of Samsara!

On a huge mountain top.

“In this experience, the top three in each squad are ranked.”

A Heavenly Demon Clan old man glanced at the Heavenly Demon Clan in front of him with majesty. youngster said.

Following his words, more than 30 youths among the thousands of Heavenly Demon Clan youths present stood up.

At this time, the dissatisfied curl one’s lip in the crowd is about to go out to talk.

But Tianye beside him pulled him back.

Tianye naturally knows what Tian Kuang wants to say.

But this time is not the time to talk too much.

They didn’t know that Chen Shaofeng was rushing back.

“Heavenly mad, you can bear it! Let them be proud of it! Anyway, with their strength, it is impossible to have any ranking.”

Tian Ni whispered Said in Tian Kuang’s ear.

When Tian Kuang was dissuaded by the two, he turned his head in dissatisfaction.

If Chen Shaofeng is not dead, he can definitely win a place in this competition with his strength!

Although the number one is unlikely, the first three are still fine!

At this time, the top three in Youyuan City became a group of people who had walked closer to Tianyu before.

“hmph! If the sky wind is still there! How can you allow them to be rampant!”

Tian Kuang glanced at the three people who came out of the queue in disdain.

“Heaven is crazy! Tianfeng is just a dead man! I advise you to be careful when you speak, and don’t incur unsuspecting disasters on yourself!”

A few other people in Youyuan City are beside you. Heavenly Demon Clan youth coldly said.

“You! Hehe, why didn’t you see you mad when the wind was there? Now you all jumped out one by one?”

Hehe, Tian Kuang was originally a rectum. When someone was stunned, then naturally he went out unceremoniously.

Tianye and Tianni also browse slightly wrinkle.

Although Tian Kuang’s words are a bit of a disaster, they are not necessarily wrong!

When Tianfeng was there, among the people they experienced in Youyuan City, who would dare to say no?

Now that Tianfeng passed away, they dare to do this furious!

“Really? Tianfeng is so powerful, you let him come out! What’s so arrogant about a dead person?”

Another Heavenly Demon Clan youth dismissed.

Hearing this, Tian Kuang heard this and his face also became gloomy.

Tianfeng was the three of them who watched to enter the trial.

But they waited for a full month!

Tianfeng never came out, and they had no hope in their hearts at that time.

They already know after passing the trial.

Success or failure is just a short moment. ,

If you don’t come out for a month, you will never come out again!

“hmph! Why? I have nothing to say? If I have nothing to say, you will go wherever you go! Do you think a dead person is something?”

A group of young people in Youyuan City said.

I heard the sarcasm of other people around me.

The expressions of the Tian Kuang trio were also gloomy.

But at this time Tianfeng is dead, what else can they do?

Even if these people are upset, their three people can only be held back.

And on the high platform at this time.

“Well, at this time, you are the best candidates in each experience city, and you can also get rewards from the clan. Each person can enter the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion and choose a cultivation technique.”

Tian Wuyou faintly smiled and said.

These people are different right now.

They are all likely to become the rulers of the future clan.

Curl one’s lip, dissatisfied with the sky.

This time should have been given by Tianfeng.

At this time, even his battle strength is enough to rank third.

But Tianteng is Tianyu’s father, Tianxingkong’s lineage.

Simply impossible will choose him.

“The next three days…”

At the time when Tianwuyou was about to announce that it was about to start the competition.

“Hold on! I am not satisfied with the result of this selection!”

A shout suddenly came from a distance.

Huh? !

Everyone who was present for a while was surprised and looked towards the distance.

Dare to question Elder Tian Wuyou in the clan.

This is too courageous!

And heard this voice.

A touch of ecstasy also appeared on the faces of the three Tian Kuang.

The three of them are really familiar with this voice.

“Tianfeng!? Haha! He is not dead!”

Tian Kuang haha ​​smiled excitedly.

At the same time, he glanced contemptuously at a group of Heavenly Demon Clan youths beside him.

Before Tianfeng died, it’s useless what he was talking about!

But at this time Tianfeng unexpectedly returned! See what else you have to say.

“hmph! It’s no use coming back! The ranking has already been determined!”

A group of young people in Youyuan City said bitterly.

“Tianfeng? Haven’t you already fallen into the seventh God Palace?”

Tian Wuyou can see the visitor clearly, and his brows are also slightly frowned.

“Hehe, not only did I not die in the seventh God Palace, but I got some chances to cultivation base and made great progress!”

Chen Shaofeng hehe moved towards Tianwu with a smile Worry and salute.

He doesn’t know who Tian Wuyou is, but if he can host here, his status may be extraordinary.

He can only avoid the importance and speak lightly.

Tian Wuyou browses slightly wrinkle and glances at Chen Shaofeng.

Chen Shaofeng didn’t even call him honorifics when he saw him. This is a bit disrespectful.

At the moment, he is also a little unhappy.

“Even if you come back at this time, it is too late. The ranking has already been determined. You can push it down.”

Tian Wuyou said indifferently.

“Hehe, why is it too late? Is the powerhouse in my clan going to be buried?”

Chen Shaofeng hehe said with a smile.

However, he was helpless now.

He doesn’t know Heavenly Demon Clan, but he also knows his face without worry. I’m afraid he didn’t do anything in place, which made this Old Guy unhappy.

“hmph! My Heavenly Demon Clan will naturally not bury the powerhouse, but I must follow the rules! You came back too late! Leave it!”

this time Tian Wuyou’s face is also gloomy, ice-cold saying.

“The rules? Since I am not dead, do you always feel appropriate to make a decision according to the rules of my death?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle, slightly hesitated.

Tian Wuyou glanced at Chen Shaofeng a little sullenly.

He was a bit dissatisfied with Chen Shaofeng’s disrespect.

At this time, seeing Chen Shaofeng even dared to press hard on his heart is even more unhappy.

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