Tyrant War God Chapter 2462

“hmph! You dare to question what I did…”

However, Tian Wuyou, who was about to reprimand Chen Shaofeng, was taken aback.

Then hurriedly moved towards the far away gave a salute.

“What’s the matter? Wuyou Elder, what’s the matter?”

“The people in the clan who can make Wuyou Elder have an attitude like this, I am afraid that there will be no more than three people in the family. “

“I’m afraid it’s Lord Patriarch!”

All the Heavenly Demon Clan clansman on the top of the mountain for a time are discussing spiritedly up .

After a while. ,

Tian Wuyou lifts the head surprised and glanced at Chen Shaofeng.

“Tianfeng’s strength is the most powerful powerhouse in Youyuan City’s experience this time. Although he came a step late, he was allowed to participate in the martial arts competition with an exception. The rewards were issued. The original Ranked 3rd of Youyuan City retreated. Right.”

Tian Wuyou said in a tranquil voice.

And looking at the sky with such a big contrast between the front and back, there is no worry.

Chen Shaofeng also browses slightly wrinkle moved towards the distance.

At this time, he was really a little worried.

He didn’t know who was talking, or what he meant.

Although Tianfeng once was famous in the clan.

But after all, the father of Tianfeng was dead at this time.

And the person who speaks may be of very high status! How is it possible to sound transmission specially for him to give Tian Wushou?

Is this seeing through your disguise?

Chen Shaofeng really couldn’t figure it out for a while.

In the face of such a powerhouse, even Old Ancestor is not sure and dare not talk to him.

Never mind!

If you come, you will be safe. At this time, the disguise ability of the Cloud Demon Orb is greatly enhanced. It shouldn’t be seen through.

As long as you act carefully, it should be fine!

Now moved towards the far away gave a salute.

At this time, a group of Heavenly Demon Clan youths in the audience looked towards Chen Shaofeng in surprise.

They can’t understand either.

Since the father of Tianfeng died, Tianfeng has fallen out of favor. ,

Especially Tianfeng’s innate talent is not that good, it can only be regarded as the upper-middle class.

How can such an innate talent attract the attention of the elders in those races?

“Let’s start the lottery. This time there are 36 people. The old man has marked everyone. Next, the three people from Youyuan City will draw the lottery.”

Worry Tian threw out a bunch of wooden tokens.

And there is still a layer of mist on those wooden tokens.

Spiritual Consciousness and eyes can’t clearly see what is written on the wooden token.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Is this a coincidence?

Is it the first draw for Youyuan City?

Is it really a coincidence?

But he didn’t hesitate, and immediately grabbed a wooden token in the air with a paw.

With the mist on the wooden token, it dissipates.

The last five characters of wooden token appeared.

The other two young people from Youyuan City beside him got seventeen and the other twenty-two.

Which of the three of you will come first?

Tian Wuyou looked at Chen Shaofeng and asked the three of them.

The other two young people in Youyuan City looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

After all, they know the strength of Chen Shaofeng!

Beat Tianyu head-on! This kind of strength can definitely shake up with the top five opponents!

No matter whether they are innate talent or their strength, they are not as good as Chen Shaofeng. At this time, naturally it can only be seen how Chen Shaofeng chooses.

Don’t look at the fact that they were very arrogant when Chen Shaofeng was away.

At this time Chen Shaofeng came back, and they were also very afraid.

After all, judging from the battle strength of Chen Shaofeng, it is impossible to say that he will be another giant in the clan in the future.

They can don’t dare provoke Chen Shaofeng, who can be ranked among the top of the same age.

“I’ll come first.”

Chen Shaofeng said after some thoughts.

“Well, Tianbing, your opponent is Tianfeng, let’s take the stage to compete.”

Tian Wuyou glanced at a young man beside him and said indifferently.

“Yes! Elder!”

The young man saluted respectfully.

Then he jumped onto the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

And Chen Shaofeng also jumped onto the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

“This is a competition of the same race, you two can’t be a killer! Do you understand?”

When Tian Wuyou saw the two on stage, it was warned repeatedly.


Chen Shaofeng and Tianbing responded at the same time.

“Let’s start.”

The sky rises without worries, stands on the Martial Arts Competition Stage, and calmly looks at the Martial Arts Competition Stage below.

He is both the host and referee at this time.

He is standing high in the sky at this time to prevent the two of them from being unable to hold back at the end of the battle.

When the time comes, he can save people.

After all, even if it is a discussion between the cultivators, once they use their full strength, it is easy to suffer casualties.

“If I remember correctly, Tianfeng’s cultivation base should simply not be comparable to Tianbing, right?”

“Yes! Tianfeng’s strength should also be ranked In the hundreds, it is really bad luck for him to meet Tianbing on the first round.”

“Hey…it’s a pity, it is estimated that the first round will be eliminated.”

For a time, the Heavenly Demon Clan youths in the audience began to discuss.

According to the strength of Tianfeng in the past, I am afraid that even the top 100 may not be counted.

The strength of Tianbing is extremely strong.

Can be steadily ranked among the top ten.

And most of the time is hovering in the fifth.

The gap between the two is too big!

No wonder everyone is not optimistic about Chen Shaofeng.

“Hehe, Tianfeng, you’d better go down by yourself, lest inviting humiliation to oneself.”

At this time, on the Martial Arts Competition Stage, Tianbing never even took weapons. Come out and say indifferently.

He is naturally very familiar with Tianfeng.

The two have played against each other once.

It was just a trick, and Tianfeng defeated him miserably.

Not many people in the family know this.

“You are very confident! Why don’t you wait for you to win and I am so confident!”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled, he shot a shot in pitch black or even light at all The reflected long spear was taken out.

This long spear is forged from the heavenly demon gold obtained from the seventh God Palace that day.

Some very precious refining materials have been added.

This long spear refined is the magic weapon of Heavenly Grade high grade!

Chen Shaofeng also simply named it: Haotian Gun.

And the most important thing is that in the future, he only needs to find High Rank materials to continue refining.

This magic weapon can be advanced to Heavenly Grade top grade magic weapon.

And this is also the outstanding feature of Hao Heavenly Demon Gold.

Once the ordinary refining materials are finished.

Then it is fixed, if the material is to be smelted again.

Then the equal order must be reduced a lot.

This is why the high-level magic weapons in Cultivation World are exchanged in exchange for what they need, rather than being rebuilt by smelting.

Almost most magic weapons, once they are smelted, they have to drop one grade at least.

And Hao Heavenly Demon Jin is just the opposite.

Even if the materials used in the first refining are not high-level, as long as you re-smelt them with high-level materials, they can still be upgraded.

And Hao Heavenly Demon Gold can be upgraded to Heavenly Grade top grade!

“Heavenly Grade high grade’s magic weapon?”

Tianbing’s eyes slightly narrowed glanced at the dark long spear in Chen Shaofeng’s hands.

He is dignified in the top ten! The magic weapon used is nothing but Heaven Middle Grade.

And Chen Shaofeng can have a magic weapon of Heavenly Grade high grade.

Did the clan secretly give him help?

Tianbing browses slightly wrinkle’s pondered then said.

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